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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary Case Woolam, MO Gasconade 02/25/1884 John Case Lucy Case Lucy Brooks Detail
Edward Hochner Woolam, MO Gasconade 08/28/1883 Henry Hockner Wilhelmine Hochner Wilhelmine Brickmann Detail
Caroline W Ruepler Woolam, MO Gasconade 07/15/1883 Fritz Ruepler Caroline Ruepler Caroline Brandenburges Detail
Lidia Mary Norvack Woolam, MO Gasconade 11/18/1883 Gustave Norvack Hulda Norvack Hulda Fran- Detail
Kock, Woolam, MO Gasconade 01/14/1884 August W Koch Henriette W Koch Henriette Garver Detail
Jakshon Willman Roark Tp Gasconade 03/28/1884 Robert Willman Julia Willman Julia Kerin Detail
Laura Kubity Morrison, MO Gasconade 03/12/1884 Ferdinand Kubity Maria Kubity Maria Hayns Detail
August Reinholz Gasconade City Gasconade 03/03/1884 August Reinholz Dorethea Reinholz Dorethea Treinann Detail
Christine Herman Near Bay Gasconade 04/18/1884 Bernard Herman Doretha Herman DorethaWeidemann Detail
Sophia Catherine Witte Boulware Tp Gasconade 04/10/1884 Fritz Witte Catherine Witte Catherine Land---hr Detail
Emma Wilhelmina Brueggenaw Boulware Tp Gasconade 04/19/1884 Fred Brueggernaw Augusta Brueggernaw Augusta Brucker Detail
Anna Maria Berger Drake, MO Gasconade 11/07/1883 J H Meyer Mina Berger Mina Engelbracht Detail
Holt, Drake, MO Gasconade 04/24/1884 John Holt Elizabeth Holt Elizabeth Lovercheck Detail
Ida Letterman Drake, MO Gasconade 11/20/1883 William Letterman Anna Letterman Anna Kemper Detail
Hanna Wilch'l Hilkerbauer Drake, MO Gasconade 02/24/1884 Casper Aug Hilkerbauer Anna Mary Hilkerbauer Anna Mary Rachelbauer Detail
Ella Louise Brickman Third Creek Twp Gasconade 04/12/1884 W F Brickman Mary Brickman Mary Mellies Detail
George William Klinger Hermann, MO Gasconade 04/26/1884 William Klinger Malvine Klinger Malvine Boer Detail
Aug Rachelbauem Gasconade 02/21/1884 Henry Rachelbauem Anna Rachelbauem Anna Flehr Detail
Martha Kolb Hermann, MO Gasconade 04/03/1884 Louis Kolb Mary Kolb Mary Mueller Detail
Amanda F A Bohl Hermann, MO Gasconade 04/14/1884 Chas. F F Bohl Erustine W Bohl Erustine W Bock Detail
Stein, Roark Tp Gasconade 04/13/1884 Franz Stein Lena Stein Lena Mueller Detail
Alice French Morrison, MO Gasconade 04/08/1884 James French Mary French Mary Loop Detail
Mary Bockling Morrison, MO Gasconade 04/06/1884 William Bockling Elizabeth Bockling Elizabeth Boss Detail
Hugo Chas Blaske Morrison, MO Gasconade 03/21/1884 Frank Blaske Louise Blaske Louise Shemmer Detail
Frederich Carl Liesemeyer Bourban Township Gasconade 03/20/1884 Henry Liesemeyer Lydia Liesemeyer Lydia Gehuer Detail
Reynolds, Third Creek Twp Gasconade 04/02/1884 Wm. A Reynolds Nancy Jane Reynolds Nancy Jane Huffman Detail
Anna Mary Winker Boruf Twp Gasconade 03/24/1884 Herman H Winker Johanna Winker Johanna Witte Detail
Fritz Edward Schuller Stoney Hill Gasconade 02/15/1884 Wm. F Schuller Henrietta Charolotte Schuller Henrietta Charlotte Doerman Detail
Wilhelmine Lambert Wooam, MO Gasconade 03/15/1884 William Lambert Caroline Lambert Caroline Wolking Detail
Lina Kuebler near Gasconade City Gasconade 01/27/1884 Nicholas Kuebler Lina Kuebler Lina Bailey Detail
Karl Henry A Buschmeyer Roark Tp Gasconade 12/24/1883 Carl Buschmeyer Friedericke Buschmeyer Friedericke Ruegge Detail
Ernst Frank Pohlman Boulware Tp Gasconade 03/19/1884 Will F Pohlman Henriette Pohlman Henriette Bundelmeyer Detail
Amanda Schicht Roark Tp Gasconade 04/12/1884 Henry Schicht Augusta Schicht Augusta Bock Detail
Obenhaus, Roark Tp Gasconade 05/01/1884 William Obenhaus Henriette Obenhaus Henriette Haroll Detail
Kuhlman (twin) Roark Tp Gasconade 04/21/1884 Wilhelm Kuklman Henrine Kuhlman Detail
Kuhlman (twin) Roark Tp Gasconade 04/21/1884 Wilhelm Kuklman Henrine Kuhlman Detail
Mary Elizabeth Stewart Burbois Tp Gasconade 05/21/1884 William Stuart Jane Stuart (Stewart) Jane Hensely Detail
Ernst A Siedler Hermann, MO Gasconade 05/24/1884 Fred Siedler Louise Siedler Louise Ahoring Detail
Leisner, Hermann, MO Gasconade 04/07/1884 Ar-le Leisner Wilhelmine D Leisner Wilhelmine D Rosche Detail
Fred George Leibach Hermann, MO Gasconade 05/16/1884 Nicolaus Leibach Martha Leibach Martha Wilhelm Detail
Ar--in Oscar Pfautsch Hermann, MO Gasconade 05/11/1884 Euslack Pfautsch Catherine Pfautsch Catherine Kamper Detail
Jugh Koeller Hermann, MO Gasconade 05/22/1884 Fred Koeller Emma Koeller Emma Langendoeofer Detail
Maria Katie Bleile Hermann, MO Gasconade 05/24/1884 Joseph Bleile Elizabeth Bleile Elizabeth Beck Detail
Susanna Elisabeth Mueller Hermann, MO Gasconade 05/26/1884 George Mueller Mina Mueller Mina Joffmann Detail
Schulte, near Gasconade City Gasconade 06/01/1884 Albert Schulte Anna Schulte Anna Engler Detail
Korf, Drake, MO Gasconade 05/31/1884 Friederich Korf Korg Kirchoff Detail
George Henry Wilhelm Buschman Boulware Tp Gasconade 05/25/1884 Kaslen Henrich Buschman Henriette Buschman Henriette Bentlage Detail
Sophia Maria Buschman Boulware Tp Gasconade 05/22/1884 George Buschman Maria Buschman Maria Bloch Detail
John Henirich Jungeblat Drake, MO Gasconade 06/14/1884 F W W Jungeblat Wilhelmine Jungeblat Wilhelmine Schlueber Detail
Heseman, Drake, MO Gasconade 06/15/1884 Henry Mathias Heseman Anna Louise Heseman Anna Louise Sroeppe Detail
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