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Record 101 thru 150 of 1076

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
WEBBER, James Herman Lebanon Laclede Jan 3, 1884 Herman Wm. Webber Sarah Ann Webber Mansold? Detail
WINTER, Lebanon Laclede Jan 26, 1884 Edward Winter Alice E. Winter Rule Detail
MITCHELL, John Ellsworth Lebanon Laclede Jan 7, 1884 Robert Mitchell Emma E. Mitchell Abbott Detail
FRENCH, LaClede Laclede Jan 18, 1884 William Gabriel French Mary Florance French HIggins Detail
KARCHALL, Lebanon Laclede Jan 17, 1884 James H. Karchall Sarah Karchall Collins Detail
WHITTEN, Marcell Old Town Laclede Dec 23, 1884 John Whitten Sallie Whitten Collins Detail
BALLARD, James Wm. LaClede Laclede Jan 2, 1884 Wm. Bertin Ballard Union Missouri Ballard Adams Detail
LAMBETH, Walter LaClede Laclede Jan 17, 1884 Harry Lambeth Anna Lambeth Craig Detail
CUNNINGHAM, Tesey LaClede Laclede Jan 17, 1884 Jonas E. Cunningham Maggie A. Cunningham Moffatt Detail
PRINCE, Henry Vernon Conway Laclede Jan 22, 1884 Henry Prince Angeline Prince Letterman Detail
BLAIR, Walter Luther Union Laclede Jan 18, 1884 Thomas Franklin Blair Angeline Blair Russell Detail
RANDOLPH, Francis Etter LaClede Laclede Jan 11, 1884 Robert Lafayatt Randolph Mary Jane Randolph Shaddy Detail
RODGERS, Lebanon Laclede Feb 21, 1884 John Rodgers Jane Rodgers Detail
WESLEY, Lebanon Laclede Jan 25, 1884 John Wesley Lue Wesley Detail
FRANKLING, Lebanon Laclede Jan 3, 1884 Carter Frankling Not Given Detail
SING, Lebanon Laclede Jan 3, 1884 W. P. Sing Ellen Sing Detail
Jones, Lebanon Laclede Feb 5, 1884 Albert Jones Amelia Jones Inglish Detail
OWENSBY, Icam Daw LaClede Laclede Feb 1, 1884 John Owensby Elizabeth Owensby Jones Detail
LAYMAN, LaClede Laclede Feb 22, 1884 Granvil D. Layman Sarah Jane Layman Hickman Detail
ADAMS, LaClede Laclede Feb 5, 1884 Thomas Luther Adams Josephone Adams Brown Detail
Hoymyer?, Charles Benton LaClede Laclede Feb 3, 1884 G. Washington Hoymeyers? Malisa Ann Hoymeyers? Magenis? Detail
FRANK, Amanda LaClede Laclede Feb 25, 1884 James Lafette Frank Mary Elizabeth Frank Detail
WILLIAMS, Jasper Newton Washington Laclede Feb 16, 1884 James Beard Sarah Jane Williams Ropes Detail
JACKSON, Ann Elizabeth Washigton Laclede Mar 5, 1884 Ephraim Jackson Mary Ann Jackson Lorance Detail
CLARK, Ellen Washington Laclede Feb 21, 1884 Stephen Clark Clara Clark Willson Detail
DECKARD, Wright Laclede Feb 15, 1884 George Deckard Mary Deckard Cunningham Detail
HICKS, Charles Morris Mills Laclede Feb 14, 1884 Wm. Hicks Maranda Hicks Harris Detail
WOULFE, Ellen Lebanon Laclede Feb 20, 1884 Richard Woulfe Margaret Woulfe Lyons Detail
UPTMORE, George Lebanon Laclede Jan 3, 1884 Herman Uptmore Mary Uptmore Fisher Detail
WHITEIS, Ella Elizabeth Nebo Laclede Dec 12, 1885 Robert Lewis Whiteis Louisa Jane Whiteis Stiles Detail
BARR, Nancy Ellen LaClede Laclede Nov 25, 1885 Melton Barr M. Z. Barr Robertson Detail
THOMAS, Frances Belle LaClede Laclede Aug 29, 1885 William Thomas Arsenath Thomas Grime Detail
HOUGH, LaClede Laclede Dec 8, 1885 Paton Hough Nanch A. Hough Detail
GOURLEY, LaClede Laclede Jul 13, 1885 Henry E. Gourley Price A. Gourley Nowel Detail
PALMER, Lebanon Laclede Sep 25, 1885 Dock Franklin Palmer Matilda Palmer Lambeth Detail
YOUNGMAN, Lebanon Laclede Sep 29, 1885 O. L. Youngman Kittie Arabella Youngman Comon? Detail
SHAW, Will G. Lebanon Laclede Sep 23, 1885 MIles Wm. Shaw Siddie Elvira Shaw Griffith Detail
STEINBURG, Roy Lebanon Laclede May 13, 1885 David Steinburg Joan Steinburg Adams Detail
ADAMS, Jessimine Lebanon Laclede May 28, 1885 Jasper M. Adams Margaret E. Adams Holloway Detail
O'CONNEL, Elizabeth Lebanon Laclede Dec 28, 1885 C. John O'Connel Jennie O'Connel Jones Detail
GUILD, Augustus Jarel Lebanon Laclede Dec 7, 1885 Frank D. Guild L. J. Guild Lamar Detail
BLAND, S. Lebanon Laclede Nov 5, 1885 Richard Parks? Bland Virginia Elizabeth Bland Mitchell Detail
MAHAUR?, Lebanon Laclede Dec 29, 1885 James Turley Mahaur? Louella Mahan? Ivey Detail
JONES, Mary Lebanon Laclede Jan 25, 1886 Henry C. Jones Paral Rebecca Jones Johnson Detail
BARNS, Winney Wood Nebo Laclede Feb 17, 1886 James Wm. Barnes Sarah Columbus Barnes Stahl Detail
STAHL, Julius Adolph Lebanon Laclede Jan 14, 1886 Julius Stahl Louise Stahl Detail
CRANE, Ruban Lebanon Laclede Feb 19, 1886 Ruban Crane Not Given Detail
CARTER, LaClede Laclede Nov 26, 1885 Richard Alvine Carter Margaret Carter Clifton Detail
MOORE, Ada LaClede Laclede Sep 11, 1885 James Moore Eliza Jane Moore Smith Detail
MARTIN, LaClede Laclede Sep 9, 1885 John Martin Julie Martin Randloph Detail
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