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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Brandt, Pacific, Franklin Co, MO Franklin Dec 22 1883 John Brandt Lizzie Brandt Lizzie Fromm Detail
Bernd, Berger, Mo Franklin Jan 7 1884 Charles Bernd Elizabeth Bernd Elizabeth Kolthoff Detail
Brown, Franklin Co, MO Franklin Dec 30 1883 Charles Alexander [Doneleon] Brown Laura Brown Laura Dickinson Detail
Barrett, 4 M E of Washington Franklin Jan 25 1884 Harrison Barret Laura Lee Barrett Laura Lee James Detail
Bishop, Franklin Co, MO Franklin Feb ? 1884 James E. Bishop Mary S. Bishop Mary S. Pierce Detail
Bade, Berger, MO Franklin Feb 11 1884 Ferd Bade Johanna Bade Johanna Menke Detail
Battermann, Stony Hill, MO Franklin Jan 19 1884 George Battermann Elizabeth Battermann Elizabeth Danuser Detail
Achenbach, Union, MO Franklin Nov 8 1883 John Achenbach Susan Achenbach Susan Heeger Detail
Ade, Washington Franklin Nov 13 1883 William Ade Katie Ade Katie Gash Detail
Henry Anderes Pacific, Franklin Co, MO Franklin Nov 29 1883 Valentine Anders Ida Thereia Anders Ida Thereia Volmer Detail
Edward [Rothevell] Adams Gray's Summit Franklin Jan 6 1884 1 AM Norman Rothevell Adams Cornelius Agnes Adams Cornelius Agnes May Detail
Not Provided Prairie Twp Franklin April 14 1884 John Arnold Harriet Arnold Reed Detail
Abkemeyer, 3 miles west of Washington Franklin April 22 [1884] George Abkemeyer Lizzie Abkemeyer Noelker Detail
Pearl Ethel Ashley Argo Franklin May 5 [1884] Wm. A. Ashley Fannie E. Ashley Sappington Detail
Mahalia Eliz. Apperson Pacific Franklin June 11 [1884] Wm. Eliza Apperson Eliz. A. Apperson Fritter Detail
Johann Joseph Aholt Sec 24, Twp 44 R2W Franklin July 30 1884 Johann Bernhard Aholt Francis Aholt Sohulte Detail
Henry Alberswerth Lyon Twp Franklin Nov 1 1884 Henry Alberswerth Caroline Alberswerth Caroline Koch Detail
Alexander, Franklin Co., MO Franklin Oct 25 1884 J.L. Alexander Louisa V. Jones Detail
Althoefer, Washington Franklin Jan 11 1885 Henry Althoefer Mary Ho?kemeyer Detail
Nellie, Pacific Franklin Jan 3 1885 King Adams Mary Sommers Detail
Lucy, Pacific Franklin Jan 12 1885 C.H. Adams Maggie Miller Detail
Perry Nicholas Dry Branch, MO Franklin June 27 1884 Antoney Algiers Mary Ann Baker Detail
Blanche Anderes Pacific Franklin Feb 25 1885 Valentine Anderes Ida T. Anderes Ida T. Volmer Detail
Henry Aufderhaer Berger, MO Franklin March 16 1885 Henry Aufderhaer Marca Aufderhaer Aufderhaer Detail
Alger, Emma Francis near Dry Branch, MO Franklin Dec 11 1886 Anton Alger Mary Ann Alger Baker Detail
Adams, Ella A. Lizebeth Franklin Feb 1 1887 James L. Adams Agnes Adams Armistead Detail
Ashly, Bertha May Sommerville Franklin May 5 1887 W.A. Ashly Fannie Ashly Sappington Detail
Andres, Laura Emilie New Haven, MO Franklin May 12 1887 Fritz Andres Nannie Clara Andres Fisher Detail
Alt, Edmund Kharle Oakfield, Franklin Co., MO Franklin June 27 1887 Michel Alt Madeleine Alt Sohn Detail
Asplin, Washington Co., MO Franklin Dec 17 1888 Riand Asplin Alvena Asplin Batt Detail
Armistead, Olive Maybel Meramec Twp Franklin Feb 11 1889 William S. Armistead Eliza Armistead Anderson Detail
Armstead, Ettia Elizbeth Stanton, MO Franklin April 21 1889 Geo. W. Armstead Frances Armstead Bird Detail
Andres, Elisa Amalie New Haven Franklin May 24 1889 Friedrich Christian Andres Anny Clara Andres Fischer Detail
Altheide, New Haven, MO Franklin Aug 24 1889 John P. Altheide Katie F. Altheide Ernst Detail
Angell, Benny Shotwell, MO Franklin June 28 1890 Hy.J.M. Angell Lissette Angell Droste Detail
Armistead, Norah Emily near Dry Branch Franklin Oct 7 1890 Thomas Armistead Louisa Armistead Koelling Detail
Altheide, New Haven Franklin Dec 4 1890 John P. Altheide Katie F. Altheide Ernst Detail
Adams, Shotwell, MO Franklin Feb 17 1891 George M. Adams Geneva A. Adams Williams Detail
Adams, Japan, MO Franklin Aug 9 1891 Jak. Adams Manasse Adams Brawer Detail
Angell, Charles August Shotwell, MO Franklin Dec 1 1891 Hy.J.M. Angell Lissetta Angell Droste Detail
Armistead, Arthur Edward Meramec Twp, Fr. Co., MO Franklin May 22 1892 Thomas Armistead Louise Armistead Koelling Detail
Altemeyer, Louis Henry Lyon Twp Franklin May 23 1892 Henry Aug. Altemeyer Anna Katherine Altemeyer Stork Detail
Blanton, Sullivan, MO Franklin Sept 2 1883 John Blanton Sarah Blanton Sarah Blanton Detail
Gordian L. Busch Cedar Grove ? Franklin Sept 20 1883 Charles L. Busch Anna Busch Anna Hock Detail
Pauline Marie Bauer St John Twp ? Franklin Oct 8 Frank Bauer Emma Bauer Emma Wendt Detail
Busch, Sophia Maria Township 44 R 1 E Franklin July 20 1883 John Henry Busch Anna Maria Busch Anna Maria Goerner Detail
Batzen, Washington Franklin Oct 20 1883 John Batzen Margaretha Batzen Margaretha Scheu Detail
Bolte, Anna Josephina Wilhelmina Union, MO Franklin Oct 18 1883 August H. Bolte Christina C. Bolte Christina C. Arand Detail
Burns, Gray's Summit, MO Franklin 8.15 am, Oct 23 1883 James Thomas Burns Caledona Burns Caledona Williams Detail
Becker, Annette Washington Franklin Nov 4 1883 Charles Becker Anna Becker Anna Hagebusch Detail
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