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Record 1051 thru 1076 of 1076

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Osage Twp LaClede Jan 31, 1885 Chas. Lafferty ??Iza Lafferty Detail
Osage Twp LaClede Feb 14, 1885 Phillip Owens Nancy Owens Detail
Franklin Twp LaClede Feb 7, 1885 Enoch Walker Rachel E. Walker Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Sep 22, 1883 William Richey Martha Richey Detail
Osage Twp LaClede Apr 4, 1885 Eli Thomas Beckey Thomas Detail
Gasconsle Twp LaClede Apr 10, 1885 Washington Williams Tabitha Williams Detail
Washington Twp LaClede Jun 7, 1885 Wm. H. Douglas Mary L. Douglas Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jul 15, 1885 J. L. Soward Laura Soward Detail
Franklin Twp LaClede May 11, 1885 Jacob Y. Gleaves Sarah E. Gleaves Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Sep 5, 1885 John Sterling Sarah Sterling Detail
Gasconsle Twp LaClede Dec 19, 1885 Milton Sapington Mary E. Sapington Detail
Hazle Green LaClede Dec 4, 1885 Andrew Jackson Harrison Emela E. Harrison Detail
Franklin Twp LaClede Jul 28, 1885 John S. Haudyrich May P. Handyrich Detail
Franklin Twp LaClede Jul 26, 1885 W. H. Hickman M. E. Hickman Detail
Franklin Twp LaClede Apr 25, 1886 John L. Soward Laura B. Soward Detail
Union Twp LaClede Dec 11, 1886 Henderson Selvage Harriett Selvage Detail
Lebanon LaClede Jun 28, 1890 Wilson Nathaniel Duval Lee Duval Detail
Clay Co LaClede Oct 1, 1890 Oscar Aycock Jemine Aycock Detail
Lebanon LaClede Sep 3, 189? Eli Cashaw Smith Lucinda Ellen Smith Detail
Eldridge LaClede Mar 9, 1892 Norris Waterman Ellen Waterman Detail
Lebanon LaClede Lewis Hubbs Chaney Hubbs Detail
LaClede Co LaClede Jan 7, 1893 Wm. Collier Elizabeth Collier Detail
Eldridge LaClede Jul 18, 1893 Wm. Burns Mary Jane Burns Detail
Eldridge LaClede Sep 7, 1893 Thomas Fowler Fannie Fowler Detail
Brooklin, NY LaClede May 22, 1898 Wm. Kapp Cary Elzabeth Kapp Detail
LaClede co LaClede Jun 8, 1899 George Campbell Birdie Adelade Campbell Detail
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