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Record 2901 thru 2950 of 2982

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Wheeler, Carthage Jasper Oct. 25, 1885 B. A. Wheeler Anna J. Wheeler Newland Detail
Wadlow, Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper Feb. 11, 1886 James M. Wadlow M. N. Wadlow Ronsey Detail
Welch, Marion Twp., Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper Jan. 27, 1886 James Welch Don Welch Shaw Detail
Willoughby, Union Twp., Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper Jan. 11, 1886 Wm. Willoughby Rubena Willoughby Roark Detail
Wright, Webb City, Mo. Jasper June 25, 1885 Chas. L. Wright Fannie E. Wright Pettigrew Detail
Williams, John Robert Carthage, Mo. Jasper Mar. 13, 1886 Wilson Williams Emily Williams Stith Detail
White, Carl Junction, Mo. Jasper Apr. 5, 1886 Andrew J. White Flora May White Stanffer Detail
Catherine [Weese] Carterville, Mo. Jasper Feb. 19, 1886 Weese Barbary A. Weese Kern Detail
J?ne Walker Carterville Jasper Mar. 27, 1886 Henry Walker Mary A. Walker Vandever Detail
Whitehead, Union Twp. Jasper July 24, 1886 John A. Whitehead Sarah Whitehead C??m?n Detail
Waltz, Marion Twp. Jasper Dec. 20, 1885 Zac. Waltz Annie Waltz Moon Detail
Wood, Carthage, Mo. Jasper Mar. 15, 1886 Thos. K. Wood Barbary Wood Miller Detail
Warner, Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper Aug. 29 [, 1886] Jacob Warner Mary Warner Faskin Detail
Whitfield, White Hall Dist. Jasper Sept. 11, 1886 Wm. E. Whitfield Lizzie R. Whitefield Ransom Detail
Hazen, Lincoln Twp., Mo. Jasper Dec. 19, 1886 Oscar C. Hazen Rosa E. Hazen Beggs Detail
Helen Walsh Carthage, Mo. Jasper Mar. 15, 1887 Abraham Hart Walsh Margaret Emeline Walsh Williams Detail
Bessie May Whittenbeck Zincite, Mo. Jasper Feb. 23, 1887 William Milton Whittenbeck Maggie Whittenbeck Kinkaid Detail
Grace May Williams Carthage, Mo. Jasper Dec. 15, 1886 James L. Williams Mary Laura Williams Buckmaster Detail
White, Howard, Mo. Jasper May 20, 1887 Finaby White Emeline White Carslile Detail
Webb, Webb City, Mo. Jasper July 4, 1887 E. T. Webb Emma Webb Hayden Detail
Ward, Webb City, Mo. Jasper July 16, 1887 C. J. Ward Maggie Ward Foster Detail
James Albert Wilson Jasper Sept. 20, 1887 Daniel Wilson Lizzie Wilson Detail
Adella May Whittaker Carthage Jasper Oct. 10, 1887 John Bastian Whittaker Adella Juliana Whittaker Adella Juliana Morse Detail
Wisdom, Louis Ira Joplin, Mo. Jasper Dec. 9, 1887 Thomas Wisdom Mary Ellen Wisdom Mary Ellen Downs Detail
Wheeler, Carthage, Mo. Jasper Oct. 31, 1887 John F. Wheeler Mary Wheeler Mary Ward Detail
[White], Carthage, Mo. Jasper Feb. 13, 1888 Joseph M. White Lizzie White Lizzie Nevins Detail
Walker, Bessie Jasper County, Mo. Jasper Feb. 13, 1888 George Walker Eliza J. Walker Eliza Stith Detail
Martha Wheeler Carthage, Mo. Jasper Aug. 2, 1888 David L. Wheeler Anna A. Wheeler Anna A. Dunn Detail
Wheeler, Carthage, Mo. Jasper Nov. 23, 1888 John F. Wheeler Mary W. Wheeler Mary W. Ward Detail
Fredda Benj. Waddle Madison Twp. Jasper Aug. 31, 1889 Andrew Martin Waddle Rosanna Waddle Rosanna Kee Detail
Frank Whitehead Zincite, Mo. Jasper Nov. 19, 1889 Edward C. Whitehead Mary Whitehead Dodd Detail
Girly Waid Oronogo Jasper Nov. 19 Joseph Waid Lillie J. Waid Alexander Detail
[Wampler], Jasper County, Mo. Jasper Nov. 9, 1889 B. F. Wampler Hanna Wampler Hanna Barnhart Detail
[Wade], Jasper County, Mo. Jasper May 2, 1889 Miles Wade Rosa Wade Rosa Adams Detail
Wade, Golden Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper July 9, 1890 Nettie Wade Nettie Eggins Detail
Walsh, Irene Carthage, Mo. Jasper June 13, 1890 B. H. Welsh Edith L. Welsh Edith L. Morgan Detail
Wood, Maud Joplin, Mo. Jasper Mar. 15, 1891 Charles M. Wood Ida Brouse Wood Ida Brouse Detail
[Wilson], Lincoln Twp. Jasper Jan. 7 [, 1891] Marion W. Wilson Rose Headley Detail
[Weaver], Carl Junction Jasper July 8, 1891 Theodore C. Weaver Maria C. Weaver Maria C. Shockley Detail
[Weathers], Oronogo, Mo. Jasper Aug. 10, 1891 Jas. E. Weathers Mary E. Weathers Isherman Detail
[Pratt], Oronogo Jasper May 6 [, 1891] Wm. Charles Pratt Catherine Pratt O’Bannon Detail
May Penwell Carl Junction Jasper May 16, 1891 Henry Frank Penwell Mary Penwell Mary Brown Detail
Ava Pickerel Joplin, Mo. Jasper Oct. 5 [, 1891] Logan Pickerel Rhoda Pickerel Rhoda Munson Detail
Murry Ray Brewer Alba, Mo. Jasper July 21, 1891 Joseph Henry Brewer Clara Erode Brewer Clara Erode Martin Detail
McKinley, Mineral Twp., Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper Aug. 27, 1887 Willard McKinley Nellie J. McKinley Baldwin Detail
McBride, Smithfield, Mo. Jasper July 7, 1888 Joseph McBride Lucina McBride Lucina Stiers Detail
McNabb, Lincoln Twp. Jasper Aug. 4, 1888 David M. McNabb Emma McNabb Emma I. Williams Detail
Tyree, Carthage, Mo. Jasper Nov. 2, 1889 Harvey Tyree Mollie Tyree Detail
[McWilliams], Jasper Co., Mo. Jasper Nov. 20 [, 1889] Moses McWilliams Jane McWilliams Jane Edwards Detail
[Motely], Jasper CO., Mo. Jasper Aug. 23 [, 1890] Z. T. Motley Elvina Motley Stultz Detail
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