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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Wynne, Chillicothe Livingston Oct 30 1883 Wynne, James G. Wynne, Bella C. Thompson Detail
Army, Chillicothe Livingston Aug 13 1883 Army Army, Georgiana Blankenship Detail
Davis, Chillicothe Livingston Nov 30 1883 Davis, Benjamin E. Davis, Lizzie M. Tudor Detail
Caswell, Chillicothe Livingston Nov 31 1883 Caswell, Lacy Caswell, Louisa Dye Detail
Baltis, Utica, Mo Livingston Sept 19 1883 Battis, Peter Battis, Emma Balky Detail
Walker, Amanda Sampsel Twp Livingston Oct 3 1883 Walker, Thomas Walaker, Sarah M. Vanbobber Detail
Gann, Elmor Sampsel Twp Livingston Oct 26 1883 Gann, Thomas J. Gann, Amanda Jones Detail
Edwards, Blue Mound Twp Livingston Nov 10 1883 Edwards, W. J. Edwards, Catharine Davies Detail
Erwin, Sampsel Twp Livingston Nov 16 1883 Erwin, Wm. Erwin, Ellen M. England Detail
Holding, Mooresville, MO Livingston Nov 4 1883 Holding, Benjamin Holding, Maggie McGates Detail
Blann, Nellie Mooresville, MO Livingston Nov 13 1883 Blann, Parmant E. Blann, Lucy Austin Detail
Beamer, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Nov 30 1883 Beamer, Dan Beamer Clark Detail
Lilly, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Oct 16 1883 Lilly, Thomas J. Lilly, Julia A. Darling Detail
Manso, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Oct 1 1883 Manso, James G. Manso, Sarah B. Main Detail
Atkins, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Dec 7 1883 Atkins, Valentine Atkins, Huldah Kilburne Detail
Cox, Earl Dilworth Utica, Mo Livingston Nov 21 1883 Cox, Benjamin Cox, Kate Field Field Detail
Blake, Chillicothe Livingston Dec 13 1883 Blake, George Blake, Emily Flavilla Thorn Detail
Harvelle, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Dec 19 1883 Harvelle, Chesterfield Harvelle, Mary Roberts Detail
Odle, O'Dell Mooresville, MO Livingston Dec 1 1883 Odle, Frank Odle, Jane Herndon Detail
French, Maud Mooresville, MO Livingston Nov 27 1883 French, George W. French, Susie C. Wells Detail
Headrick, Blue Mound Twp Livingston Dec 15 1883 Headric, Wm. H. Headric, Mary E. Clark Detail
Bushnell, Claude Leon Dawn, Mo Livingston Sept 4 1883 Bushnell, Henry Bushnell, Anna M. Park, Bridenehall, Anna M. Detail
Roles, Rich Hill Twp, Liv. Co, MO Livingston Dec 9 1883 Roles, James Roles, Virginia Ann Beckman Detail
Hale, Sampsel Twp, Liv Co, MO Livingston Nov 25 1883 Hale, James Tyler Hale, Mary Jame Patton Detail
Rice, Sampsel Twp, Liv Co, MO Livingston Dec 6 1883 Rice, P. W. Rice, Julia F. Welson Detail
West, Jackson Twp Livingston Nov 30 1883 West, George W. West, Dora B. Saylor Detail
Baker, Not named Cream Ridge Twp, Liv. Co, MO Livingston Dec 2 1883 Baker, Nathan A Baker, Ensith Sherod Detail
Hicks, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Dec 26 1883 Unknown Hicks, Carrie Hicks, Carrie Detail
McDanile, Residence of ??? (suppose to be Fairview) Livingston Dec 19 1883 McDaniel, Hiram McDanile, Mary Griggs Detail
Beauchamp, Not named Near Avalon, Mo Livingston Nov 18 1883 Beauchamp, Jno W. Beauchamp, Mary A. Peper (very faint) Detail
Buster, Sampsel, Mo Livingston Dec 16 1883 Buster, James L. Buster, Patsy E. Almett Detail
Walker, Sampsel, Mo Livingston Oct 17 1883 Walker, Wm. C. Walker, Jane (?) very faint Walker Detail
McWilliam, Sampsel, Mo Livingston Dec 7 1883 McWilliam McWilliam, Florence Belle Dawkins Detail
Phillips, Sampsel, Mo Livingston Dec 15 1883 Phillips, John A. Phillips, Jennie Buster, Jennie D. Detail
Clute (Twins) Grand River Twp Livingston Aug 19 1883 Clute Wm. Clute not given Detail
Gates, Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 1 1884 Gates, Chas Gates, Ardena Jacobs Detail
Cunningham, Cream Ridge Twp, Liv. Co, MO. Livingston Jan 7 1884 Cunningham, Leonard Cunningham, Effa Linda Collins Detail
Frazier, Abby Mooresville, MO Livingston Jan 8 1884 Frazier, Amos Frazier, Abbey Bashford Detail
Wilson, Avalon, MO Livingston Dec 16 1883 Wilson, Robert R. Wilson, Alice Singley Detail
McMillen, Green Twp. Liv. Co., MO Livingston Jan 3 1884 McMillen, John McMillen, Melvina Stone Stone Detail
Gladieux, Rich Hill Twp, Liv. Co., Mo Livingston Jan 18 1884 Gladieux Gladieux, Josephine Pierson Detail
Evans, Emma Blue Mound Twp Livingston Jan 3 1884 Evans, Edwin G. Evans, Henrietta D. Haught Detail
Reed, too faint to read Monroe Twp, Liv. Co, Mo Livingston Dec 12 1883 Reed, too faint to read Reed, Mary L. Blann Detail
Drydon, Sampsel Twp Livingston Jan 171884 Drydon, John Redman Drydon, Margaret Elizabeth Hoerath Detail
Montgomery, too faint to read Jackson Twp Livingston Jan 3 1884 Montgomery, Lee Montgomery, Susan Brassfield Detail
Jacobs, Cream Ridge Twp, Liv. Co, MO. Livingston Jan 16 1884 Jacobs, William Jacobs, Dany Eckhurt Detail
Graham (Twins) Rich Hill Twp Livingston July 14 1883 Graham, James Graham Israel Detail
Chapman, Albert Earnest Chillicothe, MO Livingston Aug 20 1883 Chapman, Ezra G. Chapman, Carrie S. Russell Detail
Kallar, blank Livingston Aug 8 1883 Kallar [Blank] [Blank] Detail
Bruce, blank Livingston Aug 5 1883 Bruce,xx Bruce [Blank] Detail
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