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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Parish, Knox Co., Mo. Knox 09/08/1883 Unknown Eliza Parish Eliza Parish Detail
Purdy, Knox Co., Mo. Knox 09/21/1883 William A. Purdy Effie Purdy Effie Easley Detail
Parish, Hurdland Twp., Mo. Knox 10/18/1883 William Parish Catherine Parish Catherine Gorman Detail
Pender, Hurdland Twp., Mo. Knox 10/20/1883 Alonzo Pender Detail
Perry, Missouri Labell, Lewis, Mo. Knox 12/08/1883 N D Perry Phoeba Perry Hurst Detail
Patton, Lyon Twp, Mo. Knox 10/04/1883 Frank Patton Patton Detail
Plunkett, Knox 07/20/1883 Siles P Plunkett A R Plunkett Detail
Price, Edina, Mo. Knox 09/05/1891 Benj. Price Josie Price Detail
Richarson, Novelty, Mo. Knox 09/11/1883 L F Richardson Sarah J. Richardson Sarah J. Basmean Detail
Riaugh, Novelty, Mo. Knox 06/10/1883 Jessie F. Riaugh Manda E. Riaugh Manda E. Calaahan Detail
Reid, Edina, Mo. Knox 09/20/1883 Peter J. Reid Fannie Reid Fannie Nelson Detail
Rinehart, Salt River Twp., Mo. Knox 09/10/1883 Dave Rineehart Mary Rinehart Mary Lyon Detail
Ralls, Novelty, Mo. Knox 09/10/1883 James H Ralls M A Ralls M A ?lickner Detail
Richardson, Greensburg, Mo. Knox 10/09/1883 William Richardson Francis Richardson Francis Fetters Detail
Rice, Hank Salt River Twp., Mo. Knox 09/16/1883 Reuben Rice Eva Rice Eva Eagle Detail
Roberts, J W Colony Twp., Mo. Knox 11/06/1883 ? L Roberts Viola F Roberts Viola F. Strange Detail
Rojo or Rose, George Salt River Twp., Mo. Knox 12/11/1883 A C Roso Willie Rojo Detail
Richardson, Greensburg Twp., Mo. Knox 04/12/1886 William Richardson Fanny Richardson Fetters Detail
Rourke, Bee Ridge Twp., Mo. Knox 06/24/1890 James V. Rourke Maggie Rourke Cosgrove Detail
Simpkins, J?? F. Novelty, Mo. Knox 09/08/1883 Foster Simpkins E J Simpkins Eliza J. Gregory Detail
Shores, Cherry Box, Shelby, Mo. Knox 08/16/1883 Samuel Shores Annie Shores Annie Kowin Detail
Springstine, W E Edina, Mo. Knox 09/22/1883 T M Springstine E A Springstine E A Fisher Detail
Shafer, Knox Co., Mo. Knox 07/21/1883 Edward Shafer Anna Shafer Vance Detail
Sanford, Edina, Mo. Knox 12/02/1883 Aaron Sanford Mary E. Sanford Mary E. Cockrum Detail
Stohl, Joseph C. Edina, Mo. Knox 12/04/1883 Benj. Stohl Mary Etta Stohl M E For?e Detail
Sayers, Eva Colony Twp., Mo. Knox 12/22/1883 S D Sayers Susan H. Sayers Golden Detail
Shirhey, Hurdland Twp., Mo. Knox 12/26/1883 Wm. Shirhey Mary Shirhey Jones Detail
Stapleton, Bourbon Twp., Mo. Knox 11/18/1883 Jeff Stapleton Margaret Stapleton McQuister Detail
Symmons, Greensburg, Mo. Knox 12/18/1883 Frank Symmons Cordelia Symmons ? Detail
Stine, Liberty Twp, Adair, Mo. Knox 12/00/1883 Clement Stine Mary Stine Baker Detail
Smith, Bee Ridge Twp., Mo. Knox 01/04/1884 James Smith Amanda Smith Gosnell Detail
Saml A. Wren Salt River Tsp Knox Co Mo Knox 4/25/1886 Jno A. Wren Harriet Wren Harriet Woodward Detail
Ballinger, Fabius Tsp Knox Co Mo Knox 4/30/1886 Oliver A. Ballinger Endora E. Ballinger Endora E. Withers Detail
Newton Davis Colony Tsp Mo Knox 5/2/1886 Jno. H. Davis Luana Senna Davis Luana Senna Brown Detail
Fausher, Colony Tsp Knox Co Mo Knox 4/28/1886 James H. Fausher Martha M. Fausher Martha M. McDonell Detail
Lillie W. Goodwin Colony Tsp Knox Co Mo Knox 4/28/1886 Wm. W. Goodwin Christiana E. Goodwin Christiana E. Cassity Detail
Cooley, Knox Co Mo Knox 5/16/1886 Squire Cooley Alice Cooley Alice McMillen Detail
Annie June Seaman Colony Tsp Mo Knox 5/12/1886 John E. Seaman Alice Seaman Detail
Nilggus, Salt River Tsp Knox Co Mo Knox 5/30/1886 William P. Wilgus Mary Sophia Wilgus Mary Sophia Linderbock Detail
Roy Cummins Colony Tsp Mo Knox 6/10/1886 W. W. Cummings Emeline Cummings Emeline Rule Detail
Ora Adeline Vice Colony Tsp Mo Knox 6/16/1886 Esom Vice Amanda M. Vice Amanda M. Goodwin Detail
Hammond, Salt River Tsp Mo Knox 6/18/1886 G. W. Hammond Lurma J. Hammond Lurma J. Cocknun Detail
Jos Burn Hudnut Colony Tsp Mo Knox 6/16/1886 James Hudnut Nancy Jane Hudnut Nancy Jane Pulis Detail
Harry W. Strange Colony Tsp Mo Knox 7/14/1886 James A. Strange Athalia Strange Athalia Barnes Detail
Oglesby, Jeddo Tsp Mo Knox 7/14/1886 James Oglesby May E. Oglesby May E. Simpson Detail
Taylor, Jeddo Tsp Mo Knox 7/28/1886 Jos Taylor Ella Taylor Ella Elston Detail
Davis, Colony Tsp Mo Knox 7/29/1886 Henry B. Davis Sarah Lee Davis Sarah Lee Raine Detail
Tonnies, Colony Tsp Mo Knox 7/28/1886 Bernhard Tonnies Albertine Tonnies Albertine Westfall Detail
Freeman, Fabius Tsp Knox Co Mo Knox 8/5/1886 Joseph Freeman Lucy V. Freeman Lucy V. White Detail
Stella Murtle Lovinger Salt River Tsp Mo Knox 8/1/1886 Chas Lovinger Norma Ann Lovinger Norma Ann Snow Detail
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