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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Arnold, Hematite, Mo Jefferson nov.13 1883 John H. Arnold Lucy M. Arnold Lucy M. Null Detail
Anderson, DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Dec 7 1883 Perry Anderson Anderson Washburn Detail
All[en], DeSoto Jefferson Nov25 1883 Lyman Allen Mira Allen Mira E[nw]in Detail
Allcock, William Crystal City Jefferson Jany 11 1884 William Allcock Emma Allcock Emma Mat?field Detail
Arnold, Ida Olivia Joachim Twp. Jefferson Dec. 2 1883 William F. Arnold Laura Ann Arnold Laura Ann ??? Detail
Aubuchon, Julia Mild?? Joachim Twp. Jefferson Oct 4 1883 Chas. T. Aubuch Maria A. Aubuchon Maria A. Branch Detail
Adams, Jeff.Co. Mo. Jefferson Jany 27 1884 Joseph A. Adams Cynthia Ann Adams Cynthia Ann Montgomery Detail
Aubuchon, Alonzo Wm. Crystal City, Mo. Jefferson Feby 4 184? Peter Aubuchon R?s?? Shafer Rosanah Shafer Detail
Allis, Frank [Au]gelo Rush Tower, Mo Jefferson July 14 1884 Franz Allis Teressa Allis Teressa ??ohe Detail
Allen, Evalina Oakland, Mo Jefferson June 11 1884 Randolph Allen Harriet Allen Harriet Pullen Detail
Arbruster, Charles Washington Avoca, Mo Jefferson June 18 1884 Wm. Armbruster Anna Armbruster Detail
Aubuchon, Charles Christopher L???itville, Jeff. Co. Mo Jefferson June 7 1884 Joseph M. Aubuchon Sarah Francis Aubuchon Sarah F. Parkins Detail
Laura All??? Crystal City, Mo. Jefferson Aug 10 1884 John All??? Theresa All??? Theresa [Ganche] Detail
Cleveland, Ackley Hematite Jefferson Oct 13 1884 8am James Andrew Ackley Mary Francis Ackley Mary F. Elk??? Detail
Acht[en], Pevely, Mo Jefferson Nov. 7 1884 Sarah Elizabeth Achl??s Sarah E. ?eida Detail
A?tman, Valle Mines Jefferson Jany 1 James Autman Anna Autman Roberts Detail
Anderson, Robt. Orlando Valle Mines Jefferson Feby. 3, 1885 John Anderson Lucinda Anderson Lucinda Davis Detail
Anderson, Sulphur Springs Jefferson Jany 18 1885 Thomas Anderson Malin[d]a Anderson Detail
Atkins, William Henry DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Feby 5 1885 Andreas Atkins Ellen Atkins Ellen Kelley Detail
Angell, DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Feby. 2, 1885 Jean E. Angell Cora Bell Angell Cora B. Mac Cormack Detail
Arnold, Geo Newton Valle Twp. Jefferson May 3 1885 James Willy Arnold A.C. Arnold Wallace Detail
Aggars, Aleasa Meramec Twp. Jefferson May 1st 1885 Henry Aggars Mary Aggars Mary G[ron]hale Detail
Armstrong, Cedar Hill, Jeff. Co., Mo. Jefferson Aug.1st 85 Thomas Armstrong Elizabeth Armstrong Elizabeth Medley Detail
Armbruster, Mary Louise Avoca Jefferson Dec. 26 85 Wm. Armbruster Viannie Armbruster Reynolds Detail
Anderson, King Eurann?? Valle Mines Jefferson Febry 14/86 John Anderson Lucinda Anderson Davis Detail
Aubuchon, DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Mch 22, 86 Stephen Aubuchon Georgie Aubuchon Georgie Cole Detail
Aikins, William Emory Oakland, Mo Jefferson 4-Apr-86 James Aikins Martha Aikins Martha Furgenson Detail
Adams, Sandy, Jeff. Co. Mo. Jefferson Aug.2 86 Jos. F. Adams Rilla C. Adams Rilla C. Hensley Detail
Angell, DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Aug.5, 86 Jean E. Angell Cora Bell Angell Cora B. Brande?s Detail
Ahrans, Maria Anna Dutch Creek Jefferson Sept. 16, 86 Fritz Ahrans Sophia Anna Ahrans S.A. Barr Detail
Armstrong, Cedar Hill,Mo., at Juo Reese's Jefferson Aug. 29, 86 She refuses to divulge the fathers name Elizabeth M. Armstrong Detail
Armstrong, Arthur Cedar Hill, Mo Jefferson Oct. 11, 86 Thos. Armstrong Elizabeth Armstrong Elizabeth Medley Detail
Ackerson, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Nov. 29, 86 James Davie Ackerson Laura J. Ackerson L. Boyer Detail
Anderson, Fannie Cleveland Glenwood Jefferson Nov.30,86 Thos. Anderson Malinda Anderson Detail
Atkins, William Henry DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Dec. 17/86 Andreas Atkins Ellen Atkins E. Kelly Detail
Atwood, Smith Big River Jefferson Febry 10 1887 William Atwood Mary Atwood Mary Jackson Detail
Armstrong, Rufus Howard Valle Twp.Jeff.Co.Mo. Jefferson Febry.12th,1887 Edgar Armstrong Sarah Alice Armstrong Qutman Detail
Atkinson, Stephen DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Mch 19, 1887 George Atkinson Helen Atkinson Burgess Detail
Addis, Mariana Gertrude Valle Twp. Jefferson June 13,1887 George Addis Susan B. Addis McMull[I]s Detail
Ackley, Hematite, Mo Jefferson July 13,1887 James ?. Ackley Mary F. Ackley Mary F. Elkin Detail
Aubuchon, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson July 2,1887 Steven L. Aubuchon Georgia Aubuchon Cole Detail
Ashby, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Dec.22,1887 George K. Ashby Ruth Ashby Ruth Williams Detail
Armstrong,Eva and Ida Cedar Hill Jefferson March 2nd 1888 Thomas Armstrong Elizabeth Armstrong Elizabeth Medley Detail
Adams, Big River Twp. Jefferson Oct. 7, 1888 Louis Adams Mary C. Adams Mary C. Eoff Detail
Akins, Hattie May Oakland, Mo Jefferson Oct.6,1888 James H. Akins Martha Elvira Akins Martha Elvira Ferguson Detail
Aikins, Mattie Lee Oakland, Mo Jefferson Oct.6,1888 James H. Akins Martha Elvira Akins Martha Elvira Ferguson Detail
Agnew, Albert DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Dec.29,9am John Agnew Kittie Agnew Jackson Detail
Adams, Sandy, Jeff. Co. Jefferson Jany.16 Joseph Adams Mrs.Marilla Adams Hensley Detail
Armbruster, Vincent F. Avoca Jefferson Oct.20,1888 William Armbruster Vienne Armbruster Reynolds Detail
Atkinson, George K. DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Feby.5th George Atkinson Hellen Atkinson Burgess Detail
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