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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Jamesport, MO Daviess 10/27/1883 William Atterberry Mrs. Mary Atterberry Detail
Jefferson Twp. Daviess 06/22/1884 Wm. Green Mrs. Green Detail
Washington Twp. Daviess 01/22/1885 James K. Provence Mrs. Martha Province Detail
Salem Twp. Daviess 02/15/1885 Danl W. Carter Mrs. Mary Ann Carter Detail
Gallatin Daviess 04/09/1885 Ed Etchison Martha F. Etchison Detail
Coffeysburg Daviess 04/05/1885 Harvey B. Coffey Mrs. Maggie Coffey Detail
Salem Twp. Daviess 12/14/1883 Frank Kepler Jane Kepler Detail
Jefferson Twp. Daviess Henry Walthan Lillian Waltham Detail
Gallatin Daviess 10/22/1888 Harvy C. Lourie Nannie A. Lourie Detail
Gallatin Daviess 02/20/1889 Albert R. Loper Mary Ellen Loper Detail
Daviess Co. Daviess 02/28/1889 James H. Sharrah Rachel C. Sharrah Detail
Gallatin Daviess 03/08/1889 Robt. Stokes Isabel Stokes Detail
Gallatin Daviess 03/21/1889 Willis Coggwell Maria Coggwell Detail
Marion Twp. Daviess 05/01/1889 Thomas Birge Amanda Jane Birge Detail
Daviess Co. Daviess 07/04/1889 Frank Voss Kate Voss Detail
Jameson Daviess 09/07/1889 Martin Meserve Laura A. Meserve Detail
Daviess Co. Daviess 11/30/1889 Chas. Fisher Ella Fisher Detail
Ross Co, Ohio Daviess 01/13/1884 Aaron Harpster Louisa Harpster Detail
Gallatin Daviess 11/22/1889 A. A. Vassar Emma Vassar Detail
Grand River Daviess 02/03/1890 Samuel Reed Ellen Reed Detail
Union Twp. Daviess 10/??/1892 Oscar Roberson Katie R. Roberson Detail
Harrison Twp. Daviess Joshua S. Bennett Minnie Bennett Detail
Monroe Twp. Daviess 07/30/1892 John New Ida May New Detail
Marion Twp. Daviess Geo. Ginder Verana Ginder Detail
Jamesport, MO Daviess 12/17/1883 James C. Harrah Amelia Harrah Detail
Marion Twp. Daviess 03/31/1885 Jon. W. Youtsey Sarah M. Youtsey Detail
Gallatin Daviess 04/08/1885 Edward Clingan Lillie Clingan Detail
Lincoln Twp. Daviess 03/26/1885 James C. McCarty Laura McCarty Detail
Kidder Daviess 04/20/1885 Aaron Harpster Louisa Harpster Detail
Salem Twp. Daviess 04/12/1885 Martin Hedges Emily Hedges Detail
Daviess 07/17/1883 Thomas Shears Moss Shears Detail
Pattonsburg Daviess 05/12/1885 Joseph W. Merifield Amanda S. Merifield Detail
Gallatin Daviess 07/20/1885 Bruce Weaver Allice Weaver Detail
Butter Twp. Daviess 07/08/1885 Jno. A. Burton Martha J. Burton Detail
Marion Twp. Daviess 10/01/1885 Alphus D. Duke Marg. Alice Duke Detail
Marion Twp. Daviess 11/10/1885 Allen Burton Phoebe Jane Burton Detail
Pattonsburg Daviess 12/22/1885 H. Rulon Hattie L. Rulon Detail
Pattonsburg Daviess 12/09/1885 Jesse N. Childs Annie A. Childs Detail
Salem Twp. Daviess 04/16/1886 Charles A. Taylor Sarah Susan Taylor Detail
Salem Twp. Daviess 04/10/1886 Danl W. Carter Mary Jane Carter Detail
Harrison Twp. Daviess 05/04/1886 Geo. W. Ridinger Tilly B. Ridinger Detail
Jamesport, MO Daviess 09/18/1883 George Mills Annie W. Mills Detail
Benton Twp. Daviess 04/13/1886 Lewis A. Hughs Malinda R. Hughs Detail
Sheridan Twp. Daviess 06/18/1886 James H. Baker Minnie D. Baker Detail
Winston Daviess 02/09/1886 Odd Beer Elzady Beer Detail
Salem Twp. Daviess 06/28/1886 Harvey B. Coffey Mrs. Maggie Coffey Detail
Coffeysburg Daviess 06/10/1886 Saml B. Byers Mary C. Byers Detail
Marion Twp. Daviess 09/13/1886 Charles Brown Maggie Brown Detail
Coffeysburg Daviess 10/03/1886 Frank B. Dorsey Maggie L. Dorsey Detail
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