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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Hughes, Saner Bell Dent March 13, 1885 T.D. Hughes Surrena Mason Detail
Albert, Isabelle Edith Dent February 28, 1885 Francis Marion Albert Arminta Bell Detail
Masters, Sarah Dent March 5, 1885 William Masters Matilda Copeland Detail
Norris, Edward P. Dent March 11, 1885 Silas Norris Dicy Catherine Gamlin Detail
Mounce, Eva Susan Dent March 15, 1885 Michael Mounce Sarah Lamkins Detail
Hathcher, Dent March 26, 1885 James Hatcher Etta Hensley Detail
Mounce, Etta Susan Dent March 22, 1885 Michael Mounce Sarah Lamkin Detail
Goad, Herbert Leslie Dent March 29, 1885 Richard Goad Susan Ogle Detail
Morton, Elvira Dent March 23, 1885 D.A. Morton Detail
Tucker, Dent April 3, 1885 Tucker Detail
Nelson, Dent March 12, 1885 J.C. Nelson Detail
Edwards, Dent March 1885 Jas. J.A. Edwards Missouri Ellen Luttrell Detail
Harrison, Lydia Aletha Dent March 5, 1885 John F. Harrison Mary E. Warfel Detail
Stephens, Dent February 12, 1885 Frelding Stephens Susan Margaret McGee Detail
Brandenburgh, Albert Taylor Dent March 3, 1885 James Brandenburgh Sarah Watson Detail
Martin, Dent January 31, 1885 Joel Green Martin Mary Elizabeth Maples Detail
Harrison, Abner Dent March 17, 1885 G.W. Harrison Louisa Jane Pemberton Detail
Cox, Dent March 29, 1885 Martin S. Cox Rachel Floyd Detail
Welch, John C. Dent March 21, 1885 Thos. J. Welch Mary A. Davis Detail
Causey, Martha Dent January 9, 1885 I. A. Causey S.A. Wofford Detail
Richards, Delphia May Dent November 22, 1884 Franklin C. Richards Sarah C. Stiles Detail
Reddick, Frank Dent March 28, 1885 John M. Reddick Eliza Condray Detail
McNeil, Dent April 11, 1885 J.P. McNeil Mary E. Boyd Detail
Callahan, Dent April 5, 1885 Larkin Callahan Dora Detail
, Dent April 15, 1885 Ellen Adams Detail
Jones, Charles Harrison Dent April 8, 1885 Andrew Jackson Jones Fannie Dodge Detail
Redman, Elizabeth Dent April 16, 1885 Tho. N. Redman Mary Eveline Ives Detail
Duckworth, Dent April 17, 1885 E.W. Duckworth Nancy Jones Detail
Bigs, Dent John Bigs Elizabeth Strickland Detail
Hagler, Freddie Dent April 7, 1885 Thomas Hagler Lucritia Sims Detail
Piatt, Mary Ellen Dent March 15, 1885 William C. Piatt Mary Ann Williams Detail
McFarland, Roy Vance Dent April 27, 1885 Jesse Henry McFarland Anna Mary Arthur Detail
Beasley, Dent May 18, 1885 Landy S. Beasley Jennery McClendon Detail
Chester, Dent April 28, 1885 Geo. Chester Mary Gunnell Detail
Smith, Lillie Dent June 2, 1885 Thos. H. Smith Matilda Morgan Detail
Hutson, Sophie Dent May 23, 1885 S. Hutson Mary Ann Vaughan Detail
Chester, Susan Ellen Dent June 8, 1885 William H. Chester Eliza Ellen Wihite Detail
Riverside Dent 10/12/1883 F. Upchurch Sarah L. Upchurch Detail
Dent Co. Dent 11/14/1883 T. D. Jones Minerva Ann Jones Detail
Missouri Dent 01/11/1884 Flasa Woodward Sherlotta Woodward Detail
Dent Co. Dent 06/25/1884 James Jones Nancy C. Jones Detail
Dent Co. Dent 05/06/1885 Henry Stewart Catharine Stewart Detail
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