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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Keithley, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Apr.7, 1885 Louie Keithley S E Keithley Detail
Kacklay, West Plains, MO. Howell Dec.29, 1885 Edward P Kacklay Sophia R Kacklay Sophia Albright Detail
Kiker, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.8, 1886 Lluther Kiker Cornelia Kiker Cornelia Holloway Detail
Kingston, David F Horton Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Apr.27, 1886 William H Kingston Sarah Kingston Sarah Holoday Detail
Kile, Mary E Shannon Co.MO. Howell Oct.19, 1886 John F Kile Emela Kile Emela Smotherman Detail
Kremmel, Anna May Horton Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Mar.2, 1887 August Kremmel Fannie Kremmel Detail
Kreger, Noblet Mill,Howell Co.Mo. Howell Apr.29, 1887 Charles A Kreger Allie Kreger Allie Church Detail
Kelley, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Oct.20, 1887 John Kelly Sarah E Kelly Sarah Pittman Detail
Kilpatric, West Plains, MO. Howell Sep.23, 1888 T B Kilpatric Rena Kilpatric Rena Pitts Detail
King, Leonard C West Plains, MO. Howell Nov.7, 1889 H M King Minnie L King Minnie Lane Detail
Kelly, Mary Cecil Willow Springs,MO. Howell Feb.28, 1890 John Kelly Sarah E Kelly Sarah Pittman Detail
Kennedy, Beryl Fordyce Mountain View,Howell Co. Howell Dec.6, 1890 Edward K Kennedy Sarah A Kennedy Sarah Conker Detail
Keithley, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Jan.11, 1891 IsaihaKeith Martha Keith Martha Dougherty Detail
Killgallan, Mary Mountain View,Howell Co. Howell May 27, 1891 Patric Killgallon Rosa H Killgallon Rosa Ward Detail
Keller, West Plains, MO. Howell June 29, 1893 Henry G Keller Maggie Keller Detail
Kidd, Sisson Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Sep.3, 1893 C W Kidd Maggie B Kidd Maggie Wilson Detail
Kilpatric, Sitton S West Plains, MO. Howell May 27, 1894 Thomas B Kilpatric Laura True Kilpatric Laura Sitton Detail
Keen, Sarah Willow Springs,MO. Howell May 21, 1894 Charles Keen Belle Keen Belle Blackburn Detail
London, West Plains, MO. Howell Aug.27, 1883 William London Sarah Jane London Sarah Hayrus Detail
Lovan, Sarah Willow Springs,MO. Howell Oct.9, 1883 Monroe Lovan Laura Rowena Lovan Laura Livingston Detail
Lovan, John Wesley Willow Springs,MO. Howell Oct.25, 1883 William J Lovan Ophelia Lovan Ophelia Hallett Detail
Lynch, West Plains, MO. Howell Oct.31, 1883 Margaret Lynch Detail
Ledbetter, Chapel Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Dec.31, 1883 James Ledbetter Patience Ann Ledbetter Patience Goodman Detail
Willbanks (Error) Goldsberry Tp.Howell Co. Howell Jan.8, 1884 Larkin C Willbanks Christine c Willbanks Christine Garrett Detail
Langston, Spring Creek Tp.Howell Co Howell Feb.2, 1884 John R Langston Missouri C Langston Missouri Forest Detail
Liles, Howell Co.MO. Howell Jan.31, 1884 Madison Liles Mady Liles Detail
Lewis, Sarah E Mountain View,Howell Co. Howell Feb.18, 1884 Charley Belew Rhoda Lewis Rhoda Harris Detail
Livsay, John W Goldsberry Tp.Howell Co. Howell Apr.27, 1884 John J Livesay Sarah J livesay Sarah Donell Detail
Ludwig, Julia Roseanna Howell Co.MO. Howell Mar.7, 1884 Fritz William Ludwig Emma Margarite Ludwig Emma Sinclair Detail
Leonard, Sisson Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Aug.13, 1884 Isaac Lornerry Leonard Elizabeth Leonard Elizabeth Goldsberry Detail
Loval, West Plains, MO. Howell Nov.23, 1884 J V Love Lucy A Loval Lucy Fuqua Detail
Lancaster, David Marion Myatt Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Nov.11, 1884 James N Lancaster Martha Jane Lancaster Martha Shaver Detail
Livingston, West Plains, MO. Howell Dec.17, 1884 Henry B Livingston Nancy E Livingston Nancy Merchead Detail
Long, Lilly May Hutton Valley Tp.Howell C Howell May 2, 1885 James R R Long Susan Elizabeth Long Susan Miller Detail
Lair, Virty Moody Tp.Howell Co.Mo. Howell July 14, 1885 Ruben Lair Mary M E Lair Mary Joyce Detail
Louis, Willow Springs,MO. Howell July 15, 1885 Frank Louis Betty Louis Detail
Linthicum, John Z. South Fork, MO. Howell Sep.2, 1885 Charles N Linthicum Mimey A Linthicum Mamey Marshall Detail
Logan, West Plains, MO. Howell Nov.18, 1885 James A Logan Tillie C Logan Tillie Nagel Detail
Livingston, West Plains, MO. Howell Dec.5, 1885 Ambrose Haden Livingston Elizabeth Livingston Elizabeth Gully Detail
Ludwig, Myatt Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell Feb.7, 1886 Fritz William Ludwig Emma Margaretta Ludwig Emma Sinclair Detail
Lovan, William Howell Co.MO. Howell Feb.25, 1886 Leander Lovan I Bell Lovan I Bell Livingston Detail
Lovan, Coleman Willow Springs,MO. Howell Feb.16, 1886 William Joseph Lovan Ophelia Lovan Ophelia Hallett Detail
Lloyd, Bertha A West Plains, MO. Howell Dec.30, 1885 William A Lloyd Margarette M Lloyd Margarette Wood Detail
Lingo,Sarah C Moody Tp.Howell Co.Mo. Howell Feb.17, 1886 Alex A Lingo Sarah E Lingo Sarah Thompson Detail
Lovan, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.20, 1886 R C Lovan Mary Lovan Mary Russell Detail
Ledbetter, Henry C Chapel Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell May 6, 1886 Richard E Ledbetter Harriett H Ledbetter Harriett Carter Detail
Lasater (Twin) Howell Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell July 4, 1886 John H Lasater Mary J Lasater Mary Page Detail
Lasater (Twin) Howell Tp.Howell Co.MO. Howell July 4, 1886 John H Lasater Mary J Lasater Mary Page Detail
Laird, Noblet Mill,Howell Co.Mo. Howell July 6, 1886 Richard Laird Kaly Laird Kaly Loveredge Detail
Love, Goldsberry Tp.Howell Co. Howell July 19, 1886 James W Love Mary E Love Mary Long Detail
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