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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Shriver, Marshal E Howell Co.Mo. Howell 02/21/1894 Henry Shriver Fannie Shriver Fannie Stringer Detail
Spalding, J E Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 03/31/1894 Charles W Spalding Nannie M Spalding Nannie McCleary Detail
Tuttle, John & Lizzie Sisson Tp.Howell Co.Mo. Howell 10/08/1883 Peter Tuttle Nancy Ann Tuttle Nancy Daley Detail
Thrasher, West Plains, Mo. Howell 11/30/1883 L B Thrasher Mary P Thrasher Mary Hammond Detail
Turner, Samantha Adaline Peace Valley,Howell Co. Howell 12/19/1883 Joseph Turner Martha Turner Martha Dotton Detail
Taylor, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 12/21/1883 Francis M Taylor Mary L Taylor Mary Albrooks Detail
Thomas, West Plains, Mo. Howell 01/11/1884 Geo L Thomas Leona Thomas Leona Hammer Detail
Tulley, Henry Benton Hutton Valley Howell 12/16/1883 James Washington Tulley Mary Palestine Tulley Mary Collaard Detail
Thomas, Martha J Goldsberry Tp. Howell 02/01/1884 Adam Thomas Geney Thomas Detail
Thomas, Liby Maud Howell 01/27/1884 J C Thomas Margrett Caroline Thomas Detail
Thomas, Howell 02/29/1884 John Thomas Sarah Thomas Sarah Brewington Detail
Townsend, Wm Elic Hutton Valley Tp. Howell 03/28/1884 Anthony Townsend Sarah A R Townsend Sarah Epps Detail
Thomas, John Faney Goldsberry Tp. Howell 04/03/1884 William Thomas Sarah E Thomas Sarah Warren Detail
Turner, West Plains, Mo. Howell 05/16/1884 George Turner Martha Turner Martha Howell Detail
Thomas, West Plains, Mo. Howell 01/01/1885 W Marshal Thomas Angeline Thomas Detail
Taylor, Brandsville,Mo. Howell 01/03/1885 Robert H Taylor Jane Taylor Jane Gorden Detail
Terry, Margertte P Burnham Howell 02/19/1885 Zackary Terry Laythus Terry Detail
Thomas, West Plains, Mo. Howell 04/07/1885 Gideon B Thomas Mary E Thomas Mary Lasater Detail
Taylor, Goldsberry Tp. Howell 05/29/1885 Noah A Taylor Nancy C Taylor Nancy Jackson Detail
Tuttle, Willow Springs Tp Howell 09/--/1885 John H Tuttle Mary A Tuttle Detail
Turley, Oregon Co.Mo. Howell 03/03/1886 D M Turley Narrissa Turley Narissa Huff Detail
Thomas, Fred West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/01/1886 Louis Thomas Eliza Thomas Eliza Collins Detail
Thomas, Goldsberry Tp.Howell Co. Howell 07/23/1886 John Thomas Sarah Thomas Sarah Brewington Detail
Thomas, Chas H Goldsberry Tp. Howell 01/27/1887 Wm Thomas Lissie Thomas Lissie Warren Detail
Thornton, Agnes Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 02/05/1887 Lafe Thornton Nancy Thornton Nancy Morgen Detail
Thompson, Chas W Cordz,Mo. Howell 06/07/1887 Elisha A Thompson Mary C Thompson Mary Atkins Detail
Toler, Fred Dixon West Plains, Mo. Howell 12/12/1887 Wm W Toler Burnett E Toler Burnett Meadley Detail
Tolliver, Noblet Mill,Mo. Howell 01/13/1888 Martin L Tolliver Mary Tolliver Mary Pickering Detail
Taylor, Ethel C Hutton Valley Tp. Howell 06/16/1888 Noah A Taylor Nancy C Taylor Nancy Jackson Detail
Thomas, Goldsberry Tp. Howell 01/16/1889 John Thomas Sarah Thomas Sarah Brewington Detail
Thornton, Mt View Howell 07/06/1889 Joseph Thornton Pearlee Thornton Pearlee Pettit Detail
Taylor, Mt View Howell 09/08/1889 Geo W Taylor Cora A Taylor Cora Fowler Detail
Troutwine, Eliza A Howell Co.Mo. Howell 12/10/1889 E M Troutwine Rosanna Troutwine Rosanna Sherrell Detail
Thornton, Mt View Howell 01/26/1890 Wm Thornton Rhoda A Thornton Rhoda Kenaga Detail
Thoms, Simpson Goldsberry Tp. Howell 01/28/1891 John Thomas Sarah A Thomas Sarah Brewington Detail
Thornton, Harlen Davis Mt View Howell 12/13/1891 Joseph Thornton Celiah P Thornton Celiah Pettett Detail
[Tucker], West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/03/1893 Mosses Z Tucker Tennessee Tucker Tennessee ?hely Detail
[Tune], Howell Tp.Mo. Howell 09/23/1893 John Tune Vestie Tune Vestie Smith Detail
Thomas, Jesse West Plains, Mo. Howell 10/01/1893 Lewis Thomas Liza Thomas Liza Collins Detail
Toler, Mary V West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/08/1894 Jesse E Toler Amelia B Toler Amelia Buford Detail
Umphrey, J W Goldsberry Tp. Howell 09/09/1885 Robert Umphrey Hester A Humphrey Hester Carter Detail
Vivi?n, West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/19/1884 Flay W Vivi?n Lakie M Vivi?n Lakie Russell Detail
Vanderventer, West Plains, Mo. Howell 01/23/1885 J N Vanderventer Alethia E Vanderventer Alethia McCarty Detail
Vaugn, Mirty Eugena Moody Mo. Howell 04/28/1885 John Vaugn Elizabeth Jane Vaugn Elizabeth Holeman Detail
Vine, West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/10/1885 James G Vine Lillie Ollie Vine Lillie Nelson Detail
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