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Record 2001 thru 2050 of 2059

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Peters, blank Franklin December 30th, 1886 Richard Peters Minnie Grote [Blank] Detail
Not Provided Sec 8 Twp.44 R3 West Franklin January 23rd, 1887 August Altheide Anne Altheide Anne Gerling Detail
Not Provided Sec 8 Twp.44 R3 West Franklin January 23rd, 1887 August Altheide Anne Altheide Anne Gerling Detail
Juline Oscar Charles Deer Shotwell, MO. Franklin December 11th, 1886 John Deer Lana Deer Lana Hotmann Detail
Cora Heidbreder Cedar Fork, MO. Franklin December 18th, 1886 John Heidbreder Mary Heidbreder Mary Bonsack Detail
Lidie Suzanna Blomberg Shotwell, MO. Franklin December 22nd, 1886 Henry Blomberg Anne Blomberg Anne Sopp Detail
Peter Nolker Beouf Twp. Franklin December 26th, 1886 Henry Nolker Minna Nolker Minna Brinker Detail
Not Provided blank Franklin January 19th, 1887 Ransom A. White Martha A. White Martha A. Buckner Detail
Not Provided Argo, MO. Franklin January 28th, 1887 J. E. Huelsey Manessy Huelsey M. Braley Detail
F. R. Rennick Rennickville Franklin January 13th, 1887 James M. Rennick Mary Rennick Mary Sanders Detail
Not Provided Rennickville Franklin January 22nd, 1887 George Robinson Minvera Robinson Minvera Sanders Detail
Mary Glandt Gray's Summit Franklin January 9th, 1887 Charles Glandt Mary Glandt Mary Cortum Detail
Oliver Shobe Gray's Summit Franklin January 6th, 1887 Oliver Shobe Rosy Shobe Rosy Detail
James Ferdinand Bates Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin January 16th, 1887 Samuel S. Bates S. A. Bates S. A. Bledsoe Detail
Not Provided Berger Franklin January 1st, 1887 Levi J. Davis Mattie J. Davis Mattie J. Mahon Detail
Not Provided Berger, MO. Franklin Janaury 18th, 1887 Louis Brethorst Johanna Brethorst Johanna Zoch Detail
Not Provided Berger, MO. Franklin January 30(?), 1887 John L. Meyer Minnie Meyer Minnie Fisk Detail
Not Provided Berger Franklin January 6th, 1887 Henry Bernd Marie Theresa Bernd Marie Theresa Kopp Detail
Ulzen, Prairie Twp. Franklin August 21st John H. Ulzen Mary H. Ulzen Mary H. Brims Detail
Green, Prairie Twp. Franklin 04-Jul Chas. H. Green Emma M. Green Emma M. Triplet Detail
Dickorison(?), Prairie Twp. Franklin June 29th Charles W. Dickorison(?) Lucy T.(?) Dickorison(?) Lucy Thorman(?) Detail
Pierce, blank Franklin August 28th Thomas M. Pierce Martha E. Pierce Martha E. Lewis Detail
Lewis, Prairie Twp. Franklin March 28th Horance(?) Lewis Susan R. Lewis Susan R. Chelton(?) Detail
Harves(?), Prairie Twp. Franklin April 30th Felden Harves Susan E. Harves Susan E. Bollington(?) Detail
Taylor, Prairie Twp. Franklin June 21st Stephan Taylor Fran(?) Taylor Short Detail
Prewet(?), Prairie Twp. Franklin August 5th Richard Prewet Martha E. Prewet Martha E. Ader(?) Detail
Emily(?) L. Berldsmann(?) Washington Franklin August 19th Hy Berldsmann(?) Mary Berldsmann(?) Mary Remker(?) Detail
Stoeppelwerth(?), Washington Franklin August 23th Wm. Stoeppelwerth(?) Caroline Stoeppelwerth(?) Detail
Fricke, Washington Franklin August 24th Bernard Fricke Anna Fricke Anna Motz Detail
Not Provided Berger Franklin September 2nd Allen Worli(?) Bertha Worli(?) Bertha Schindler Detail
Not Provided Richhill(?) Franklin September 2nd Millard McDaniel Bessie McDaniel Bessie Baron Detail
Not Provided Washington Franklin August 2nd Hy J. Dickbrader Lucintta(?) Dickbrader Mand Detail
Ida Maude Diedrich(?) Washinton Franklin August 20th Chas. Hy W. Diedrich Clara Diedrich Clara Evertz Detail
Rosalie Rawler St. John's Twp. Franklin August 24th Frank Rawler Pauline Rawler Pauline Blaine Detail
John Hines(?) Phillips St. John's Twp. Franklin September 1(?),1884 Roland Thomas Phillips Louisa Fayervaure(?) Phillips Louisa Sharp Detail
Augusta Julia Mary Speckelmeyer Washington Franklin August 7th Martin Speckelmeyer Augusta Speckelmeyer Augusta Beckmann Detail
Mary Becker Washington Franklin August 3rd(?) Louis Becker Julia Ann Becker Julia Ann Stockmeyer(?) Detail
Beouf Township, Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin September 20, 1883 Joseph Marrot Rose Marrot Detail
Berger, MO. Franklin Septemer 25, 1883 Henry Helmendach Catharine Helmendach Detail
Washington, MO. Franklin January 7th, 1884 Anton Kahmann Mary Anne Kahmann Detail
St. John's Township, Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin January 7th, 1884 E. A. McCallister Eleanor McCallister Detail
Franklin Co.,MO. Franklin March 16th, 1884 John M. Fellmann Gesinoe(?)Fellmann Detail
Germany Franklin February 18th, 1884 August Glaser Ida Clara Glaser Detail
Gray's Summit Franklin July 22, 1884 Robert L. Quohunter(?) Martha Ellen Quohunter(?) Detail
Washington Franklin July 22nd, 1884 Henry Lessmann Lizzie Lesmann Detail
L?????, MO. Franklin August 10, 1884 W. Lockhart Kate Lockhart Detail
Washington, MO. Franklin August 5, 1884 G. C. Parker Henrietta Parker Detail
Washington, MO. Franklin October 5, 1884 Francis Letel(?) Mary Letel(?) Detail
Township 42 NW Franklin September 9, 1883 Pizara Felver Annie Felver Detail
Berger Franklin December 3, 1884 Frank Koethle Veronaka(?) Koethle Detail
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