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Record 1001 thru 1050 of 1076

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
OCONNELL, Charley Oscar LaClede Laclede Jun 13, 1885 E. OConnell Mary E. OConnell West Detail
SANER, Jacob LaClede Laclede Jun 16, 1885 Wm. Allen Saner Mary Jane Saner Talbert Detail
GOURLEY, LaClede Laclede Jul 1, 1885 S. H. Gourley Laura A. Gourley Pridgen? Detail
EDMISSION, Elizabeth LaClede Laclede Jul 14, 1885 Robert Edmisson Flora E. Edmission Lenox Detail
MCGINNIS, Richard B. LaClede Laclede Jul 31, 1885 James M. McGinnis Nancy Ann McGinnis Barnes Detail
CHATHAM, Wm. Porter LaClede Laclede Jul 14, 1885 James E. Chatham Sarah Jane Chatham Tucker Detail
REED, LaClede Laclede Jun 28, 1885 John Reed Katy C. Reed Perry Detail
MULLICAN, Jessie May LaClede Laclede Jul 1, 1885 Not Given Irene Paradine Mullican Mullican Detail
HENSON, Brady LaClede Laclede Jul 11, 1885 Geo. Henson Lusa Henson Chastem Detail
STUART, Peter Thos. LaClede Laclede Jul 25, 1885 Cornelious B. Stuart Ida Gurtude Stuart Jackson Detail
HOUGH, Maggie May LaClede Laclede May 30, 1884? John J. Hough Lucinda Hough Stout Detail
SOWARD, LaClede Laclede Jul 15, 1885 John L. Soward Laura B. Soward Broyles Detail
MOORE, James Edy LaClede Laclede Aug 2, 1885 James W. Moore Mary F. Moore Hauel? Detail
ANDERSON, Lebanon Laclede Jul 22, 1885 Geo. A. Anderson Ida F. Anderson Kreans Detail
SHADRICK, Charles E. LaClede Laclede Jun 10, 1885 William Shadrick Martha J. Shadrick Ussey? Detail
POLRON?, Sarah Jane Laclede Jul 24, 1885 ? Puoulean? M. C. Paoulecn? Raglest? Detail
PRINCE, Grover Conway Laclede Aug 2, 1885 Henry Prince Angeline Prince Latimer Detail
YOUNG, Myrtle Lebanon Laclede Oct 24, 1898 John E. Young Lila Young Triflet Detail
MONGTOMERY, Lebanon Laclede Nov 18, 1898 Lee Montgomery Alice B. Montgomery Rhodes Detail
WALSER, Charles Warren Lebanon Laclede Oct 9, 1898 Rinold Walser Lena Walser Craig Detail
KAFFENBERGER, Leonard H. Lebanon Laclede Oct 15, 1898 Lee J. Kaffenberger Mollie Kaffenberger Walser Detail
ROACH, Irene Lebanon Laclede Dec 5, 1898 Patrick Roach Flora Nellie Roach WIndle Detail
FULBRIGHT, Veda Lebanon Laclede Dec 6, 1898 James D. Fulbright Ameldia M. Fulbright Breech Detail
GRAVEN, Earl Eugene Competition Laclede Jun 13, 1899 Theodore E. Graven Laura Lucinda Graven Bridges Detail
SHOWLER, Eva Blanch Lebanon Laclede Dec 31, 1898 Benj. Franklin Showler Louella Showler Molman Detail
TAYLOR, Florine Lebanon Laclede Jan 9, 1899 Leroy Calvin Taylor Lizzie May Taylor Eades Detail
KUNZ, Florence Katherine Lebanon Laclede Jan 10, 1899 Frederick Kunz Amelia Kunz West Detail
CHAMBERLAIN, Lorence Lebanon Laclede Jan 29, 1899 M. E. Chamberlain Lorena Chamberlain Dodd Detail
KEENE, Florence Lebanon Laclede Feb 21, 1899 Levi Keene Fannie Keene Smith Detail
CRABTREE, Oma Grace Lebanon Laclede May 15, 1899 George Crabtree Anna Crabtree Cayall Detail
CAMBELL, L. Lebanon Laclede Jun 8, 1899 George Cambell Birdie Adelis Cambell West Detail
CHAPMAN, Luther E. Lebanon Laclede Jun 5, 1899 Ulyses Chapman Idabell chapman Bummill Detail
WAGONER, Orville E. Lebanon Laclede Oct 21, 1899 Edwin O. Wagoner Emma E. Wagoner Cook Detail
TABER, Lebanon Laclede Nv 26, 1907 WIlliam Wilson Taber Clara Taber Smith Detail
Lebanon Twp LaClede Jan 17, 1884 Alexander V. Cox Samanth Caroline Cox Detail
Lebanon LaClede Jan 2, 1884 Jm. Hall Sierra Hall Detail
Washington Twp LaClede Dec 6, 1883 Lewis Mitchel Bohannon Lucy? E. Bohannon Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jul 8, 1884 James Alexander Barr Sinth. Margaret Barr Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jun 12, 1884 Samuel Jones Ellen Caroline Jones Detail
Lebanon LaClede Jun 3, 1884 Drayton Jones Elizabeth Jones Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jul 29, 1884 John J. Price Matilda C. Price Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jul 7, 1884 John L. Soward Lauri Soward Detail
Oakland LaClede Jul 8, 1884 Enoch Hickman Emley Hickman Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jul 17, 1884 James Milligan Charlott Milligan Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Sep 19, 1884 Ballard W. Cove Mary Jane Cove Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Sep 22, 1884 Samuel G. King Sarah Jane King Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Dec 5, 1884 Henry Jasper Ruble Eliza Ruble Detail
Tennessee LaClede Nov 4, 1884 James L. Rice Millie P. Rice Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jan 17, 1885 Geo. W. Snow Amand C. Snow Detail
Laclede Co LaClede Jan 20, 1885 Josephus Dine Nuset? Dine Detail
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