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Record 1451 thru 1500 of 1502

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Brightwell, Reddish Twp Lewis Jany.1, 1887 Robert Lee Brightwell Alma Brightwell Alma Hinon Detail
Not Provided Myrtle Twp,Knox. Co. Lewis Jany.16, 1887 Washington Barett Hudson Sarah Evaline Hudson Sarah Evaline Ewalt Detail
Charles Wesly Weidner Reddish Twp Lewis Jany.18, 1887 Jacob Weidner Jr. Mary Ella Weidner Mary Ella Hobbs Detail
Thrasher, LaBelle Twp Lewis Jany.13, 1887 Geo. Knight Thrasher Phebe Nancy Thrasher Phebe Nancy Mo[n]ill Detail
Myrtle Walker Reddish Twp Lewis Jany.24, 1887 Daniel Benton Walker Angeletta Walker Angeletta Walker Detail
Johnson, LaBelle Twp Lewis Feby.11, 1887 John Davis Johnson Lillie Belle Johnson Lillie Belle Sayre Detail
Holdeman, LaBelle Lewis Feby.20, 1887 James Johnson Holdeman Sallie Bet Holdeman Sallie Bet McCracken Detail
Hawkins, LaBelle Township Lewis Jany.30, 1887 Rouland Joseph Hawkins Mary Jane Hawkins Mary Jane Gregory Detail
Ferbe, LaGrange Lewis Jany.31, 1887 Frank Ferber Emona Ferber E. Neesmaure Detail
Lewis, LaGrange Lewis August 2, 1886 Steve Lewis Edeline Lewis E. Lewis Detail
Not Provided LaGrange Lewis Nov.14, 1886 Witmore Elizabeth Witmore E. Bamard Detail
Klusmeir, LaGrange Lewis Nov.21, 1886 Charly Klusmeir M. Anna Klusmeir M.A. Zeller Detail
Schroeder, Union Twp Lewis Nov.20, 1886 Wm. H. Schroeder Wilhelminie Schroeder W. Mensenbick Detail
Salter, Union Twp Lewis Nov.28, 1886 Wil. H. Salter A.M. Salter A.M. Klusmeir Detail
Minnie Alice Chappell Reddish Twp Lewis Feby.3, 1887 Ballard F. Chappell Zorrada Chappell Zorrada Hocker Detail
Clark Rees Felker Reddish Twp Lewis Feby.8, 1887 Peter J. Felker Ellanorah Felker Elenora Frances Detail
Addie Lizzie West Reddish Twp Lewis Feby.8, 1887 Marion F. West Melvina West Melvina Myers Detail
Mulinex, LaBelle Lewis Feby.25, 1887 Charles Mulinex Martha Ann Melinex Martha Ann Zimmerman Detail
LaRue, LaBelle Lewis Feby.26, 1887 Samuel Robert LaRue Belle LaRue Belle Bradshaw Detail
Shaw, Highland Twp Lewis March 1, 1887 George E. Shaw Adaline S. Shaw Adaline S. Nunn Detail
Anderson, Jeddo Lewis March 5, 1887 George Washington Anderson Florence Virginia Anderson Florence Virginia Lyon Detail
Ewalt, LaBelle Twp Lewis March 7, 1887 Samuel Richard Ewalt Catharine Ewalt Catharine Ball Detail
Brooking, LaBelle Twp Lewis March 11, 1887 Samuel Brooking Mamie Brooking Mamie Bradshaw Detail
Connell, LaBelle Twp Lewis March 15, 1887 Taylor Swearirgin Connell Emma Pricella Connell Emma Pricella Campbell Detail
Effie Brown LaGrange Lewis Feby.23, 1887 J.M. Brown Julia Brown Julia not given Detail
Clarrence August Beckman LaGrange Lewis March 4, 1887 August Beckman Ella Beckman Ella Reynolds Detail
Gilead,Mo Lewis Sept.26,1883 Robert B. Cason Alice May Cason Detail
Gilead Lewis Oct.27,1883 Alsada Whitaker Detail
Gilead Lewis Nov.14,1883 James M. Boulware Fannie May Boulware Detail
Lewis Co.,Mo Lewis Nov.20,1883 Martin Jones Mary [F] Jones Detail
LaGrange Lewis November 23,1883 Martin Farrell Mariah Farrell Detail
Lewis Co.,Mo Lewis Oct.29,1883 Silas Lake Donna Belle Lake Detail
Highland Twp Lewis Nov.22,1883 George Edward Shaw Adaline Lee Shaw Detail
LaGrange Lewis April 15,1884 Levi M?dford Hattie A. Wilson Detail
Union Twp Lewis April 19,1884 Howard Ackola Kattie Ackola Detail
Union Twp Lewis April 21,1884 August H. Schroeder Anna Schroeder Detail
Gilead,Mo Lewis May 25,1884 Isaic Brical Laura Brical Detail
Missouri Lewis May 26,1884 John W. Simpson Mary Simpson Detail
Monticello,Mo Lewis July 6,1884 George J. Taylor Amanda E. Taylor Detail
Williamstown Lewis July 18,1884 William Roberts Dasie Roberts Detail
Lyon Twp Lewis Augt.4,1884 Lewis Shiver Louisa Shiver Detail
Reddish Twp Lewis Oct.13,1884 M.H. Gregory Malvirea Gertrude Gregory Detail
Canton,Mo Lewis Dec.10,1884 George Brown Kitty Brown Detail
Dickerson Twp Lewis April 27,1885 John Frigigan Mary Frinigan Detail
Reddish Twp Lewis April 3,1885 John Winfried Spidle Elizabeth Spidle Detail
LaGrange Lewis May 27,1885 John Gail Hanne Gail Detail
LaGrange Lewis Mar.4,1885 John Deval B. Lightner Detail
Canton,Mo Lewis Oct.4,1885 George Brown Catie Monroe Detail
Lyon Twp Lewis Jany.22,1886 Samuel Ramsey Libby Trimble Ramsey Detail
Canton Twp Lewis June 25,1886 John Neal Marks Mrs. Marks Detail
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