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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Kirby Thompson Washington township Grundy Sept 19, 1883 Horce R. Thompson Hattie E. Thompson McClure Detail
Charles Herbert Teal Trenton, MO Grundy Dec 9, 1883 Charles Wesley Teal Precilla Teal Holt Detail
Thomas, Spickardsville, MO Grundy Jan 22, 1884 Perry Thomas Algann Lee Thomas Fitzpatrick Detail
Nancy Thompson Wilson township Grundy Mar 23, 1884 Joseph J. Thompson Rebecca Thompson Detail
Henry F. Thompson Wilson township Grundy Apr 7, 1884 Thomas W. Thompson Rexaville Thompson Woods Detail
Tracy, Lincoln township Grundy July 18, 1884 Thomas Tracy Jennie Tracy Cornwell Detail
Thompson, Trenton, MO Grundy Aug 9, 1884 John Thompson Matilda Agnes Thompson Washburn Detail
Oscar Thornbough Wilson township Grundy Jan 27, 1885 Thorphilus Thombough Docia A. Thornbough McGuire Detail
Minnie E. Turner Edenburg, MO Grundy Jan 24, 1885 Henry W. Turner T. L. Turner Brassfield Detail
Taylor, Trenton, MO Grundy Mar 7, 1885 Saul Taylor Lilly Taylor Smothers Detail
Ora C. Tolson Alpha, MO Grundy May 20, 1885 Andrew C. Tolson Amanda Tolson Ouries Detail
Thogmortin, Washington township Grundy June 2, 1885 M. Thogmortin Fannie Thogmortin Vanderpool Detail
Tolls, Jackson township Grundy Aug 29, 1885 Charles Tolls M. E. Tolls Sebastian Detail
May J. Trussell Spickardsville Grundy Dec 27, 1885 Saul J. Trussell Emma Trussell Schraffer Detail
Jesse Thomas Trenton, MO Grundy Feb 2, 1885 John William Thomas Rebecca Thomas Griffith Detail
Tuller, Trenton, MO Grundy Sept 9, 1886 W. C. Tuller Addie E. Tuller Detail
Titsworth, Lincoln township Grundy Dec 16, 1886 William Titsworth Margaret L. Titsworth Blanchard Detail
Tallman, Lincoln township Grundy Feb 1, 1887 James L. Tallman Elizabeth A. Tallman Detail
Jesse Tipton Liberty township Grundy Mar 27, 1887 William Tipton Elizabeth Tipton McCollough Detail
Turnwell, Trenton, MO Grundy May 28, 1887 James S. Turnwell Emma R. Turnwell Redding Detail
Turner, Grundy July 28, 1887 Thomas Turner Cath Turner Perry Detail
Owen Thornbaugh Wilson township Grundy Aug 7, 1887 Theophiltes Thornbaugh Docia A. Thornbaugh Dudley Detail
Jesse P. Thomas Myers Grundy Nov 19, 1887 William Thomas Dlewa Thomas Bates Detail
Louis F. Tharp Liberty township Grundy Dec 29, 1887 W. A. Tharp Sarah Jane Tharp Willis Detail
Edward Julien Thornton Jefferson township Grundy Jan 27, 1888 James D. Thornton Eloise Ellen Thornton Maggard Detail
Thompson, Wilson township Grundy Feb 17, 1888 James W. Thompson Caroline Thompson Straight Detail
Roda Adeline Tharp Gault, MO Grundy Jan 27, 1888 Jannus A. Tharp Christina A. Tharp Sims Detail
Emma Jean Tolle Jackson township Grundy Feb 10, 1888 Charles Wesley Tolle Mary Elizabeth Tolle Sebastion Detail
Stella S. Tipton Liberty township Grundy July 7, 1888 Herman Tipton Mary Francis Tipton Boyd Detail
Bessie Thompson Trenton, MO Grundy Dec 23, 1888 Andy Scott Thompson Addie Thompson Dennis Detail
Tow, Trenton, MO Grundy Jan 16, 1889 Benjamin Tow Minnie Tow Sims Detail
Livey Turner Jefferson township Grundy July 27, 1889 William Turner D. R. Turner Richardson Detail
Catharine Turner Jefferson township Grundy July 21, 1889 Turner Catharine Turner Peeny Detail
Mendenhall, Grundy Co Grundy Apr 14, 1887 Levy Mendenhall Nancy Mendenhall White Detail
Mclaughlan, Mercer Co Grundy Apr 28, 1887 Detail
Taylor Township, Grundy Nov 8, 1883 John Dewitt Julia Dewitt Detail
Trenton, MO Grundy dec1, 1883 James Williams Letha Williams Detail
Corneau, MO Grundy march 14, 1884 Robert Haughtly Sarah Haughtly Detail
Grund Co, MO Grundy May 3, 1884 Alexander Hamilton Sarah E. Hamilton Detail
Washington Township Grundy aug 6, 1884 P. Ellis Eliza Morse Detail
Wilson Township Grundy Jan 28, 1885 Buz Anderson Annie B. Anderson Detail
Marion Township Grundy apr 12, 1885 Frank Gardner Gertrude Gardner Detail
Taylor Township Grundy aug 30, 1885 John Hathaway Malisia Hathaway Detail
Grundy Co Grundy dec 3, 1885 unknown Jenny Kerr Detail
Grundy Co, MO Grundy mar 24, 1886 Dowe Powers Mary Jane Powers Detail
Grundy Co, MO Grundy aug 20, 1886 John Proffitt Amanda Proffitt Detail
Harrison Township Grundy may 10, 1887 Albeart Weaver Mrs Weaver Detail
Trenton Grundy may 1, 1887 Thomas T. Brown Amanda J. Brown Detail
Trenton, MO Grundy feb 17, 1888 Albert Couch Mary Ann Couch Detail
Trenton, MO Grundy sept 17, 1888 Frank M. Park Flora L. Park Detail
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