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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Lankford, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Oct 17 1883 Lankford, Thomas Hutchinson Lankford, Florence Woodford Detail
Ward, Livingston County, MO Livingston Aug 22 1883 Ward, Tiney Ward, Maggie Reynolds Detail
Breedlove, Omar A. Farmersville, MO Livingston July 27 1883 Breedlove, Ambrose Breedlove, Elen Alexander Detail
Alexander, near Farmersville, MO Livingston Sept 30 1883 Alexander, Prentice Alexander, Lilley Miller Detail
Burns, Chillicothe Twp, Livingston Co, MO. Livingston July 17 1883 Burns, Samuel Burns, Ida Pain Detail
Wansetler, Jackson Twp Livingston Aug 30 1883 Wansetler, Josiah Henry Wansetler, Miram Soler Detail
Hale, Pansey Sampsel Twp Livingston July 15 1883 Hale, Robert L. Hale, Hellen Geneva Kisle Detail
Peery, Elisabeth Jackson Twp Livingston July 18 1883 Peery, John Henry Peery, Elisabeth Conos Detail
Kessler, Daniel Fulle Jackson Twp Livingston Aug 20 1883 Kessler, Daniel J. Kessler, Sarah A. Fulke Detail
Curtis, Mary Father's Residence Livingston Aug 18 1883 Curtis, Bembridge Curtis, Elisabeth Jane Kessler Detail
Christison, Mary Barbary Jackson Twp Livingston July 27 1883 Christison, Lee Harison Christison, Patsey Rice Boyle Detail
Crow, Sampsel Twp Livingston Sept 25 1883 Crow, William Thomas Crow, Margaret Ann Stockwell Detail
Wingo, Gaydies Spring Hill Twp Livingston Aug 11 1883 Wingo, Thomas R. Wingo, Sarah E. Girdner Detail
Sanders, Chillicothe Livingston Aug 14 1883 Not Known Sanders, Anna Crows Detail
Murry, Chillicothe Livingston Sept 12 1883 Murry, Joseph Murry, Viola Robinson Detail
Iseral, Chillicothe Livingston Sept 7 1883 Iseral, John Iseral, Bell Fairchild Detail
Miller, Chillicothe Livingston July 7 1883 Miller, John Miller, Mary xx Detail
Hasten, Chillicothe Livingston July 10 1883 Hasten, Isaac Hasten, Emma Venable Detail
Hughes, blank space Livingston Sept 16 1883 Hughes, Homer Hughes, Hannah Fuller Detail
Shephard, Livingston Co. MO Livingston Aug 26 1883 Shepard, Arnold Shepard Don't know Detail
Gibbons, Chillicothe Livingston Aug 1 1883 Gibbons, Daniel Gibbons Williams Detail
Sumter, Chillicothe Livingston Sept 5 1883 Sumter, F. H. Sumter, Cynthy Leeper Detail
Kirle, Chillicothe Livingston July 15 1883 Kirle, Cy Kirle Buron Detail
McDonald, Cottonwood Grove Livingston Oct 7 1883 McDonald, James McDonald, Ida Vesseret Detail
Thompson, Cottonwood Grove Livingston Oct 1 1883 Thompson, Wallace K. Thompson, Mary Holdridge Detail
Heath, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Aug 25 1883 Heath, Lewis R. Heath McDonald Detail
Mallett, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Sept 15 1883 Mllett, W. H. Mallett, Mattie Percell Detail
Smith, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Sept 15 1883 Smith, Robt Smith, Maricott E. Williams Detail
Thompson, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Aug 27 1883 Thompson, Frank P. Thompson, Alice Sinnock Detail
Sparks, Mooresville Twp Livingston Oct 3 1883 Sparks, William Sparks, Mary Risley Detail
Phillips, Mooresville Twp Livingston Sept 23 1883 Phillips, Elijah Thompson Phillips, Margaret Elisabeth Moody Detail
King, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Aug 21 1883 King, Elvis A. King, Annie Dimmick Detail
Rector, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 6 1883 Rector, Martin Rector, Laura Unknown Detail
Emerson, Fairview Twp Livingston Oct 11 1883 Emerson, Charles Emerson, Hannah Hire Detail
Sparling, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 29 1883 Sparling, Franklin Herbert Sparling, Laura May Broyles Detail
Marlow, Not Named Jackson Twp Livingston Oct 20 1883 Marlow, Lewis Marlow, Virginia Ramsey Detail
Raines, Not Named Jackson Twp Livingston Oct 11 1883 Raines, Albert Raines, Rosa Bayley Detail
Castill, Jackson Twp Livingston Oct 9 1883 Castill, Lemuel Castill, Carnelia Humphrey Detail
Griner, Eva Jackson Twp Livingston Sept 30 1883 Griner Griner, America Adaline Huffman Detail
Tanner, Jackson Twp Livingston Oct 13 1883 Tanner, Joseph Tanner, Aarabella Brassfield Detail
Wigfield, Jackson Twp Livingston Oct 17 1883 Wigfield, Joseph Wigfield, Leonara Springer Detail
Wingo, No Name Jackson Twp Livingston Sept 17 1883 Wingo, John E. Wingo, Louise Raulie Detail
Elliott, Monroe Twp Livingston Nov 8 1883 Elliott, Warren Elliott, Surelda M. Harding Detail
Too faint to read Too faint to read Livingston Too faint to read Too faint to read Too faint to read Too faint to read Detail
Wats, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 5 1883 Wats, Warren C. Wats, Edith I. Jones Detail
Gill, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 16 1883 Gill, Baldwin Perry Gill, Lou Ball Detail
Sheetz, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 11 1883 Sheetz, Frank Sheetz, Flora Belle Rucker Detail
Mansur, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 9 1883 Mansur, W. H. Mansur, Elizabeth Hughes Detail
Carney, Chillicothe Livingston Sept 22 1883 Carney, Edward Carney, Ellen [Blank] Detail
Nichols, Chillicothe Livingston Aug 14 1883 Nichols, Henry Nichols, Grace Pringle Detail
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