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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Estella F. Sipes Forbes, MO Holt 02/25/1884 ?olles Sipes Elizabeth S. Sipes E? Detail
L.D. Cole Bigelow, MO Holt 02/20/1884 ?. D, Cole Phoebe Ann Cole Boll--- Detail
Rowland, Bigelow Twp Holt 02/14/1884 Ma? N. Rowland Sarah E. Rowland Detail
Weber, Clay Twp Holt 03/1884 Albert ? Weber Cordelia Weber W--d Detail
Decon, Hickory Twp Holt 03/1884 Joel Decon ? Decon Detail
Mar--- Blanche Abbott Holt Co., MO Holt 03/06/1884 Hillington ? Abbott Anna Belle Abbott G--- Detail
Laudry, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/04/1884 G. ? Laudry Eur-ka Laudry Sit-erly Detail
Shoe, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/2/1884 L.A. Shoe Alice W. Shoe Murray Detail
M-nefer, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/06/1884 Jas. C. M-nefer Alice Smith M-nefer Dulin Detail
Fenerbacker, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/09/1884 Henry Fenerbacker Sarah A. Fenerbacker Howard Detail
Metcalf, Holt Co., MO Holt 02/18/1884 John Metcalf C? Metcalf Bradley Detail
B-y T Molen Forbes, MO Holt 03/04/1884 Molen Alice Molen Detail
Maudy, Corning, MO Holt 03/05/1884 Wm. A. Maudy Sarrilda Bell Maudy Detail
Carrie Christine Irene Criss Craig, MO Holt 02/12/1884 ? Criss Criss Detail
John Ca-e Smith Craig, MO Holt 02/08/1884 George Washington Smith ? Smith Detail
Null, Liberty Twp Holt 03/13/1884 Geo. Null Null Cannon Detail
Holly, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/21/1884 A? Holly Priscilla Holly Zook Detail
Knowles, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/12/1884 John Knowles Sarah ? Knowles Detail
B-rrier, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/31/1884 Hugh B-rrier Barbary B-rrier ?rey Detail
Frederick Morgan Noland Holt Co., MO Holt 03/10/1884 John Noland Martha Ann Noland Wallace Detail
Johnson, Hockory Twp Holt 03/07/1884 John Waran Johnson Mary Emiline Johnson Libby Detail
Burges, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/1884 Augustus J. Burges Mary Burges Buch- Detail
Farmer, Holt Co., MO Holt 04/07/1884 A? Farmer Alice C. Farmer E---ly Detail
Boyd, Bigelow Twp Holt 02/29/1884 Richard Boyd Elizabeth Boyd ? Detail
Past--, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/12/1884 Wm. Past-- Mary Ann Past-- Detail
Shoefelt, Holt Co., MO Holt 03/12/1884 Geo. Shoefelt ? Shoefelt ? Detail
Henry Cooksey Forbes, MO Holt 03/29/1884 ? Cooksey Elizabeth Cooksey S? Detail
Wm. Poynter Holt Co., MO Holt 04/07/1884 James ? Poynter Mary S. Poynter Mary S. L---pp Detail
Ervill Metcalf Forbes, MO Holt 03/16/1884 George T. Metcalf Mary C. Metcalf Scott Detail
Douglas Applegate Holt Co., MO Holt 03/27/1884 John Applegate Lois Applegate Waite Detail
Trimble, Holt Co., MO Holt 04/23/1884 John M. Trimble Louisa A. Trimble Boyd Detail
Lorenzo S. Schaeffer Holt Co., MO Holt 03/28/1884 Adam Jacob Shaeffer Emma Alice Shaeffer S-allard Detail
Stephenson, Holt Co., MO Holt 04/08/1884 Ira Stephenson Stephenson Detail
Mikel Jackson Craig, MO Holt 03/29/1884 E? Jackson Mary Elizabeth Jackson Bri? Detail
Bertha Richards Oregon, MO Holt 04/28/1884 ? Richards Amanda Richards Bridges Detail
Dern, Holt Co., MO Holt 04/25/1884 William A. Dern Ida Bell Dern Young Detail
Taylor, Holt 03/23/1884 Rufus Taylor Eliza E. Taylor C? Detail
George Moser Mound City, MO Holt 1883 Jacob A. Moser Mary J. Moser Wilson Detail
Littleton Dryden Darnall Holt Co., MO Holt 08/18/1883 Jos. D. Darnall Nancy A? Darnall Dryden Detail
Samuel H. ?leene Liberty Twp Holt 07/08/1883 John Fleene Margaret Fleene Margaret Gould Detail
Dietrich, Mound City, MO Holt 09/13/1883 Gustav H. Dietrich Eunice Dietrich Brown Detail
Swope, Mound City, MO Holt 03/06/1884 Christopher M. Swope Martha M. Swope Dunley Detail
Amos Benton Na--an Holt Co., MO Holt 07/09/1883 Silas S. Na--an Isabelle Na--an Bird Detail
Minnie B. York Mound City, MO Holt 09/30/1883 Jerimiah A. York Ollie E. York Peacock Detail
Orren P. Corsant Mound City, MO Holt 07/22/1883 Chas. ? Corsant A? C. Corsant ? Detail
Nevon Hester Fuller Mound City, MO Holt 03/02/1884 Chester C. Fuller Sallie M? Fuller Bagby Detail
John Henry Haines Mound City, MO Holt Joseph D-an Haines ? Emeline Haines ? Detail
Ulysses S. Green Oregon, MO Holt 04/26/1884 John W. Green Mary M. Green ? Detail
Cecil G. Boyer Craig, MO Holt 04/1884 William N. Boyer Boyer Clark--- Detail
Fannie Lawson Maitland, MO Holt 04/18/1884 John Lawson Lizzie Lawson Di-on Detail
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