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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Beville, Benbow Marion Jan 22nd 1884 Peter T. Beville Mary Beville Draper Detail
Cora Ethel Boyer Benbow Marion Feb 6th 1884 Albert Bruce Boyer Sarah Ann Boyer Sarah Ann Allen Detail
Campbell, Hannibal Mo Marion Oct 21st 1883 Harbrook Campbell Louise Campbell Detail
Ben. Johnson Marion Jan 18th 1884 James Johnson Lizzie Johnson Lizzie Daulton Detail
Martin, Hannibal Missouri Marion Oct 26th J. C. Martin Martin Richardson Detail
Bumgardner, Hannibal Missouri Marion Jan 30th 1884 Jos Bumgardner Jane Bumgardner Detail
Lubering, Hannibal Marion Feb 2nd 1884 C. B. Lubering Mary Lubering Detail
Helen Matilda Montgomery Hannibal Marion Jan 21st 1884 Chas Wm Montgomery Pauline Rebecca Montgomery O'Daniel Detail
William Murphy Hannibal Marion Feb 14th 1884 D. M. Murphy Ellen Murphy Detail
Fream, Round Grove Twp Marion Co Mo Marion Feb 15th 1884 Isaac Henry Fream Alsaidie Fream Kunn Detail
Jarman, Marion Co Missouri Marion Feb 9th 1884 John Jarman Jonnie Jarman Jonnie Shuma-e Detail
Payne, Marion Co Missouri Marion Jan 28th 1884 Bazil Payne Dora Payne Dora Sharp Detail
Louis Edward Seibel Hannibal Mo Marion Feb 19th 1884 Louis Seibel Mary ElizabethSeibel Mary ElizabethPrice Detail
James Andrew Wilson Fabius Township Marion Jany 27th 1884 Geo. Wilson Mary J. Wilson Mary J. Wolkett Detail
Asa. Gentry Marion Co Missouri Marion Feb 7th 1884 Chas. R. Gentry Catharine C. Gentry Catharine C. James Detail
Smith, Palmyra Mo Marion Feb 27th 1884 Frank W Smith Luttie R Smith Luttie R Hatcher Detail
McClintic, Warren Twp Marion. Co. Mo. Marion Feb 11th 1884 Geo. Harvey McClintic Margaret Ann McClintic Margaret Ann Noble Detail
Gibbons, Marion. Co. Mo. Marion Feb 9th 1884 Larkin Gibbons Gibbons Maddux Detail
Lucy Granger Philadelphia Mo Marion Feb 6th 1884 Thomas Granger Tamson Granger Mayfield Detail
Bond, Hannibal Marion Jan 17th 1884 M. Joseph Burt Mary Francis Burt Mary Francis McGee Detail
George Johnson Hannibal Mo Marion Feb 17th 1884 James Johnson Maria Jane Johnson Maria Jane LeDan Detail
Terpening, Benbow Mo Marion Feb 18th 1884 John W. Terpening Jane Dennison Terpening Jane Dennison Pearson Detail
Carter, Marion Co. Mo. Marion Feb 14th 1884 Lark-n Carter Cynthia A Carter Cynthia A Creacy Detail
Vincent, Marion Co. Mo. Marion Feb 8th 1884 Edward Vincent Francis Ann Vincent Francis Ann Sharp Detail
Wiseman, Marion Co Mo Marion Feb 29th 1884 Wm. G. Wiseman Mary A. Wiseman Mary A. Johnson Detail
Hatton, Miller Twp Marion March 4th 1884 William Hatton Otilla Hatton Otilla Reddick Detail
Rose H. Lear Marion. Co. Mo Marion March 8th 1884 E. R. Lear Annie M. Lear Annie M. Highland Detail
Woods, Hannibal Mo Marion Feb 26th 1884 Peter Woods Carrie Woods Williams Detail
Milton M. Proctor Palmyra Marion Co Missouri Marion March 14th 1884 James, Wood, Proctor Eoline Proctor Eoline Tipton Detail
Kohl, Fabius Twp Marion Co Missouri Marion Mch 24th 1884 Leonard Kohl Amanda Kohl Amanda Kaufman Detail
Kincaid, Warren Twp Marion Feb 27th 1884 Harvey Kincaid Martha Kincaid Lu-kenbaugh Detail
Masterson, Warren Twp Marion Co Mo Marion March 8th 1884 John D. Masterson Fannie Masterson Pearcefield Detail
Bennett, Fabius Township Marion Co. Mo. Marion March 10th 1884 Stephen O Bennett Mary E. Bennett Mary E. Ward Detail
Maggie Edna Palmer Hannibal Mo Marion Feb 29th 1884 Oliver Perry Palmer Laura Catharine Palmer Palmer Detail
Frank Surghnor Hannibal Mo Marion Mch 29th 1884 Burr Peyton Surghnor Clayette Surghnor Montville Detail
Not Provided Hannibal Mo Marion March 25th 1884 Frank Alvin Henshaw Lucy Ella Henshaw Richcreek Detail
Elvin Norris Keller Hannibal Mo Marion April 1st 1884 Lemuel Chas Keller Sallie Belle Keller Norris Detail
Schofield, Marion March 4th 1884 Marion Schofield Margaret Schofield Wiseman Detail
Hampton, Round Grove Twp Marion Co Mo Marion March 15th 1884 Virgil Hampton Emily Hampton Kesner Detail
Turner, Marion Co. Mo. Marion March 9th 1885 Samuel Turner Martha Turner Martha Gupton Detail
Terrill, Warren Marion Co. Mo. Marion Feby19th 1885 Wm. Terrill Martha Terrill Martha Atkinson Detail
Taylor, Palmyra Mo. Marion Jany 4th 1885 E.B. Taylor Ella Taylor Ella Chandler Detail
Veach, Palmyra Mo. Marion Jany 6th 1885 E. Veach Rena Veach Rena Summera Detail
Wood, Henry Cecil Warren Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion Jany 5th 1885 John Robert Wood Juliet Marion E. Wood Juliet Marion E. Calvert Detail
Brooks, Josephine Miller Township Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept. 28th 1886 Almer Aiden Brooks Mary Lee Brooks Mary Lee Clayvitte Detail
Brockhold, Marion Aug. 9th 1886 Herman Brockhold Brockhold, Detail
Bowles, Fabius Township Marion Aug. 3rd 1886 Douglas Bowles Mildred Bowles Mildred Scott Detail
Bandy, Ella Bear Creek Sta. Marion Co. Mo. Marion July 8th 1886 Henry Bandy Isabella Bandy Isabella Harris Detail
Brown, Mo. Marion July 5th 1886 Anderson Brown Martha Brown Martha Mays Detail
Bates, Fabius Township Marion June 19th 1886 A. Bates Ella Bates Ella Johnson Detail
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