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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
White, Jackson Twp Livingston 10/11/1888 Frank White Queen Livingston Detail
Walton, Livingston County Livingston 9/4/1887 Jes Walton Barbara Walton Detail
Wagner, Jackson Twp Livingston 2/23/1889 George Wagner Parlea Wagner Walker Detail
Walker, Sampsel Twp Livingston 2/14/1889 Smith Walker Nancy Walker Gann Detail
Waite, Chillicothe, MO Livingston 12/23/1888 Warren E. Waite Emma Waite Jones Detail
Walker, Amos Daniel Sampsel Twp Livingston 3/13/1889 William Walker Minnie Walker Allnutt Detail
Williams, Wheeling, MO Livingston 4/27/1889 George Williams Mary O. Williams Rice Detail
Wagoner, Chillicothe, MO Livingston 4/27/1889 A. C. Wagoner Nellie Waggoner Beaver Detail
Wiley, Wheeling Twp Livingston 6/16/1889 Oliver Henry Wiley Rebecca Jane Wiley Walkup Detail
Warren, Nova Thomas Wheeling Twp Livingston 6/17/1889 Frank Warren Leona Warren Mitchell Detail
Welch, Chillicothe. MO Livingston 8/5/1889 William Welch Margaret Welch Kenedy Detail
Walby, Chillicothe, MO Livingston 8/12/1889 William Walby Mary Alice Walby Walker Detail
Wigley, Chillicothe, MO Livingston 11/6/1889 Floyd Wigley Harriet Angeline Wigley Fitzpatrick Detail
Wells, Chillicothe, MO Livingston 3/30/1890 James M. Wells Alice A. Wells Rector Detail
Walker, Sampsel Twp, MO Livingston 5/18/1890 Andrew Walker Verlindar Walker Allnutt Detail
Walker, Sampsel Twp, MO Livingston 5/18/1890 Andrew Walker Verlindar Walker Allnutt Detail
Williams, Livingston F. E. Williams Ida Williams Whitebread Detail
Weckman, Wheeling Twp, MO Livingston Oct. Frederick Weckman Anna Weckman Diar Detail
Rich Hill Twp Livingston Sept 10 1883 Bartlett, Wm. Bartlett, Fannie Detail
Rich Hill Twp Livingston Jan 3 1884 Martin, Edward Martin, Rose Detail
Chillicothe Livingston Feb 26 1884 Carroll, Wm Don't know Detail
Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 11 1884 Reital, Michael Reital, Mary Detail
Wheeling, Mo Livingston Apr 5 1884 Nay, Francis M. Nay, Florence M. Detail
Chillicothe Twp Livingston June 15 1884 Martin, Lawrence Martin, Bridget Detail
Sampsel Twp Livingston June 9 1884 McNally, Jas. Henry Kane David McNally, Mildred Caroline Detail
3rd Ward, Chillicothe, Mo Livingston June 14 1884 Gillespie, Michael Gillespie Detail
Sampsel Twp Livingston July 21 1884 Boucher, A. V. Boucher, Elizabeth Detail
Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Aug 3 1884 Shea, Edward Shea, Ellen Detail
Green Twp Livingston Aug 14 1884 Miller, D. Miller, Allice Detail
Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Oct 17 1883 Nay, John Nay Detail
Chillicothe Twp Livingston Sept 14 1884 Frederic Frederic, Anna C. Detail
Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Nov 18 1884 Mitts, Harvey Mitts, Anna C. Detail
Farmersville, Mo Livingston Aug 14 1885 Flowers, C. E. Flowers, Josie Detail
ERROR Livingston blank space Dudley, George A. Dudley, America Detail
Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Jan 23 1887 Leeper, Andrew Leeper, Mattie Detail
Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Mar 29 1887 Rapp, Dr. Benj. A. Rapp, Frances J. Detail
Rich Hill Twp Livingston May 17 1887 Andrews, Charles B Andrews, Alice Detail
Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Jan 4 1887 Anderson, John Anderson, Carry Detail
Jackson Twp Livingston Apr 20 1887 Anderson, Theodore Anderson, Mary Detail
1st Ward, Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Dec 26 1887 Mathes, Clarence S. Mathes, Susie Claire Detail
Farmersville, Mo Livingston Oct 22 1883 Davis, Robt Frank Davis, too faint to read Detail
Jackson Twp Livingston Feb 12 1888 Gann, Geo. Gann, Edith Ann Detail
Fairview Twp Livingston Feb 3 1888 Reed, Joseph Reed, Sumantha Detail
Cream Ridge Twp Livingston July 14 1888 Ward, Joseph Ward, Maggie Detail
Missouri Livingston Oct 22 1888 Burris, A. E. Burris, Emma Detail
Wheeling Twp Livingston Oct 28 1888 Hawes, John Hawes, Mary Detail
Wheeling Twp Livingston Feb 13 1889 Campbell, Henry C. Campbell, Annie Detail
Livingston Co. Mo Livingston Feb 3 1889 Winslow, Theo Winslow, Sarah Detail
Wheeling Twp Livingston May 12 1889 Holly, John Holly, Marthy Detail
Jackson Twp Livingston may 23 1889 Goodman, Wm. Vice Rosin Detail
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