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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Ida Stapleton Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.17, 1884 Francis Marion Stapleton Ida Stapleton Ida Gray Detail
Robinson, Howard Co.MO. Howard May 19, 1884 Joseph Robinson Sarah Frances Robinson Sarah Silvey Detail
Albert L Edwards Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.15, 1884 William Edwards Elizabeth Edwards Elizabeth Jones Detail
Manpin, Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.30, 1884 George K Manpin Nellie Manpin Nellie Gray Detail
Mary B Grapes Howard Co.MO. Howard May 4, 1884 William Thomas Grapes Nancy Mildred Grapes Nancy Peyton Detail
Gilmore, Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.26, 1884 Jonathon R Miller Fannie Miller Fannie Gilmore Detail
Lammie Eleanor Clark Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.25, 1884 Robert Cyrus Clark Bettie Clark Bettie Howard Detail
Rapp, Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.29, 1884 August Rapp Martina Rapp Martina Burch Detail
Jim Witt,Jr. Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard Apr.26, 1884 Jim Witt Maria Witt Detail
Jackson, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.26, 1884 Delpy Jackson Detail
R A Proctor,Jr. Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard Apr.30, 1884 Robert Anderson Proctor Sarah Jean Proctor Sarah Mabrey Detail
Jones, Howard Co.MO. Howard May 12, 1884 Joseph Jones Baker Detail
Lewis, Howard Co.MO. Howard May 23, 1884 Thomas Lewis Detail
Woods, Moniteau Tp.Howard Co,M Howard May 28, 1884 John Michael Wood Julia Ann Wood Julia Buckley Detail
Alvin Edward Thompson Burton, MO. Howard May 13, 1884 Nero Thompson Susan J Thompson Susan Atkins Detail
Bettie May Swinney Burton, MO. Howard May 22, 1884 W H Swinney Lucinda F Swinney Lucinda Reynolds Detail
Lewis Hill Franklin Tp.Howard Co. Howard Apr.11, 1884 David Hill Minerva Turner Detail
Frank Eaton Tindall Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard June 16, 1884 Charles Cordell Tindall Ellen E Tindall Ellen eaton Detail
Huttsell, Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 1, 1884 Isaac Huttsell Catherine Huttsell Catherine Kivett Detail
Annie Marlin Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 11, 1884 James R Marlin Willie Ann Marlin Willie Carter Detail
Packson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 1, 1884 Richard Packson Bettie Packson Bettie Birch Detail
Wahl, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard May 28, 1884 Lewis Wahl Ida Wahl Ida Manpin Detail
Parmer, Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard June 27, 1884 Charles Parmer Sarah Parmer Sarah Level Detail
Charles Augustus Gritzner Salina Co.MO. Howard June 4, 1884 Fred A Gritzner Mary Gritzner Mary Fremont Detail
Maud Talbott Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 1, 1884 Henry Talbott Kate Talbott Kate Finks Detail
Gaw, Howard Co.MO. Howard July 4, 1884 John Gaw Mary Gaw Mary Todd Detail
Adams, Franklin Tp.Howard Co. Howard June 28, 1884 J William Adams Nancy Adams Nancy Callaway Detail
Elizabeth Wahl Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 11, 1884 Louis Wahl Carolina Wahl Carolina Havalind Detail
Romeo Gravelly Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 30, 1884 George L Gravelly Annie E Gravelly Annie Dale Detail
Callaway, Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 16, 1884 Charles A Callaway Mary C Callaway Detail
Burton, Myers, MO. Howard June 20, 1884 John Burton Nancy Burton Nancy Herm Detail
Edwards, Myers, MO. Howard Douglas Edwards Ellen J Edwards Ellen Dougherty Detail
James Richard Childers Howard Co.MO. Howard July 2, 1884 John L Childers Mary M Childers Detail
Robinson, Burton, MO. Howard July 26, 1884 Jeffery C Robinson Mary Eliza Robinson Mary Rueken Detail
Beatrix Winn Burton, MO. Howard July 3, 1884 John O Winn Jane Winn Jane McCafferty Detail
Cannon, Howard Co.MO. Howard July 25, 1884 Samuel Cannon Mary J Cannon Detail
Sullivan, Armstrong,Howard Co.Mo Howard Aug.1, 1884 W A Sullivan Jennie Sullivan Jennie Briggs Detail
Allen, Howard Co.MO. Howard July 22, 1884 Joshua Y Allen Mary E Allen Mary Howard Detail
William B Twyman Howard Co.MO. Howard July 22, 1884 J K Twyman Fannie B Twyman Fannie Briggs Detail
William C Evans Armstrong,Howard Co.Mo Howard June 15, 1884 A W Evans Ella H Evans Ella Harris Detail
Forest, Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.8, 1884 Samuel Dickerson Forest Cynthia Forest Cynthia Belcher Detail
Lutz, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 24, 1884 Joseph Lutz Nellie Lutz Nellie Tillerman Detail
Dunn, Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.1, 1884 William Dunn Nannie Dunn Nannie Tuggle Detail
Wood, Boonsboro,Howard Co. Howard July 18, 1884 John T Wood Ellen Wood Ellen Taylor Detail
Major Jim Sims Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.1, 1884 George Sims Matilda Sims Matilda McMullen Detail
Critchlow, Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.18, 1884 S Critchlow Martha Critchlow Martha Liebeck Detail
Gaines, Howard Co.MO. Howard July 17, 1884 John W Gaines Josephine Gaines Josephine Harkley Detail
Jerry Jackson Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.15, 1884 Jerry Jackson Emma Jackson Emma Lewis Detail
Johnson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 21, 1884 Richard Johnson Louisa Johnson Louisa Detail
Mary L Silvey Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.18, 1884 Thomas A Silvey Mary Catherine Silvey Mary Hume Detail
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