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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Ida Bell Brewer Iron Co Mo Iron March 23 1887 John Brewer Evaline Brewer Evaline Hale Detail
Nichols, Iron Co Mo Iron March 30 1887 William J Nichols Annie L Nichols McC(??) Detail
Florence Virginia Peck Pilot Knob Mo Iron March 30 1887 Leonard R Peck Margaret A Peck Margaret A Webb Detail
Collins, Ironton Mo Iron April 8 1887 Hartford M Collins Emily Collins Emily Schmitz Detail
Nagle, Ironton Mo Iron April 14 1887 John Nagle Nagle Detail
Williams, Arcadia Mo Iron April 13 1887 Robert Williams Martha Williams Farris Detail
Jay, Ironton Mo Iron April 12 1887 Nicolas Jay Laura Jay Laura Weise Detail
Eller Smith Iron Co Mo Iron April 25 1887 J W Smith Ida G Smith Ida G Hall Detail
Effa Lee Collins Iron Co Mo Iron April 13 1887 Joseph N Collins Cordelia Collins Cordelia Emerson Detail
Walter Stephens Mayberry Iron April 7 1887 Marion Mayberry Martha Ann Mayberry Martha Ann Meril Detail
B F Russell Iron Co Mo Iron May 4 1887 C C Russell A M Russell A M Collins Detail
Logan, Bellview Mo Iron April 2 1887 Euguis? M Logan Fannie Logan Fannie Reyburn Detail
Hull, Ironton Mo Iron May 14 1887 Albert N Hull Jennie Hull Jennie Harris Detail
Ann Parrot Pilot Knob Mo Iron May 27 1887 Lelie Parrot Mary Parrot Mary Cox Detail
Sarah J Poston Iron May 27 1887 John Poston Mary Poston Mary Miller Detail
Byers, Ironton Mo Iron June 15 1887 W H Byers Detail
Josiah McCall Bellview Mo Iron May 10 1887 William McCall Virginia McCall Virginia Edmonds Detail
James O Clinton Bellview Valley Iron Apr 29 1887 James T Clinton Martha J Clinton Martha J Matlock Detail
Schultz, Ironton Mo Iron June 21 1887 George Schultz Louisa Schultz Louisa Smith Detail
Beulah & Pearl Goodwater Mo Iron July 4 1887 George W Love Netty Love Netty Noell Detail
Freddie Hohman Graniteville Mo Iron Aug 16 1887 Fred Hohman Mary Catherine Hohman Knoebe Detail
Bridget C Quigley Pilot Knob Mo Iron July 10 1887 William Quigley Menetta Quigley Menetta Ringer Detail
Louisa Bozzetta Pilot Knob Mo Iron July 25 1887 Louis Bozetta Josephine M Bozetta Josephine Merlo Detail
Williams, Arcadia Mo Iron July 31 1887 Felix Williams Williams Grammure? Detail
Vance, Ironton Mo Iron Aug 15 1887 David Vance Susie Vance Susie Ford Detail
Joseph Dunn Pilot Knob Mo Iron August 2 1887 Jno Dunn Maggie Dunn Maggie Breslin Detail
Mammie Timmerman Pilot Knob Mo Iron July 24 1887 Saml J Timmerman Emma Timmerman Emma Delanney Detail
Bennie Hinsley Pilot Knob Mo Iron Oct 21 83 Benj T Hensley Caroline Hensley Caroline Dryer Detail
Jessie Sharp Granite Quarry Mo Iron November 11 1883 William Sharp Jessie Sharp Jessie Monaghan Detail
Margaret D Foley Middlebrook Mo Iron December 31 1883 Thos George Foley Margaret Ellen Foley Margaret E O'Brien Detail
Clifton Fitzpatrick Graniteville Mo Iron Jany 8 1884 Robert J Fitzpatrick Annie M Fitzpatrick Annie M Sackman Detail
Dora McFarland Pilot Knob Mo Iron Janh 10 1884 Wm McFarland Lena McFarland Lena Martin Detail
George Ahlers Pilot Knob Mo Iron Jany 11 1884 August Ahlers Ifina? Ahlers Ifina? Peets? Detail
Charles Vandiver Pilot Knob Mo Iron Jany 14 1884 Jno Vandiver Lucy Vandiver Lucy Dalton Detail
Mary Cook Pilot Knob Mo Iron Jany 16 1884 Janus Cook Sarah Cook Sarah Marshal? Detail
Caroline & Mariah Tovaldi (twins) Pilot Knob Mo Iron Jany 22 1884 Movani Tovaldi Maria Tovaldi Detail
Grissour, Pilot Knob Mo Iron Jany 31 1884 William Grissour Amanda Grissour Amanda Lovins Detail
Mary Jane Torkins Pilot Knob Mo Iron Jany 23 1884 James Torkins Caroline Torkins Caroline Robitt Detail
Barty T Brunk Pilot Knob Mo Iron Feby 9 1884 A J Brunk Martha A Brunk Martha A Vandiver Detail
Mattie Alexander Annapolis Mo Iron March 1 1884 Rufus Alexander Martha E Alexander Martha E Wadlow Detail
J (R) Hudleston Fitz's Mill Iron March 9 1884 Martin Hudleston Julia Hudleston Julia Vanghan Detail
Graham, near Des Arc Mo Iron Feby 4 1884 E Graham Annie Graham Annie Wallis Detail
Grimes, near Des Arc Iron Jany 27 1884 John R Grimes Jane Grimes Jane Martin Detail
Armenita Jane Farr Des Arc Mo Iron March 5 1884 Edwin S Farr Cordelia Farr Cordelia Cobb Detail
Sidney Homer Lowe Bellview Mo Iron March 3 1884 Sidney I Lowe Susan Elizabeth Lowe Susan E Bell Detail
Saml Burton Woolford Arcadia Mo Iron Jany 20 1884 Joe Woolford Melissa Woolford Melissa Atchison Detail
Mayo, Graniteville Iron Co Mo Iron Apr 11 1885 William Mayo Peggy Jane Mayo Peggy Jane Clinton Detail
Joseph Michal Staab Pilot Knob Iron Co Mo Iron Mch 21 1885 Michail Staab Arbezenia Staab Ore Detail
Vance, Ironton Iron Co Mo Iron Apr 2 1885 Thomas Vance Marthia Vance Marthia (N)ill Detail
Lewis, Annapolis Mo Iron Mch 20 1884 Marien Lewis Malinda Lewis Malinda Jackson Detail
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