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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
R A Proctor,Jr. Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard Apr.30, 1884 Robert Anderson Proctor Sarah Jean Proctor Sarah Mabrey Detail
Jones, Howard Co.MO. Howard May 12, 1884 Joseph Jones Baker Detail
Lewis, Howard Co.MO. Howard May 23, 1884 Thomas Lewis Detail
Woods, Moniteau Tp.Howard Co,M Howard May 28, 1884 John Michael Wood Julia Ann Wood Julia Buckley Detail
Alvin Edward Thompson Burton, MO. Howard May 13, 1884 Nero Thompson Susan J Thompson Susan Atkins Detail
Bettie May Swinney Burton, MO. Howard May 22, 1884 W H Swinney Lucinda F Swinney Lucinda Reynolds Detail
Lewis Hill Franklin Tp.Howard Co. Howard Apr.11, 1884 David Hill Minerva Turner Detail
Frank Eaton Tindall Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard June 16, 1884 Charles Cordell Tindall Ellen E Tindall Ellen eaton Detail
Huttsell, Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 1, 1884 Isaac Huttsell Catherine Huttsell Catherine Kivett Detail
Annie Marlin Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 11, 1884 James R Marlin Willie Ann Marlin Willie Carter Detail
Packson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 1, 1884 Richard Packson Bettie Packson Bettie Birch Detail
Mary Katherine St.Clair At Home Howard Feb.4, 1886 John St.Clair Georgiana B St.Clair Georgiana Springer Detail
Todd, Howard Co.MO. Howard June 26, 1886 Chenault Todd Detail
Peacher, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 19, 1886 E Peacher Peacher Miss Peacher Detail
Champion, Howard Co.MO. Howard June 23, 1886 Harvey Champion Anna Champion Anna Hackley Detail
True, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.6, 1886 Millard True Cora True Cora Preston Detail
Shields, Howard Co.MO. Howard June 18, 1886 Lay Shields Mrs Means Shields Miss Means Detail
Baker, Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.29, 1886 Thomas Baker Eliza Baker Eliza Lay Detail
Alice Wells Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.10, 1886 Harvey Wells Mollie Wells Mollie Pritchett Detail
Bradshaw, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 5, 1886 Louis Bradshaw Estella Bradshaw Estella Robb Detail
Smith, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 28, 1886 Solon Smith Elizabeth W Smith Eliza. Crews Detail
Capp, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard May 4, 1886 E M Capp E C Capp E C Huntsman Detail
Pearson, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 23, 1886 William L Pearson Millison J Pearson Millison Warren Detail
Overall, Howard July 5, 1886 Ezra Overall Mary K Overall Mary Smith Detail
Wahl, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 21, 1886 Lewis Wahl Ida Wahl Ida Manpin Detail
Boggs, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 18, 1886 Benjamin Boggs Annie Boggs Annie Lewis Detail
Charles B Jones Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 13, 1886 Edward Jones Rachel Jones Rachel Tolson Detail
Grady, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 12, 1886 John Grady Martha Grady Martha Brown Detail
Hughes, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 28, 1886 Annie Hughes Not Married Detail
Tyre Harris Dinwiddie At Home Howard June 12, 1886 Tyre H Dinwiddie Susie M Dinwiddie Susie Jones Detail
Birtie May Frazier Burton, MO. Howard Aug.4, 1886 Barney S Frazier Amanda Jane Frazier Amanda Williams Detail
Green, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.21, 1886 Edward Green Catherine Green Catherine Swalb Detail
Fay Ethleen Million Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.7, 1886 William Million Martha Ann Million Martha Campbell Detail
John Kent (Twin) Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.11, 1886 William Kent Mary Kent Mary Huber Detail
Ellen Lenora Kent (Twin) Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.11, 1886 William Kent Mary Kent Mary Huber Detail
Walker, Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.19, 1886 David Caples Walker Elizabeth H Walker Elizabeth Collins Detail
Joseph, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.23, 1886 John Joseph Teresa Joseph Teresa Metzker Detail
Jackson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.7, 1886 Jerry Jackson Emma Jackson Emma Lewis Detail
Reich, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.19, 1886 Charles Reich Louisa Mary Reich Louisa Erdles Detail
Lulu Morgan Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.19, 1886 Thomas W Morgan Amanda L Morgan Amanda Barton Detail
McCrary, Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.27, 1886 Gilpin McCrary Emma B McCrary Emma Erickson Detail
Wells, Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.11, 1886 John Wells Amanda Wells Amanda Bobbitt Detail
Wells, Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.12, 1886 Samuel Wells Mary E Wells Mary Cropp Detail
Collins, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.18, 1886 William Collins Frances Collins Frances Holliday Detail
Duncan, Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.7, 1886 John William Duncan Julia Fannie Duncan Julie Ray Detail
Joseph Roberts Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.8, 1887 George Roberts Lydia Roberts Lydia Holliday Detail
Sophia Salzer Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.11, 1887 Christian Salzer Carrie Salzer Carrie Sigmund Detail
Denton Monahan (Twin) Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.26, 1887 Thomas Monahan Margaret Monahan Margaret Delaney Detail
Dennis Monahan (Twin) Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.26, 1887 Thomas Monahan Margaret Monahan Margaret Delaney Detail
Georgia Tolson Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.21, 1887 Charles Tolson Mary Tolson Mary Burton Detail
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