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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Bingaman,Maud? M Howell Co.Mo. Howell 10/03/1886 Andrew Binghaman Maggie Bingahman Maggie Smith Detail
Bryant, Wm Cantrell West Plains, Mo. Howell 10/10/1886 Silas D Bryant Harriett J Bryant Harriet Polter Detail
Bobo, Howell Tp. Howell 11/10/1886 Wm Bobo Mary A Bobo Mary Lawles Detail
Burgess, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 12/19/1886 Mark Burgess Nancy Burgess Nancy Russell Detail
Bond, Gunters Valley Howell 03/14/1887 Wm N Bond Maria H N Bond Maria Ludwig Detail
Ball, Marcus E. Dry Creek,Mo. Howell 06/11/1887 Chas. N. Ball Tenn. E Ball Tenn. Spence Detail
Bray, Mary J West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/10/1887 Jas. Bray Frances A Bray Frances Davis Detail
Bogard, West Plains, Mo. Howell 04/18/1887 W C Bogard Detail
Brown, Wm E Goldsberry Tp Howell 07/24/1887 Unknown Sarah J Brown Sarah J. Brown Detail
Blackiston, Ebenezer West Plains Howell 09/04/1887 Frank T Blackiston Della Blackiston Della Wheeler Detail
Bates, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 09/10/1887 George W Bates Nancy C. Bates Nancy Cargill Detail
Besheer, Willow Spgs,Mo. Howell 10/09/1887 Alfred W. Besheer Sarah E Besheer Sarah Smith Detail
Bookhout, West Plains, Mo. Howell 10/09/1887 Joel F Bookhout Neily Bookhout Neily Davis Detail
Buff, Mt View Howell 10/31/1887 John R Buff Drusey S Buff Drusey Douglas Detail
Bailey, West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/11/1888 George ? Bailey Hattie Eva Bailey Hattie Demming Detail
Belew, Goldsberry Twp. Howell 02/13/1888 Joseph A Bellew Sarah E Bellew Sarah Fouts Detail
Bond, West Plains, Mo. Howell 06/01/1888 James O Bond Nancy J Bond Nancy Adams Detail
Buford, Ethel West Plains Howell 08/10/1888 M J Buford M E Buford M E Pitcock Detail
Bennett, Frank West Plains, Mo. Howell 08/25/1888 Frank Bennett Fanny Bennett Fanny Lafever Detail
Burgess, Howell Tp. Howell 09/08/1888 Ebinezer Burgess Nancy M Burgess Nancy Richardson Detail
Burke, West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/02/1889 Michael Burke Harriet Burke Harriet Hudson Detail
Bray, Jesse A Howell Twp.Howell Co.Mo. Howell 03/23/1889 James K P Bray Francis A Bray Francis Davis Detail
Blackistone, Wm Percy Howell Co.Mo. Howell 06/27/1889 F T Blackistone Della Blackistone Della Wheeler Detail
Barber, Siloam Springs,Mo. Howell 07/10/1889 Geo R Barber Sarah E Barber Sarah Moore Detail
Buzzard, Blazier Mill Howell 05/29/1889 George R Buzzard Rebecca Buzzard Rebecca Fulk Detail
Brewer, Ollie May Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 11/04/1889 Thos Brewer Mary E Brewer Mary Swisher Detail
Brown, May Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 12/01/1889 Edward O Brown Nannie Brown Nannie Cox Detail
Brake, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 12/05/1889 Wm A Brake Celia Brake Celia Wammack Detail
Blythe, Jno. Taylor Mt View,Mo. Howell 09/12/1889 John A Blythe Nancy S Blythe Nancy Taylor Detail
Buford, West Plains, Mo. Howell 01/04/1890 M Jack Buford Estella Buford Estella Pitcock Detail
Bolin, West Plains, Mo. Howell 11/27/1889 Columbus T Bolin Jessie Bolin Jessie Burgess Detail
Brown, West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/01/1890 E Frank Brown P J Brown Detail
Brooke, Walter O Goldsberry Tp. Howell 04/03/1890 Jacob Brooks Sarah M Brooks Sarah Barnett Detail
Belew, Goldsberry Tp. Howell 05/07/1890 Jas A Bellew Sarah E Belew Sarah Fouts Detail
Briles, Wm R Goldsberry Tp. Howell 06/11/1890 David A Briles Laura E Briles Laura Polk Detail
Brown, Thos J West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/17/1890 John Simms Brown Francis Ida B. Brown Francis Chaney Detail
Bird, Fred Alfred West Plains, Mo. Howell 08/17/1890 Thos B Bird Laura E Bird Laura Shanks Detail
Bradbury, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 09/29/1890 Marion F Bradbury Mary E Bradbury Mary Forsythe Detail
Bailey, Lottie C Mt View Howell 09/30/1890 James M Bailey Mary A Bailey Mary Robinson Detail
Byers, Bessie O Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 10/12/1890 Sterling B Byers Sarah E Byers Sarah Ferguson Detail
Bennett, Elizabeth West Plains, Mo. Howell 12/10/1890 Frank Bennett Fannie L Bennett Fannie LeFever Detail
Brewington, William H Mtn View, Mo Howell 03/05/1891 G S Brewington Nancy J Brewington Nancy Ware Detail
Brown, Carlos Chester West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/07/1891 Will L Brown Laura Ann Brown Laura Bolin Detail
Buff, Goldsberry Tp. Howell 04/13/1891 Elijah C Buff M R Buff M Aiden Detail
Briscoe, 4 miles SW Mt View Howell 02/29/1892 W F Briscoe A M Briscoe A M Steele Detail
Bridges, Brandsville, Mo. Howell 04/28/1893 Thos G Bridges Louisiana Bridges Louisiana West Detail
[Ball], Mt View Howell 04/25/1893 William J Ball Sarah Katherine J Ball Sarah K Briles Detail
Brown, Bernice Ruth Sisson Tp.Howell Co.Mo. Howell 07/13/1893 John A Brown Anna Mabell Brown Anna Mabell Corbin Detail
Boak, Myatt Tp. Howell 02/11/1894 James N Boak Annie J Boak Annie J Garrett Detail
Bunch, Lillian Dewdrop Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 01/28/1894 James M Bunch Nellie Bunch Nellie Skaggs Detail
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