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Record 1051 thru 1058 of 1058

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Elk Prairie, MO Maries 2/5/1888 Mary Carver Detail
St. James Twp. Maries 1/10/1884 Wm. M. Gorman Minerva E. Gorman Detail
Phelps Co. MO Maries 3/4/1884 Frank Young Mrs. Young Detail
Rolla Twp. Maries 5/8/1884 George R. Shiller Mary E. Shiller Detail
Rolla Twp. Maries 3/7/1885 W. A. Hawkins Nancy V. Hawkins Detail
Knotwell, MO Maries 8/10/1883 Hugh Hess Anna Hess Detail
Spring Creek Maries 12/14/1883 George W. Asher Love Ann Asher Detail
Miller Twp., MO Maries 11/1/1887 James L. Dyer Annie S. Perkins Detail
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