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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Amanda May Willis Walnut Grove Tp Greene 09/02/1884 Cephas M. Willis Martha Jane Willis Lackey Detail
Garland F. Woods Campbell Tp Greene 08/29/1884 Dorsey T. Woods Olio J Woods McClure Detail
Watson, Clay Tp Greene 09/21/1884 W.H. Watson Nancy E. Watson Doran Detail
Waddle, Boone Tp Greene 09/17/1884 John N. Waddle Eliza J. Waddle Beal Detail
Wommack, Jackson Tp Greene 10/10/1884 E.J. Wommack M A Wommack Parrish Detail
Wigginton, Taylor Tp Greene 10/26/1884 Wm H. Wigginton Olio C. Wigginton Owens Detail
Woodrow, Jackson Tp Greene 10/19/1884 George Woodrow Lucy Ann Woodrow Ford Detail
Weaver, Springfield Greene 09/12/1884 Jas D Weaver Mary S. Weaver Boland Detail
Wm C. Wadlow Cave Spring Greene 11/16/1884 Chas C. Wadlow Nancy E Wadlow White Detail
Warren Lee White Springfield Greene 09/18/1884 John Turner White Mary Hackney White Jones Detail
West, Greene 12/01/1884 J.W. West M A West Evans Detail
Williams, Greene Co Mo. Greene 12/16/1884 Ross Williams Martha Williams Montgomery Detail
Winston, Walnut Grove Tp Greene 12/21/1884 Robert Winston Mary E. Winston Carter Detail
Williams, Greene 12/27/1884 Benj. Franklin Williams Mary Addie Williams Bond Detail
Woolridge, Near Walnut Grove Greene 01/03/1885 Jas E. Wooldridge Martha B. Wooldridge McBride Detail
Williamson, Greene Co Mo. Greene 12/23/1884 John P. Williamson Margaret W. Williamson Davis Detail
Wheeler, Ash Grove Greene 01/23/1885 T.B. Wheeler L.E. Wheeler Warren Detail
Ransom Springcon Woodward Boone Tp Greene 01/09/1885 Ransom Woodward Sarah Melissa Woodward Perryman Detail
Watts, Benton Tp Greene 02/14/1885 John J. Watts Margaret Watts Potter Detail
Bessie Estella Wilkerson Springfield Greene 02/1885 Geo. F. Wilkerson Lena Bell Wilkerson Lerigar Detail
Wheatley, Campbell Tp Greene 02/23/1885 Wm E. Wheatley Mary T. Wheatley Love Detail
George A.C. Wooley Jr. Springfield Greene 11/23/1884 George AC Wooley Amelia A. Wooley Anthony Detail
Waddell, Cass Tp Greene 02/24/1885 Geo W. Waddell Sarah Amanda Waddell McClure Detail
Minnie A. Woods Polk Co Greene 02/28/1885 Jas G. Woods Sue E. Woods Thurman Detail
West, Taylor Tp Greene 04/10/1885 Elias West Amelia West Hesten Detail
Wilson, Walnut Grove Tp Greene 05/16/1885 SW Wilson Sarah C. Wilson Saye Detail
Wells, Greene Co Greene 05/06/1885 Walter S Wells Ida B. Wells Matherly Detail
Eleanor Washam Greene Co Mo. Greene 05/25/1885 John H. Washam Mary Eliza Washam Saney Detail
Julia A. West Centre Tp Greene 06/21/1885 Andrew A West Sarah C. West Hammond Detail
Clara Wharton Greene Co Mo. Greene 07/14/1885 J.W. Wharton Josie Wharton Gibson Detail
Welch, Robberson Tp Greene 07/06/1885 David Welch Alice Welch Garrett Detail
Guy Woodle Springfield Greene 07/06/1885 Thos J Woodle Virginia Woodle Chilton Detail
Woodward, Springfield Greene 08/06/1885 John Woodward Josie S. Woodward Childers Detail
Lena Myrtle White Boone Tp Greene 07/25/1885 GS White Anice White Bronshurn Detail
Wright, Springfield Greene 09/08/1885 Erasmus Robt Wright Jummia Martha Wright Tilitton Detail
Thos Lewis Williams Cass Tp Greene 09/02/1885 Eli Dewey Williams Martha L. Williams Whitttenberg Detail
Wm Bery White Cass Tp Greene 09/17/1885 Isaac White Flora Francis White Ally Detail
Mary Katie Ward Springfield Greene 09/29/1885 Hugh Ward Katy Ward Wilder Detail
Whitehead, Greene 06/01/1885 Geo M Whitehead Detail
Whilhoit, Clay Tp Greene 09/09/1885 John Wilhoit E Wilhoit Moon Detail
Wrightman, Finly Tp Greene 10/23/1885 Robt J Wrightsman Lucy Wrightsman Cloud Detail
Wood, Greene 10/26/1885 J B Wood Sarah Ann Wood Pendergrift Detail
Waddle, Boone Tp Greene 10/18/1885 Martin M. Waddle Martha U. Waddle Bul Detail
West, Centre Tp Greene 10/29/1885 Lafayett West Mary E West Brashers Detail
Woody, Boone Tp Greene 07/04/1885 Joseph H Woodey Norma E Woodey Conway Detail
Wells, Washington Tp Greene 11/17/1885 James C Wells Hariet Wells Kershus Detail
Wood, Springfield Greene 12/27/1885 H. D. Wood Lizza Wood Cassell Detail
Wilhollan, Springfield Greene 1026/1885 E M Wilhollan Angeline Wilhollan Hawky Detail
Williams, Greene Co Greene 01/12/1886 Perry Williams Mary A Williams Lawson Detail
Effie Wilson Cass Tp Greene 01/17/1886 Joseph B Williams Alice T Wilson Hasler Detail
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