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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Eller Smith Iron Co Mo Iron April 25 1887 J W Smith Ida G Smith Ida G Hall Detail
Effa Lee Collins Iron Co Mo Iron April 13 1887 Joseph N Collins Cordelia Collins Cordelia Emerson Detail
Walter Stephens Mayberry Iron April 7 1887 Marion Mayberry Martha Ann Mayberry Martha Ann Meril Detail
B F Russell Iron Co Mo Iron May 4 1887 C C Russell A M Russell A M Collins Detail
Logan, Bellview Mo Iron April 2 1887 Euguis? M Logan Fannie Logan Fannie Reyburn Detail
Hull, Ironton Mo Iron May 14 1887 Albert N Hull Jennie Hull Jennie Harris Detail
Ann Parrot Pilot Knob Mo Iron May 27 1887 Lelie Parrot Mary Parrot Mary Cox Detail
Sarah J Poston Iron May 27 1887 John Poston Mary Poston Mary Miller Detail
Byers, Ironton Mo Iron June 15 1887 W H Byers Detail
Josiah McCall Bellview Mo Iron May 10 1887 William McCall Virginia McCall Virginia Edmonds Detail
James O Clinton Bellview Valley Iron Apr 29 1887 James T Clinton Martha J Clinton Martha J Matlock Detail
Schultz, Ironton Mo Iron June 21 1887 George Schultz Louisa Schultz Louisa Smith Detail
Beulah & Pearl Goodwater Mo Iron July 4 1887 George W Love Netty Love Netty Noell Detail
Freddie Hohman Graniteville Mo Iron Aug 16 1887 Fred Hohman Mary Catherine Hohman Knoebe Detail
Bridget C Quigley Pilot Knob Mo Iron July 10 1887 William Quigley Menetta Quigley Menetta Ringer Detail
Louisa Bozzetta Pilot Knob Mo Iron July 25 1887 Louis Bozetta Josephine M Bozetta Josephine Merlo Detail
Williams, Arcadia Mo Iron July 31 1887 Felix Williams Williams Grammure? Detail
Vance, Ironton Mo Iron Aug 15 1887 David Vance Susie Vance Susie Ford Detail
Joseph Dunn Pilot Knob Mo Iron August 2 1887 Jno Dunn Maggie Dunn Maggie Breslin Detail
Mammie Timmerman Pilot Knob Mo Iron July 24 1887 Saml J Timmerman Emma Timmerman Emma Delanney Detail
Tilley, Martha E. Graniteville Iron 15 Mar 1884 James W. Tiley Mary E. Shmn Detail
Talley, Des Arc Iron 21 Mar 1884 Charles Talley Nancy Ann Heachen Detail
Taylor, Alexander G. Graniteville Iron 10 Apr 1884 William Taylor Maggie G. Gustey Detail
Tidwell, Amy Bellview Iron 07 Aug 1884 Alfred Tidwell Hester Cox Detail
Thomas, Glaster Ironton Iron 10 Sep 1884 George Thomas Mary Horner Detail
Terrell, Kavlin Iron 08 Mar 1885 John T. Terrell Adelia Bell Nally Detail
Thomas, Bellview Iron 23 Nov 1885 Moses H. Thomas Annie Smith Detail
Twoony, Iron Co Iron 14 Apr 1886 H.C. Twooney Clara L. Whitnah Detail
Townsend, Ellen Graniteville Iron 02 Aug 1886 George Townsend Phoebe Tatum Detail
Thomas, Clara Elizabeth Graniteville Iron 24 Oct 1886 James M. Thomas Lavilea Lobhaver Detail
Thomas, Mary Iron Co Iron 05 Dec 1886 Reuben Thomas Eladia Smith Detail
Vandom, Mary Graniteville Iron 02 Nov 1883 Joseph W. Vandom Mary E. Gilberth Detail
Vandiver, Charles Pilot Knob Iron 14 Aug 1884 John Vandiver Lucy Dalton Detail
Woolford, Samuel Burton Arcadia Iron 20 Jan 1884 Joe Woolford Malissa Atchison Detail
Vance, Ironton Iron 02 Apr 1885 Thomas Vance Martha Hill Detail
Vasterling, Charles William Pilot Knob Iron 26 May 1884 Henry Vasterling Mary Magdelina Gauchen Detail
Vandergriff, Iron Co Iron 21 Jun 1884 Andrew Vandergriff Missouri Rose Detail
Vance, Iron Co Iron 05 Sep 1884 James Clark Vance Gardner Detail
Vance, Ironton Iron 31 Dec 1886 A.P. Vance Agnes Murphy Detail
Wisner, Glenn Alfred Iron Co Iron 31 Jul 1883 William F. Wisner Jane Alice Greason Detail
Woods, Albert Franklin Annapolis Iron 01 Nov 1883 Franklin Albert Lafayette Wood Sarah Casey Detail
Woolford, Samuel Burton Arcadia Iron 20 Jan 1884 Joe Woolford Melissa Atchison Detail
Wilson, Carrie I. on farm Iron 18 Apr 1884 Calvin Wilson Detail
Wilson, Edward Graniteville Iron 17 Apr 1884 John N. Wilson Elizabeth C. Barbet Detail
Whitworth, President W. Ironton Iron 14 May 1884 A.W. Whitworth Mary C. Tidwell Detail
Willhelm, Valentine Pilot Knob Iron 18 Feb 1884 Valentine Willhelm Anna Pims Detail
Weever, Annie Pilot Knob Iron 21 Aor 1884 J. Werner Sophia Hall Detail
Wendell, Pilot Knob Iron 09 May 1884 Jacob Wendel Catherine Amos Detail
Wilson, Iron Co Iron 08 Jun 1884 James Wilson Sarah J. Monger Detail
Williams, Des Arc Iron 09 Jun 1884 Charles Williams Annie Evans Detail
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