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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Wilson Hershirer Holt Co. Holt 07/02/1883 Silas Hershirer Lizzie Hershirer ?selvin Detail
George Colvin Oregon Holt 07/03/1883 George Colvin Amanda Colvin Peters Detail
Ri-s-ce, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/08/1883 A? Ri-s-ce Dora Ri-s-ce Detail
Alice Irvina Price Oregon Holt 07/12/1883 George H? Price India L. Price Johnson Detail
Clark, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/19/1883 Wm. Clark B? Clark Williams Detail
Vi-nig, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/21/1883 Charles O. Vi-nig Vi-nig Detail
Arnold, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/23/1883 Reuben Arnold Eunice Arnold Todd Detail
Moss, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/23/1883 Edward Moss Moss Baker Detail
Ebert, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/27/1883 Martin Ebert Don't know Don't know Detail
Castle, Oregon Holt 08/08/1883 A? Castle Castle Jackson Detail
Nichols, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/11/1883 Charles Nichols Mollie Nichols Knukel Detail
Baldwin, Forest City Holt 08/11/1883 Joel Douglas Baldwin Ida Baldwin Light Detail
George Samuel Lukens Oregon, MO Holt 08/14/1884 Charles W. Lukens Alice Lukens Rayhill Detail
Fields, West Lewis, Tenn Holt 08/20/1883 Landon Fields Alice Fields Not known Detail
Ritchie, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/23/1883 Robert Ritchie Eliza Ritchie Detail
Couier, Oregon, MO Holt 08/21/1883 Jamer Couier Dora Couier ? Detail
Hudgens, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/25/1883 Robt. V. Hudgens Elizabeth Hudgens Proctor Detail
H-yd-n, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/31/1883 Don't know Ollie Ha-d-n Don't know Detail
Welch, Holt Co., MO Holt 09/06/1883 Owen Welch Josephine Welch Don't know Detail
Richard Han-- Holt Co., MO Holt 09/1883 Richard Han-- Jr. Han-- Detail
Hardy, Holt Co., MO Holt 09/17/1883 Oliver Perry Hardy ? Hardy ? Detail
Myrtle Hunt Oregon, MO Holt 09/20/1883 Dave Johnson Hunt Ora Hunt Ribble Detail
Jackson, Oregon, MO Holt 09/28/1883 John Jackson Catherine D. Jackson Parson Detail
Se-tney, Forest City, MO Holt 09/29/1883 Alonzo Se-tny Se-tney Not known Detail
Woodson, Forest City Holt 09/30/1883 Henderson Woodson Mrs. Woodson Detail
Bridge, Oregon, MO Holt 10/02/1883 Christoper C. Bridge Mary M. Bridge Wash Detail
Tyler, Bigelow, MO Holt 09/25/1883 John Tyler Tyler Detail
Steel, Bigelow, MO Holt 10/04/1883 George Steel Florence Steel Budrick Detail
Ada Payne Oregon, MO Holt 10/08/1883 Joseph Payne Dollie H. Payne Detail
Sp--g--, Holt Co., MO Holt 10/09/1883 William Sp--g-- Sp--g-- Doo-ie Detail
Jesse Wilson Forbes, MO Holt 08/1883 James Wilson Wilson Edwards Detail
Smith, Forbes, MO Holt 10/15/1883 John A. Smith ? Smith ? Detail
E--ll, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/27/1883 Goldman E--ll E--ll Meek Detail
Biggs, Holt Co., MO Holt 09/15/1883 Ross M. Biggs Nannie Biggs Morrow Detail
Chase, Holt Co., MO Holt 09/19/1883 Ca-les Albert Chase Ellen Chase Ellen Spencer Detail
Neiderhouser, Holt Co., MO Holt 09/30/1883 Gollub Neiderhouser Mary Neiderhouser Mary Zumwalt Detail
Heck, Liberty Twp Holt 08/25/1883 John Heck Mrs. Heck Mrs. McNully Detail
Kelso, Mound City, MO Holt 09/15/1883 James Kelso Mrs. Kelso Mrs. Miller Detail
Jamieson, Mound City, MO Holt 09/15/1883 Albert H. Jamieson Mary Jamieson ? Detail
Murray, Mound City, MO Holt 10/18/1883 Alfred M. Murray ? Murray ? Detail
McDonald, Maitland, MO Holt 09/28/1883 H? McDonald Mary L. McDonald ? Detail
Nichols, Holt Co., MO Holt 10/16/1883 Geo. Nichols Nichols Detail
Biggs, Oregon, MO Holt 10/08/1883 Hugh S. Biggs Biggs ? Detail
Pace, Oregon, MO Holt 10/19/1883 ? Pace Sarah Frances Pace ? Detail
?sterhouser, Holt Co., MO Holt 10/22/1883 Hugh ?sterhouser Cassandara ?sterhouser ? Detail
Fender, Mound City, MO Holt 09/05/1883 George Washington Fender ? Fender Clark Detail
Popenley, Liberty Twp. Holt 09/20/1883 James Popenley ? Popenley Smith Detail
Hester, Benton Twp Holt 10/22/1883 Henry Hester Loridenice Jennett Hestin Shaffer Detail
Mary Melissa Green Oregon, MO Holt 09/14/1883 Abner H. Green Margaret Ellen Green Rush Detail
Guy Steele Bigelow, MO Holt 10/04/1883 George Martin Steele Florence Mallissa Steele Bu-rick Detail
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