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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Williams, Hickory Twp Holt 06/23/1887 Charles A. Williams Eliza J. Williams Eliza J. McBride Detail
Swan, Corning, MO Holt 07/16/1887 Wm Swan Sue E. Swan Sue Clanton Detail
Horner, Corning, MO Holt 07/19/1887 An? Horner Mary E. Horner Mary Watkins Detail
Colwall, Clay Twp Holt 08/11/1887 James Calwall Jennie Colwell Shawyer Detail
Sellars, Craig, MO Holt 09/11/1887 Jacob Sellars Lucinda Sellers Lucinda Kinnett Detail
Th-man, Holt Co., MO Holt 10/11/1887 Lois Th-man Edith Th-man Edith Matheua Detail
Lewis, Hickory Twp Holt 10/02/1887 John Lewis Helene Lewis Helene Hanks Detail
Edward Hemrich August ?deker Craig, MO Holt 10/15/1887 Konrad Frederick-deker Maria Katherina -deker Vollmer Detail
Robert Cowan Hickpry Twp Holt 11/20/1887 Robert G. Cowan Mattie B. Cowan K-nkle Detail
Stevens, Napier, MO Holt 01/01/1887 Charles William Stevens Margaret Emeline Stevens ? Detail
Ungles, Clay Twp Holt 05/20/1887 Joseph Ungles Louisa Ungles Detail
Williams, Liberty Twp Holt 03/17/1888 Edward R. Williams Ida B. Williams Detail
Paul Evans Oregon, MO Holt 09/23/1888 Chester L. Evans Ella Evans Ella Cobb Detail
Loucks, Clay Twp Holt 11/21/1888 Abe Loucks Hellen Loucks Detail
Winkler, Forest City, MO Holt 02/17/1889 Jno Henry Winkler Mary Bell Winkler Detail
White, Maitland, MO Holt 06/27/1889 Isaac A. White Sarah K. White Detail
Bodle, Maitland, MO Holt 09/24/1889 William M. Bodle Cordelia Bodle Detail
Frazer Lee Ford Forest City, MO Holt 12/20/1883 Jacob M. Ford Nannie T. Ford Li-sey Detail
Sarah Irene Mock Oregon, MO Holt 12/23/1883 James Oliver Mock Lu Eu-nice Mock Taylor Detail
Davidson, Oregon, MO Holt 01/20/1884 Samuel Davidson Agnes S? Davidson Kruk Detail
Ashbocker, Holt, MO Holt 01/25/1884 Samuel Ashbocker Susan Ashbocker Susan Bil-en Detail
Dryden, Holt Co., MO Holt 01/11/1884 John Littleton Dryden Euni-la Ida Dryden Porter Detail
Meadows, Clay Twp Holt 01/03/1884 Alonzo Meadows Anna Jane Meadows Riley Detail
Knedle, Clay Twp Holt 01/08/1884 John James Knedle Sarah A. Knedle Burbon Detail
Butts, Harmony Holt 01/25/1884 Joseph Henry Butts Eliza Jane Butts Eliza Jane Peir-e Detail
Ackins, Oregon, MO Holt 01/1884 David S. Ackins Harriet Josephine Ackins Wilkerson Detail
Elder, Holt Co., MO Holt 01/21/1884 W.J. Elder Mary Elder Detail
Lester Lee Griffith Holt Co., MO Holt 01/16/1884 Abraham Griffith E/ Griffith Kite Detail
Hildebrand, Holt Co., MO Holt 01/07/1884 John Hildebrand Mary S. Hildebrand Wau-pler Detail
Trook, Mound City, MO Holt 01/05/1884 Geo. H. Trook Gertrude Trook Whobrey Detail
Burge, Bigelow Twp Holt 01/19/1884 Milton Burge Sarah Ann Burge McConly Detail
Burge, Bigelow Twp Holt 01/01/1884 K? Burge Lavinia Burge Snodgrass Detail
Catron, Bigelow Holt 02/04/1884 William Lovell Catron Mary Lumetta Catron Long Detail
Fleming, Maitland, MO Holt 01/09/1884 Parker Fleming Ella ? Fleming Andrews Detail
George William Lunsford Bigelow Twp Holt 12/28/1883 Geo. William Lunsford Lunsford B--d Detail
Morris, 5 miles SW of Bigelow Holt 02/09/1884 Joseph Morris P? Morris ? Detail
McClasky, Clay Twp Holt 01/22/1884 Robert McClasky McClasky Detail
Loffer, Clay Twp Holt 01/19/1884 Lonzo Loffer Loffer Detail
James D. Hughes Forbes Twp Holt 01/1884 Wm. Hughes Ang? Hughes Detail
William Morris Bain Craig, MO Holt 02/1884 James W. Bain H? Bain Bradford Detail
Clyde Marion Jackson Corning, MO Holt 01/27/1884 John Jackson Ida Jackson Ida DeLong Detail
Soliday, Corning, MO Holt 01/28/1884 Andrew Soliday Kalo Soliday Monks Detail
William Garfield Liberty Twp Holt 01/30/1884 Jacob Rueben Keller Susan Virginia Keller Andes Detail
Wilson Chesney Near Forest City, MO Holt 01/18/1884 Prater Chesney Allice A. Chesney Tyfer Detail
Lewis Clark ? Choka Bigelow, MO Holt 12/18/1884 Frank Choka Terrisa Choka Chirr--ka Detail
Waggoner, Holt Co., MO Holt 02/25/1884 John D. Waggoner Louisa Waggoner Hogan Detail
Grove, Forest City, MO Holt 02/25/1884 Edward ? Grove Mary Grove Ha? Detail
Fields, Forest City, MO Holt 01/1884 ? Fields Fields Smith? Detail
Smith, Forest City, MO Holt 02/18/1884 ? Smith Sarah Smith Detail
England, Near Oregon, MO Holt 01/11/1884 Richard England Nancy England Nancy Lee Detail
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