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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Miller, West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.26, 1890 Louis Miller Ida Miller Shumann Detail
White, Howell Co.MO. Howell Mar.28, 1890 Garher White Ellen E White Gordan Detail
Archie Lancaster Willow Springs,MO. Howell Apr.4, 1890 J S Lancaster Alice Lancaster " " Prier Detail
Slater, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Apr.14, 1890 Solomon Slater Jennia Slater " " Detail
Jessie Maude Harris Willow Springs,MO. Howell Apr.22, 1890 Frank Harris Alice Harris " " Sherman Detail
Dahl, Mtn. View,MO. Howell Mar.10, 1890 Andrew Dahl Sarah A Dahl Shepard Detail
Vady L Campbell Mtn. View,MO. Howell Apr.13, 1890 Robt. Ll Campbell Rosa Campbell " " Fouts Detail
Walter S Brooks Goldsberry Twp. Howell Apr.3, 1890 Jacob Brooks Sarah M Brooks " " Barnett Detail
Shelton, Goldsberry Twp. Howell Apr.28, 1890 Francis M Shelton Mary M Shelton " " Paul Detail
Stephen, Mtn. View,MO. Howell May 3, 1890 Andrew G Stephen Mabel Stephen " " Radliff Detail
Belew, Goldsberry Twp. Howell May 7, 1890 Jas.A Bellew Sarah E Bellew " " Fouts Detail
Rush, Willow Springs,MO. Howell May 14, 1890 J A Rush Rosa L Rush : Featheringill Detail
Pease, West Plains,MO. Howell June 4, 1890 Miron M Pease Eva Pease White Detail
Poage, West Plains,MO. Howell May 30, 1890 Wesley M Poage Nina E Poager " " Farthing Detail
Dressler, West Plains,MO. Howell June 3, 1890 Chas Dressler Rosa Dressler McFarland Detail
Esterday, West Plains,MO. Howell June 9, 1890 Martin Esterday Florennar Esterdau Nederenan Detail
Edward Hines Goldsberry Twp. Howell May 18, 1890 Louis J Hines Mary Hines " " Thomas Detail
Lewis, Goldsberry Twp. Howell June 7, 1890 Francis M Lewis Caroline A Lewis Morgan Detail
Wm R Briles Goldsberry Twp. Howell June 11, 1890 David A Briles Laura E Briles Polk Detail
Easterly, West Plains,MO. Howell June 22, 1890 Mary J Easterly Wilderson Detail
Ida M Williams Mtn. View,MO. Howell May 28, 1890 Chas L Williams Rachel A Williams " " Kickman Detail
Downes, West Plains,MO. Howell June 30, 1890 Janes Downes Jenny Downes Davis Detail
Lariby, West Plains,MO. Howell June 28, 1890 Wm R Lariby M E Lariby Honer Detail
Beauregard E Condit West Plains,MO. Howell July 2, 1890 Theodore Condit Annie D Condit Beauregard Detail
Ada M Davis Mtn. View,MO. Howell June 16, 1890 Wm H Davis Sarah D Davis Swegar Detail
Georgia Lee Oyler West Plains,MO. Howell July 5, 1890 Geo A Oyler Cynthia C Oyler Frazier Detail
Whitten, West Plains,MO. Howell July 15, 1890 John S Whitten Nancy J Whitten Riley Detail
Thos. J. Brown West Plains,MO. Howell July 17, 1890 John Seins Brown Francis Ida Brown Chaney Detail
Hunt, Howell Co.MO. Howell July 21, 1890 Owen Hunt Mary Hunt O'Brien Detail
Sherman, Willow Springs,MO. Howell July 7, 1890 Everett Boultinghauer Cora Sherman Not Married Detail
Archie O'Dowd Willow Springs,MO. Howell Aug.8, 1890 M R O'Dowd Lizzie O'Dowd " " Parsons Detail
Forsythe, Willow Springs,MO. Howell July 19, 1890 Richard V Forsythe Maoma Forsythe Noll Detail
Howard Van Wornier West Plains,MO. Howell July 21, 1890 Jos. L. Van Wornier Alice Van Wornier Padon Detail
Green, West Plains,MO. Howell Aug.18, 1890 Henry D Green Mary M Green " " Monks Detail
Wilcox, West Plains,MO. Howell Aug.12, 1890 Marion L Wilcox Lillia B Wilcox " " Snider Detail
Perkins, West Plains,MO. Howell Aug.3, 1890 Zachariah Perkins Frances Perkins " " Buck Detail
Bird, West Plains,MO. Howell Aug.17, 1890 Thomas B Bird Laura E Bird " " Shanko Detail
Davidson, West Plains,MO. Howell Sep.13, 1890 Henry F Davidson Georgia Davidson " " Birsinn Detail
Henry E Martin Willow Springs,MO. Howell July 18, 1890 Ed. E Martin Aurora Martin Nanny Detail
Earnest G Martin West Plains,MO. Howell Sep.3 1890 Benjamin F Martin Eda E Martin " " Jackson Detail
Carr, West Plains,MO. Howell Sep.23, 1890 Joseph R Carr Louisa Jane Carr " ' West Detail
Bradbury, Willow Springs,NO. Howell Sep. 29, 1890 Marion F Bradbury Mary E Bradbury " " Forsythe Detail
Lottie C Bailey Mtn. View,MO. Howell Sep.30, 1890 James M Bailey Mary A Bailey " " Robinson Detail
Paul Pursley West Plains,MO. Howell Oct.31, 1890 John F Pursley Martha Pursley " " Garrison Detail
Marebarger, Willow Springs,NO. Howell Oct.23, 1890 Robert J Marebarger Rosey E Marebarger " " Foley Detail
Bessie P Byers Willow Springs,NO. Howell Oct.12, 1890 Sterling P Byers Sarah E Byers " " Ferguson Detail
Don Burgess Hays Willow Springs,NO. Howell Oct.22, 1890 Jesse T Hays Mollie Hays " " Burris Detail
Gladys L McLucas Willow Springs,NO. Howell Oct.2, 1890 J D McLucas Winnie L McLucas " " Harris Detail
Griffin, Mtn. View,MO. Howell Oct.23, 1890 Chas. H Griffin Marrah B Griffin " " Bedford Detail
Comstock, Howell Co.MO. Howell Nov.7, 1890 Frank Comstock Wilda Comstock " " McKinney Detail
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