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Record 1 thru 50 of 1819

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Henry Joseph Hendersonich? Mine La Motte Madison Aug 3, 1883 George Heidenrich? Mary Anne? Hendenrich Mary Ann Bauman Detail
Dollie Johnson Mine La Motte Madison Aug 6, 1883 Samuel Barner Johnson Catherine Johnson Catherine Tucker Detail
Frank Caruthers Baldwin Mine La Motte Madison Aug 13, 1883 John Franklin Baldwin Susan Rebecca Baldwin Susan Rebecca Tucker Detail
Albert F. Miller Mine la Motte Madison Se[t 11, 1883 John William Miller Misouri Ann Miller Missouri Ann Mills? Detail
Mary Frances Olando Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Sept 14, 1883 Gust Olander Triss Olander Trise Schafer Detail
Effa Tucker Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Sept 15, 1883 George Washington Rucker Matilda Ellen Tucker Matilda Ellen Shulls Detail
Not Provided Fredericktown Madison Aug 21, 1883 John D. Thomason Mary Thomason Mary Mattews? Detail
Lu? Berryman Fredericktown Madison Aug 24, 1883 James Mc Fadden Berryman Mary Elizabeth Berryman mary Elizabeth Murry Detail
Oscar Herginger Fredericktown Madison Aug 28, 1883 George P?. Herginger Katie A. Herginger Katie A. Anthony Detail
Not Provided Fredericktown Madison Sept 1, 1883 Fayette C. Nifong Liria? Nifong Liria Davis Detail
Not Provided Fredericktown Madison Sept 10, 1883 David Munley Sarah Munley Detail
Not Provided Near Mine La Motte Madison Sept 26, 1883 John Francis Malissa Francis Malissa Powell Detail
Not Provided Madison County Madison Sept 18, 1883 Richard Callison Elen Callison Elen Braddey? Detail
William Goff Burton Madison County Madison Sept 15, 1883 John Edwards Elizabeth Caroline Edwards Elizabeth Caroling Barton? Detail
Nellie Hahn Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Oct 2, 1883 John. J. Hahn Johanah Hahn Johanah Gadberry Detail
Margarett C. Brice Near Fredericktown, Mo Madison Sept 7, 1883 William Brice Cora Brice Cora Co?cey Detail
Olive Gertrude Blaylock Rock Point, Mo. Madison Sept 5, 1883 Joseph Anderson Blaylock Nancy? Elizabeth Blaylock Nancy? Elizabeth Richards Detail
Not Provided Marquand, Mo. Madison Sept 11, 1883 Michael Owens Ellen Owens Ellen McDonal Detail
Charles Sylvester Lawrence Marquand, Mo. Madison Oct 8, 1883 John Josiah Lawrence Martha Ann Lawrence Martha Ann Walls Detail
Sarah Adeline Whitmer Marquand, Mo. Madison Sept 10, 1883 Elidijah? Whitener Susan Ann Whitener? Susan Ann Cheek Detail
David Harrison Piles Madison Co, Mo. Madison Sept 9, 1883 Alexander Piles Paulina Piles Paulina Davis Detail
Nellie and Oscar Irwin Fredericktown Madison Oct 7, 1883 Joshua F. Irwin Sarah Irwin Sarah Mc Bay Detail
Cora May Cunningham Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Oct 14, 1883 John S. Cunningham Elizabeth Jane Cunningham Elizabeth Jane Brewin? Detail
Oscar, Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Oct 22, 1883 John Thomas Schalk Mary Elizabeth Schalk Mary Elizabeth Voss Detail
Not Provided Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Aug 9, 1883 Josiah Wood Martha Jane Wood Martha Jane Quinton? Detail
William Henry Volfs? Mine La Motte Madison Aug 1, 1883 John Adam Vofs Elizabeth Ann Vofs Elizabeth Ann Skoggs Detail
Christopher Stigall Mine la Motte Madison Sept 5, 1883 Thomas Levi? Stegall Emily Jane Stigall Emily Jane Scoot Detail
Henry Reubin Scaggs Mine La Motte Madison Oct 6, 1883 George Washington Skaggs Martha Sadony Skaggs Martha Sadoney? Underwood Detail
Catherine Goff Jenkins Fredericktown Madison Sept 1, 1883 Luther E. Jenkins Susan Catharine Jinkins Susan Catherine Davis Detail
John Wingler Fredericktown Madison Sept 4, 1883 John Wingler Mary Wingler Detail
Thomas F? Murry Fredericktown Madison Sept 15, 1883 Robert Murry Elizabeth Murry Elizabeth Perkins Detail
Clare Saunders Mine La Motte Madison Sept 20, 1883 John D. Sanders Mary R. Sanders Mary R. Rid Detail
Josphine Caroline Mine La Motte Madison Nov 8, 1883 John Stenier Elizabeth Steiner Elizabeth Ho?hler Detail
Charles Henry Knowls Madis County Mo. Madison Oct 25, 1883 Cenjamin Clardy Knowles Sarah Catherine Knowles Sarah Catherine Timmins? Detail
Not Provided Fredeicktown Madison Nov 16, 1883 Jos. Thornton Kate Thyornton Kate Tathom? Detail
William Henry Brown Polk Township, Madison Co. Mo Madison Nov 16, 1883 William Walter Braun Marilda Ann Braun Marilda Ann Simmons Detail
Cahoon, Fredericktown Madison Nov 19, 1883 M?. H. Cahoon Minnie Cahoon Minnie Hirgenger Detail
Mary Elizabeth Hudson Madison Co. Madison Nov 4, 1883 Willard Filmore Hudson Josephine Hudson Josephine Revelle? Detail
Thos Jefferson Mine La Motte, Mo. Madison Nov 23, 1883 Jacob Howell Jane C. Howell jane C. Thomas Detail
Cora Duncan Mine La Motte Madison Nov 26, 1883 James Franklin Duncan Elizabeth Duncan Detail
Thomason, St. Michael Twp Madison Nov 21, 1883 George Thomason Mary Thomason Mary St. Genace? Detail
Lucindy Susan Goos's Mine La Motte Madison Nov 21, 1883 William Henry Gorss Sarah Lucinda Kaite Grass Sarah Lucinda K. Baker Detail
John Ezrias Miller Mine La Motte Madison Oct 23, 1883 Geroge Washington Miller Hettie Ellen Miller Hettin Ellen Boswell Detail
Maggie May Priest Mine La Motte Madison Oct 26, 1883 William James Priest Martha Lucindy Priest Martha Lucindy Moor Detail
George Lee McKinney Madison Co. M. Madison Nov 13, 1883 George Kinney Mary Kinney Detail
Edith Grosslin Madison Co. Mo. Madison Dec 4, 1883 Emma Grosslins? Emma Grosseline? Detail
Bell, Madison Co. Mo. Madison Dec 6, 1883 J.B. Bell Martha Bell Martha Cooper Detail
Stanford, Fredericktown, Mo Madison Nov 30, 1883 A? E. Stanford Detail
Choat, Fredericktown Madison Dec 1, 1883 Joseph Choat Julia Choat Julia Ham Detail
Deguire, St. Francios Twp, Madison Co. Mo. Madison Dec 5, 1883 Joseph Deguire Eliza Deguire Eliza Mathews Detail
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