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Record 1951 thru 2000 of 2059

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided Boles Township Franklin November 1st, 1886 Walter Schlemper Emma Schlemper Emma Kriencamp Detail
Not Provided Berger, MO. Franklin October 26th, 1886 John Prillmann or Frillmann Louisa Prillmann or Frillmann Louisa Wihmann Detail
Not Provided Berger, MO. Franklin October 12th, 1886 August L. Bade Rosa Bade Rosa Schneider Detail
Not Provided Berger, MO. Franklin October 18(?), 1886 George Prillmann or Frillmann Susanna Frillmann or Prillmann Susanna Haid Detail
Not Provided Berger, MO. Franklin October 3rd, 1886 Fred Grossmann Anna Grossmann Anna Arnold(?) Detail
Thias, blank Franklin October 13th, 1886 F. H. Thias Charlotte Thias Charlotte Godt Detail
Maria Prussia(?) Kopp St. John's Twp. Franklin October 12th, 1886 Henry Kopp Gertrud Kopp Gertrud Meier Detail
Mashmann, Washington, MO. Franklin October 15th, 1886 F. H.(?) Mashmann Mary Mashmann Mary Shentkler(?) Detail
Reese, St. John's Twp. Franklin October 25th, 1886 Louis Reese Nina Reese Nina Stemmer Detail
Not Provided Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin October 7th, 1886 William Crews Nancy Crews Nancy Walton Detail
Clara Annie Lizzie Landwehr Champion City, MO. Franklin August 10th, 1886 William F. Landwehr Augusta Landwehr Augusta Hammelman Detail
Charles Borris Gray's Summit Franklin March 2nd, 1886 John Borris E. Borris [Blank] Detail
Lois(?) Shores blank Franklin May 26th, 1886 Chares Shores Hatti Shores [Blank] Detail
Homer Daniel Grof Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin May 13th, 1886 Daniel Grof Betti Grof [Blank] Detail
August George Muller blank Franklin August 5th, 1886 George Muller Elisa Muller [Blank] Detail
Karl, blank Franklin March 9th, 1886 John Borris K. Borris [Blank] Detail
H. Samuel blank Franklin May 13th, 1886 Samuel Grast Betti Grast Betti Schwel Detail
Not Provided blank Franklin May 26th, 1886 Charles Schob Hatti Schob [Blank] Detail
Jack Walter Bell Blank Franklin September 16th, 1886 Jack Bell Luelle Bell [Blank] Detail
Not Provided blank Franklin September 31st, 1886 Bill Fisher Mamie Fisher Mamie Murphy Detail
James Clady(?) ??? Clagett Gray's Summit Franklin August 15th, 1886 Henry Shiff Clagett Laura Angeline Clagett [Blank] Detail
Not Provided Central Township Franklin October 22nd, 1886 Charles H. Meade Amanda C. Meade Amanda C. Carpenter Detail
George William Peters Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin October 15th, 1886 Henry William Peters Mary Caroline Peters Mary Caroline Niemann Detail
Not Provided Pacific, MO. Franklin November 2nd, 1886 John Frederick Schiel Lucie Schiel Lucie Hubbard Detail
Not Provided Pacific, MO. Franklin November 7th, 1886 Henry Mayer Sophia Mayer Sophia Zoffell Detail
Not Provided Pacific, MO. Franklin October 19th, 1886 John Ellis Rodley Mary E. Rodley Mary E. Dowdell Detail
Not Provided Argo, MO. Franklin November 1st, 1886 Harre Bell Bertha Bell Bertha Schmidt Detail
Fred William Argo, MO. Franklin October 17th, 1886 F. L. Strotcamp Matilda Strotcamp Matilda Nahinde(?) Detail
Henry Frederick Wm. Fisher Boone Township Franklin October 25th, 1886 Henry Frederick Fisher Anna Rebeca Fisher Anna Hase Detail
Anna Calkins Boone Township Franklin October 28th, 1886 Newton Calkins Lizzie Calkins Lizzie Greenstreet Detail
Frederick Herman M. Knehaus Beaufort Franklin October 20th, 1886 Henry Eberhart Knehaus Kathrina Wilhelina Knehaus Kathrina Flottmann Detail
Alexander Edwin Ritchter Washington, MO. Franklin October 29th, 1886 Karl W. Gottieb Richter Maria Richter Maria Kernfschroeder Detail
Bertha Runge Runges Farm Franklin November 14th, 1886(*) Christoph Runge Marva Runge Marva Wolf Detail
Herman Groene Beouf Twp. Franklin October 18th, 1886 Henry Groene Elizabeth Groene Elizabeth Kurtz Detail
Not Provided Pacific, MO. Franklin November 20th, 1886 John Bear Annie Bear Annie Rohden Detail
Thomas McMillan New Haven Franklin November 1st, 1886 John Thomas McMillan Elizabeth A. McMillan Elizabeth Ollie Detail
Springgate, Edna Earl New Haven Franklin November 9th, 1886 Sterling Price Springgate Hattie A. Springgate Hattie A. Murphy Detail
Not Provided New Haven Franklin November 30th, 1886 Henry A. Kelling Missouri C. Kelling Missouri Trail Detail
Maud Ginora Magan New Haven, MO. Franklin December 1st, 1886 Charles H. Magen Mary Cordelia Magen Mary Cordelia Brinkmann Detail
Emma Mary Heidland Beaufort Franklin November 11th, 1886 Gottlieb F. Heidland Carolina Henriette Wilhelmina Heidland Caroline H. W. Sunmer Detail
Not Provided Central Township Franklin December 5th, 1886 Frank Courtney Alabama Courtney Alabama McKee Detail
Not Provided Central Township Franklin December 8th, 1886 Anthony Keller Frances Keller Frances McCourtney Detail
Not Provided Lyon Township, MO. Franklin December 8th, 1886 Fredrick Walter Sophia Walter Sophia Gerling Detail
Annie Lee Bartol Boone Twp., MO. Franklin November 18th, 1886 John Bartol M. M. Bartol M. M. Steaman(?) Detail
Not Provided Boone Twp.,MO> Franklin December 18th, 1886 Edmond Roweve Julia Roweve Julia Garnier Detail
John Fredrick Meinsmeyer Spring Bluff, MO. Franklin November 17th, 1886 John Shebaum Nina Shebaum Nina Kannel Detail
Albert Martin Wenkel Champion City, MO. Franklin November 21st, 1886 Frederick E. Wenkel Veronica Wenkel Veronica Demier Detail
Ora Pearl Wade Dry Branch Franklin November 22nd, 1886 Charles Richard Wade Rossesa Isabelle Wade Rossesa Atkisson Detail
Samuel Elsworth Johnson Dry Branch Franklin November 27th, 1886 J. thomas Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Mary Ann Bennet Detail
Letie Broch Gray's Summit, MO. Franklin October 6th, 1886 August Broch Amelia Broch [Blank] Detail
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