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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Nail, William Pell Walnut Grove Greene December 15, 1885 Nail, Herman Nail, Mary J. Detail
Richardson, Boone Twp Greene November 25, 1885 Richardson, James K. Richardson, Mary C. Detail
Dale, Springfield Greene December 24, 1885 Dale, Wesley Dale, Clara Detail
Wood, Springfield Greene December 24, 1885 Wood, H. G. Wood, Lizza Detail
Soush, Springfield Greene October 15, 1885 Soush, William Henry Soush, Louisa Detail
Roberts, Springfield Greene August 28, 1885 Roberts, Rufus S. Roberts, Lula May Detail
Reynolds, Springfield Greene November 15, 1885 Reynolds, Aharles V. Reynolds, Tressie Detail
Paul, Wilson Twp Greene September 24, 1885 Paul, James J. Paul, Sarah Louise Detail
Melhallen, Springfield Greene October 26, 1885 Melhallan, E. M. Melhallan, Angeline Detail
Appleby, Greene Co. Greene December 23, 1885 Appleby, William A. Appleby, Caroline Detail
Stroud, Susan E. Cave Spring Greene December 06, 1885 Stroud, James Stroud, Celia Detail
Payne, Walnut Grove Greene June 04, 1885 Payne, Burton Payne, Nancy Ann Detail
Lemmen, Walnut Grove Greene January 02, 1886 Lemmen, Austin Lemmen, Clementine Detail
Snow, James Marshall N. Springfield Greene December 15, 1885 Snow, Marshall Snow, Fannie Detail
Smith, Ethel N. Springfield Greene December 30, 1885 Smith, John B. Smith, Eva Detail
Brown, N. Springfield Greene January 06, 1886 Brown, James B. Brown, Annie C. Detail
Owen, Ethel M. Greene Co. Greene January 03, 1886 Owen, Solomon H. Owen, Laura B. Detail
Creson, Campbell Twp Greene December 10, 1885 Creson, Robert J. Creson, Sarah J. Detail
Brake, Taylor Twp Greene December 15, 1885 Brake, A. W. Brake, Elmira Detail
Clark, Strafford Greene December 30, 1885 Clark, William Calrk, Josephine Detail
Turner, Campbell Twp Greene December 12, 1885 Turner, John H. Turner, Mary Alice Detail
Gibson, Dolly Taylor Twp Greene January 09, 1886 Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Socia Detail
Boggs, Joseph E. Campbell Twp Greene December 26, 1885 Boggs, Joseph F. Gboggs, Mary A. Detail
Thompson, George B.W. Center Twp Greene December 08, 1885 Thompson, John W. Thompson, Mary F. Detail
Mount, Center Twp Greene December 15, 1885 Mount, Amos G. Mount, Mary E. Detail
Williams, Greene Co. Greene January 12, 1886 Williams, Jerry Williams, Mary A. Detail
Kluis, Ash Grove Greene December 27, 1885 Kluis, Jacob J. Kluis, M. L. Detail
Todd, Walnut Grove Greene January 03, 1886 Todd, Thomas M. Todd, G. J. Detail
Scott, William E.Meredith Center Twp Greene January 19, 1886 Scott, David Scott, Mary E. Detail
Burow, Sarah Estte Center Twp Greene December 22, 1885 Burow, J. S. Burow, Sarah Detail
Neff, William E.Meredith Walnut Grove Greene January 18, 1886 Neff, William P. Neff, Mary Edward Detail
Gaddy, Walnut Grove Greene January 27, 1886 Gaddy, Elisha Holden Gaddy, William Melian Detail
Carney, Charles Edward N. Springfiled Greene December 20, 1885 Carney, Travers John Carney, Mary Elizabeth Detail
Hornbeck, Cahrles Springfield Greene January 10, 1886 Hornbeck, William C. Hornbeck, Florence E. R. Detail
Lutz, Bessie Campbell Greene December 09, 1884 Lutz, William Lutz, Catherine H. Detail
Edmuiston, South Springfield Greene December 29, 1884 Edmuiston, Benj. N. Edmuiston, Iva Bettie Detail
Benjamine, Springfield Greene December 24, 1884 Benjamine, George Benjamine, Ellee Detail
Woolridge, Near Walnut Grove Greene January 03, 1885 Woolridge, Jas. E. Woolridge, Martha B. Detail
Sugg, Springfield Greene December 19, 1884 Rice, C. T. Sugg, L. J. Detail
King, Springfield Greene December 19, 1884 King, Bryon T. King, Callie J. Detail
Marrow, Springfield Greene December 22, 1884 Marrow, H. E. Marrow, Mary Detail
Sappington, Greene Co. Greene December 29, 1884 Sappington, Luther Sappington, Sarah Detail
Rector, Walnut Grove Greene December 26, 1884 Rector, James Rector, Ogden Detail
Byersdorf, Aessie Franklin, Tx. Greene December 20, 1884 Byersdorf, Ferdinand Byersdorf, Sammie L. Detail
Rose, Butre, Tx. Greene December 17, 1884 Rose, H. C. Rose, N. E. Detail
Parks, Vergie Ann Buckley Greene January 13, 1885 Parks, William R. Parker, Mary A. Detail
Slater, Shelley Cass Twp Greene January 06, 1885 Slater, R. I. Slater, Minerva Jane Detail
Miller, Walnut Grove Greene January 17, 1885 Miller, William G. Miller, Ellen S. Detail
Farmer, Cass Twp Greene December 19, 1885 Farmer, Oscar Farmer, Anna Detail
Erp, Cass Twp Greene January 01, 1885 Erp, William W. Erp, Addie M. Detail
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