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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Carrie Miller Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.20, 1887 Levi Miller Hannah Miller Hannah Crowley Detail
Cropp, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.30, 1887 John C Cropp Annie L Cropp Annie Annette Detail
Minnie Pearl Humes Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.15, 1887 Henry D Humes John Ella Humes John E Maddox Detail
Vonseal Hume Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.9, 1887 James B Hume Ella Hume Ella Carson Detail
Robert Pennock Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.28, 1887 William Pennock Laura Pennock Laura Todd Detail
Jackson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.25, 1887 Thomas Jackson Hannah Jackson Hannah Manpin Detail
Albert Wahl Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.30, 1887 Lewis Wahl Catherine Wahl Catherine Kochenspergen Detail
Wells, Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.23, 1887 John Wells Lucy Wells Lucy Lessley Detail
Payne, Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.18, 18878 Robert N Payne Martha L Payne Martha L Payne Detail
Hodshire, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.26, 1887 Charles A Hodshire Nannie A Hodshire Nannie Barnes Detail
McClintock, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.6, 1887 George W McClintock Charlotte McClintock Charlotte Sheve Detail
George N Tatum Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.10, 1887 George N Tatum Amanda M Tatum Amanda Padgett Detail
James Flatan Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.6, 1888 Morris Flatan Bertha Flatan Bertha Simons Detail
Charles W Erickson Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.15, 1888 charles S Erickson Bettie A Erickson Bettie Bibb Detail
Neville, Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.11, 1888 James W Nevell Mary Ann Nevell Mary O'Toole Detail
Wilson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.10, 1888 Ferdinand B Wilson Mary Ann Wilson MaryReynolds Detail
Yancey, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.7, 1888 Emma Yancey Same (Not Married) Detail
Sigmund, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.25, 1888 William Sigmund Catherine Sigmund Catherine Haellener Detail
Huesman, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.17, 1888 Gottleb Huesman Amelia Huesman Amelia Henperman Detail
Robb, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.20, 1888 Larkin Robb Elizabeth Robb Elizabeth Hudson Detail
Hamby, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.12, 1888 Richard Hamby Lucinda F Hamby Lucinda Curl Detail
Payne (Twins) Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.21, 1888 Lewis Payne Lucy Payne Lucy Barren Detail
Nuhn, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.4, 1888 John H Nuhn Carrie S Nuhn Carrie Sigmund Detail
Vaughn, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.14, 1888 John Vaughn Annie Vaughn Annie Roberts Detail
Lenora Stettmund Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.30, 1888 Herman G Stettmund Christina Stettmund Christina Miller Detail
McMillion, Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.25, 1888 Andrew W McMillen Leona McMillen Leona Widner Detail
Beatrice Smith Youree Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.12, 1888 Smith Youree Julia Youree Julia Allen Detail
Johnson, Howard Co.MO. Howard Apr.5, 1888 Newton Johnson Susan Johnson Susan Colman Detail
Herman Rall Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard May 17, 1888 Edward Rall Harriet Rall Harriet Tassener Detail
Charles Joseph Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard June 7, 1888 John Joseph Teresa Joseph Teresa Metzker Detail
Stearns, Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.10, 1888 William Stearns Martha Stearns Martha Wells Detail
Hoover, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 17, 1888 Henry T Hoover Zilpha Hoover Zilpha Griffith Detail
Carrie Manpin Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.12, 1888 Robert D Manpin Mattie Manpin Mattie Smith Detail
Wahl, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.21, 1888 Lewis Wahl Ida Wahl Ida Manpin Detail
Frances Rebecca Silvey Howard Co.MO. Howard Sep.18, 1888 Alexander Silvey Mary C Silvey Mary Hume Detail
MaryCatherineElstell Weinand Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.29, 1888 William Weinand Helen Weinand Helen Tillman Detail
Jackson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.28, 1888 Richard Jackson Pattie Jackson Pattie Birch Detail
Rall, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Aug.4, 1889 Gustav Rall Emma Rall Emma Tranbel Detail
Clow, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard July 17, 1889 A L Clow Nellie F Clow Nellie Stanton Detail
Silvey, Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.27, 1889 David E Silvey Willie A Silvey Willie Skaggs Detail
Pryor, Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.26, 1889 Samuel Pryor Mary F Pryor Mary Massie Detail
May, Prairie Tp.Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.26, 1893 Price May Mollie May Mollie Mattocks Detail
Payne, Prairie Tp.Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.28, 1893 John Payne Lizzie Payne Lizzie Wayland Detail
Oliver Samuel Gardner Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.8, 1883 Isaac Gardner Mary Frances Gardner Mary Zumwalt Detail
John Ward Bagby Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.9, 1883 James Harvey Bagby Irene Bagby Irene Roper Detail
Jennie Dodson Myers, MO. Howard July 17, 1883 Jesse Dodson Gracie F Dodson Gracie Green Detail
Nat Momed Page Myers, MO. Howard Nov.12, 1883 George H Page Karine H Page Karine Page Detail
William Ernest Harris Myers, MO. Howard Nov.30, 1883 Robert David Harris Agnes J Harris Agnes Bradley Detail
Ta?re Harris St.Clair Myers, MO. Howard Sept.27, 1883 John H St.Clair Georgiana B St.Clair Georgianna Springer Detail
Andrews, Bonnefemme Tp.Howard Howard Sept.13, 1883 B F Andrews Susan Andrews Susan Atkins Detail
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