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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Williams, Christian Martinsville, Missouri Harrison Sep 30, 1886 John Williams Carrie Williams Carrie Arney Detail
Williams, Loren Bethany Township Harrison Nov 8, 1886 Irvin Williams Nettie Williams Nettie Thorice Detail
Wilson, Elsie Elizabeth Washington Township Harrison Oct 6, 1886 James Sandusky Wilson Agnes Elinor Wilson Agnes Elinor Remmer Detail
Willis, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Nov 19, 1886 M. C. Willis Martha Willis Martha Samples Detail
Wishou, Jessie M. Clay Township Harrison Dec 8, 1886 Jesse Wishou Delilah E. Wishou Delilah E. Seymour Detail
Wilyns, Asvy Hamilton Township Harrison Aug 7, 1887 John N. Wilyns Sofie Jane Wilyus Sofie Jane Hendershot Detail
Wilson, Aubra White Oak Township Harrison Sep 8, 1887 George W. Wilson Sarah E. Wilsou Sarah E. Brown Detail
Whitt, Sylvester Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Sep 5, 1887 Noah S. Whitt Cordelia Whitt Cordelia Still Detail
Wagner, Not Listed Harrison Jan 1, 1887 John W. Wagoner Clara Waggoner Clara Williams Detail
Whitsill, Eagleville, Missouri Harrison Dec 4, 1886 John B. Whitsitt Jessie Whitsitt Jessie Cantwell Detail
Weddilovz, Edwin Ridgeway, Missouri Harrison Oct 16, 1886 Edwin Weddilovz Melvina Weddilovz Melvina Guist Detail
Wood, Bethany, Missouri Harrison Jan 20, 1887 David C. Wood Belle Wood Belle Hall Detail
Walton, Charles Carlyl Blythedale, Missouri Harrison Jan 4, 1887 William Walton Emma J. Walton Emma J. Watevill Detail
Weddel, Allic M. Union Township Harrison Jan 28, 1887 Harry Waddle Martha Weddle Martha Ward Detail
Williamson, Bethany, Missouri Harrison Jan 30, 1887 Ben Williamson M. Williamson M. Miller Detail
Wright, Blythedale, Missouri Harrison Jan 1887 Not Listed Hannah Wright Hannah ? Detail
Wiley, Union Township Harrison Mar 23, 1887 John B. Wylis Emma D. Wright Emma D. Wilson Detail
Webb, Butler Township Harrison Jul 29, 1887 Charley Webb Lydia Webb Lydia Swart Detail
Weir, Marion Township Harrison May 20, 1887 Samuel Weir Clara A. Weir Clara A. Lamp Detail
Whipple, Union Township Harrison May 9, 1887 Orville Whipple A. Whipple A. Hill Detail
Wiley, Bessie Gertrude Bolton, Missouri Harrison Jul 23, 1887 William H. Wiley Amanda Jane Wiley Amanda Jane Etter Detail
Wardrip, Charles Colfax Township Harrison Nov 13, 1888 N. Wardrip Rebecca A. Wardrip Rebecca A. Diskins Detail
Wardrip, James E. Union Township Harrison Nov 20, 1888 J. B. Wardrip Nancy E. Wardrip Nancy E. Davis Detail
Whittig, Colfax Township Harrison Jul 7, 1889 Joseph T. Whittig Clara M. Whittig Clara M. Haskins Detail
Wells, Marion Township Harrison May 7,1889 Abraham Wells Luisa Iola Wells Luisa Iola French Detail
Whitaker, Bethany Township Harrison Jan 19, 1889 John M. Whitaker Martha A. Whitaker Martha A. Lewis Detail
Bales, Thomas Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Sep 10, 1883 William DeBelis Margaret E. Bales Margaret E. Watkins Detail
Bain, Cainsville, Missouri Harrison Mar 20,1884 William Bain Mallissa A. Bain Mallissa A. Meghl Detail
Bain, Cainsville, Missouri Harrison Mar 20,1884 William Bain Mallissa A. Bain Mallissa A. Meghl Detail
Young, George Edgar Blythedale, Missouri Harrison Oct 15, 1883 Spencer Young Lucinda Young Lucinda Moore Detail
Young, Colfax Township Harrison Sep 22, 1883 Oliver C. Young Harriett J. Young Harriett J. Sweeten Detail
Young, Nellie Bethany, Missouri Harrison Dec 23, 1883 F. M. Young Sarah Young Sarah Spence Detail
Youngman, Butler Township Harrison Jan 19, 1884 Jacob Youngman Rachael Youngman Rachael Cast Detail
Young, Not Given Harrison Apr 1, 1884 William B. Young Elizabeth A. Young Elizabeth A. Williams Detail
Young, Thirza Telvir Blythedale, Missouri Harrison Aug 2, 1884 Justin L. Young Lelora Belle Young Lelora Belle Anderso Detail
Young, White Oak Township Harrison Sep 27, 1884 Francis M. Young Casander H. Young Casander H. Magee Detail
Yocum, New Hampton, Missouri Harrison Oct 14, 1885 William M. Yocum Mary Jane Yocum Mary Jane ? Detail
Young, Eagleville, Missouri Harrison Nov 16, 1885 Oliver Charles Young Harriett Jane Young Harriett Jane Sweeten Detail
Young, Eva Ellen Clay Township Harrison Jan 2, 1886 Spencer Young Lucinda Young Lucinda Moore Detail
Young, New Hampton, Missouri Harrison Oct 29, 1886 Frank B. Young Cassander Amanda Young Cassander Amanda McGee Detail
Youngs, Bridgeport, Missouri Harrison Jul 17, 1886 Ben J. Young Lydia Young Lydia Salmon Detail
Young, Maggie P. Washington Township Harrison Apr 13, 1887 William S. Young Mary B. Young Mary B. Dridson Detail
York, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Apr 21, 1888 George York Sarah E. York Sarah E. Tull Detail
Young, C. Allie Madison Township Harrison Nov 17, William H. Young Sarah M. Young Sarah M. Clark Detail
Yeager, Lena New Hampton, Missouri Harrison Jun 24, 1889 John N. Yeager Lourina Yeager Lourina Hoffman Detail
Zimmerman, Bessie Washington Township Harrison Mar 29, 1885 John F. Zimmerman Mary M. Zimmerman Mary M. Grace Detail
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