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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Hanes, Union Twp Holt 04/12/1884 Oregon Hanes Phoeba J. Hanes Gleason Detail
Grover C. Kelly Forbes, MO Holt 07/08/1884 John Kelly Louisa Kelly Hedrick Detail
Jessie Watson Forbes, MO Holt 07/16/1884 G.W. Watson Elizabeth L. Watson Mer-etta Detail
H.E. Vesser Holt Co., MO Holt 05/12/1884 Nicholas Vesser Louisa C. Vesser Huffman Detail
Suca-lons, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/05/1884 John Suc-ulons Dora Suc-ulons Dora Ables Detail
Carroll, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/30/1884 James G. Carroll Sarah Carroll Trench Detail
Cropp, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/01/1884 Albert D. Cropp Josephine Cropp Wilson Detail
Bering, Clay Twp Holt 07/08/1884 Cyrus Bering Mary Jane Bering R? Detail
Charles Henry Arnold West Lewis Twp Holt 07/08/1884 Rueben N. Arnold Eunice Arnold Todd Detail
Edna J. Meyer West Lewis Twp Holt 07/1884 James Curtis Meyer Elizabeth Deborah Meyer Lukins Detail
James Evert Thuni- Oregon, MO Holt 07/11/1884 Daniel W. Thuni- Kal- J. Thuni- L-ucko Detail
D-rr, Nodaway Twp Holt 07/24/1884 William M. D-rr Mary M. D-rr Mary M. Preston Detail
Dozier, Forest City, MO Holt 08/01/1884 John Dozier Lucinda Dozier L. Kinder Detail
Algire, Maitland, MO Holt 08/15/1884 J.G. Algire Jennie Algire Jennie Miller Detail
Phelps, Maitland, MO Holt 08/01/1884 H.G. Phelps Billie Phelps Billie Lepert Detail
Zook, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/12/1884 William Zook Ella Zook Ella Weaver Detail
Welle-, Holt Co., MO Holt 04/23/1884 Phillip J. Welle- Sarah S. Welle- Meadows Detail
Harry E. Sunderland Maitland, MO Holt 07/08/1884 Geo. K. Sunderland Annie E. Sunderland C? Detail
Hen?, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/20/1884 H? Hen? Maggie J. Hen? ? Detail
Wylie, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/06/1884 Charles Wylie Anna Wylie ? Detail
Cu?, Oregon, MO Holt J.E. Cu? Cu? Detail
Collins, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/06/1884 J.L. Collins A? Collins Detail
Vogel, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/29/1884 H? Vogel Mary Ann Vogel Detail
Davis, Holt 08/08/1884 John E. Davis ? Davis Detail
Marcellus Slaughter Holt Co., MO Holt 12/26/1884 C? M. Slaughter B? A. Slaughter S? Detail
Clark, Craig, MO Holt 08/24/1884 Thomas Clark Martha Clark Martha Williams Detail
Allen, Craig, MO Holt 08/1884 Frank K. Allen Luella Scott Allen Luella Scott McKee Detail
Kellogg, Craig, MO Holt 07/31/1884 Edgar J. Kellogg Carrie D. Kellogg CArrie Duke Bored Detail
Burkhalter, Craig, MO Holt 07/14/1884 George L. Burkhalter Kitty P. Burkhalter Kitty P. Maupin Detail
DeLong, Craig, MO Holt 04/21/1884 ? Delong Ruhama DeLong Ruhama O'Dell Detail
Jesse J. Schuel- East Lewis Twp. Holt 07/29/1884 Daniel Schuel- Louisa Schuel- Louisa Hoffman Detail
Clarence Irvine Hicks S. of Bigelow Holt 08/12/1884 Henry Hicks Phiebe Jane Hicks P.J. Banker Detail
Deg-, Lincoln Twp Holt 06/14/1884 William Deg- Mary Deg- Mary E? Detail
Phillip Clement Schloz Corning, MO Holt 06/25/1884 ? C. Scholz Helen Scholz Groh Detail
Thuman, Lincoln Twp Holt 06/21/1884 Loyd Thuman Ada Thuman Ada Wagner Detail
Jenkins, Harmony, MO Holt 08/18/1884 Cassius Jenkins Ella Jenkins Ella Miller Detail
Wilson Hershirer Holt Co. Holt 07/02/1883 Silas Hershirer Lizzie Hershirer ?selvin Detail
George Colvin Oregon Holt 07/03/1883 George Colvin Amanda Colvin Peters Detail
Ri-s-ce, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/08/1883 A? Ri-s-ce Dora Ri-s-ce Detail
Alice Irvina Price Oregon Holt 07/12/1883 George H? Price India L. Price Johnson Detail
Clark, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/19/1883 Wm. Clark B? Clark Williams Detail
Vi-nig, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/21/1883 Charles O. Vi-nig Vi-nig Detail
Arnold, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/23/1883 Reuben Arnold Eunice Arnold Todd Detail
Moss, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/23/1883 Edward Moss Moss Baker Detail
Ebert, Holt Co., MO Holt 07/27/1883 Martin Ebert Don't know Don't know Detail
Castle, Oregon Holt 08/08/1883 A? Castle Castle Jackson Detail
Nichols, Holt Co., MO Holt 08/11/1883 Charles Nichols Mollie Nichols Knukel Detail
Baldwin, Forest City Holt 08/11/1883 Joel Douglas Baldwin Ida Baldwin Light Detail
George Samuel Lukens Oregon, MO Holt 08/14/1884 Charles W. Lukens Alice Lukens Rayhill Detail
Fields, West Lewis, Tenn Holt 08/20/1883 Landon Fields Alice Fields Not known Detail
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