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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Miller, Benbow Twp. Marion Oct. 27th 1883 James Elva Miller Ruth Ann Miller Ruth Ann Pryor Detail
McElroy, Georgie May Hannibal Mo. Marion Oct. 2nd 1883 George Washington McElroy Isabella McElroy Belle McCune Detail
Moore, Diadamia M. J. Warren Village Mo. Marion Oct. 20th 1883 Wm. Washington Moore Lucy Belle Moore [Lucy Belle] Layton Detail
OHarra, Palmyra Mo. Marion Sept. 16th 1883 Barney O.Harra Mary OHarra [Mary] Sinnott Detail
Pritchard, Mary Catherine Round Grove Twp. Marion County Mo. Marion Nov. 28th 1883 D.W. Pritchard Nancy Elizabeth Pritchard [Nancy Elizabeth] Krischbaum Detail
Pittinger, Marion County Mo. Marion July 13th 1883 Mabel George Pittinger Detail
Parks, Emerson Marion Aug. 7th 1883 George Parker Ettie Parks [Ettie] Brordom Detail
Parks, Marion July 13th 1883 Parks, Parks, Detail
Smith, Marion D.B. Smith Detail
Smoot, Palmyra Mo. Marion Aug. 24th 1883 Phillip Smoot Eliza Smoot Eliza Bell Detail
Thomas, Mary E. Palmyra Mo. Marion Dec. 1st 1883 Benj. F. Thomas Mary E. Thomas [Mary E.] Spencer Detail
Taylor, Fabius Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept. 1st 1883 Wm. H. Tayler Detail
Thruidheld, Fabius Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion July 25th 1883 John Thrailheld Detail
Turner, Warren Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion Nov. 1st 1883 Samuel Turner Martha Turner [Martha] Gupton Detail
Tompkin, Marion Oct. 25th 1883 John Tompkins Rhal Tompkins [Rhal] Wiseman Detail
Vogt, Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept. 14th 1883 John L. Vogt Annie Vogt Annie Englehardt Detail
Victor, Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept. 3rd 1883 George Victor May Victor [May] McChristy Detail
Wafts, Alva M. Hannibal Mo. Marion Sept. 30th 1883 Lafayette Watts Ellen M. Watts [Ellen M.] Scott Detail
Wilson, County Marion Sept. 1st 1883 Wood Wilson Detail
Wilson, Fabius Township Marion Co. Mo. Marion July 20th 1883 Robert Wilson Jennie Wilson Jennie Maddux Detail
Whaley, Marion Co. Mo. Marion July 20th 1883 Frank Whaley Kate Whaley [Kate] Gilkerson Detail
Wagner, Warren Marion Sept. Christe Wagner Mary Wagner [Mary] Henritci Detail
Allen, Aldora Mothers Residence Marion Sept 27th 1884 Wm. S. Allen Mary Gennittie Allen Mary Gennittie Rider Detail
Beville, Katie Alice Benbow Marion Co. Mo. Marion Dec 22nd 1883 L. J. Beville Martha Beville Martha Walters Detail
Bates, Miller Township Marion Co. Mo. Marion Jan 22 1884 Moss D. Bates Mary Elizabeth Bates Mary Elizabeth Nichols Detail
Barnett, Marion Co. Missouri Marion Dec 3rd 1883 Wm. Barnett Lizzie Barnett Lizzie Hawker Detail
Bashore, Missouri Marion January 20th 1884 Wm. O. Bashore Mollie Bashore Mollie LaFon Detail
Bevilli, Benbow Marion Jan 22nd 1884 Peter T. Bevill Mary Beville Mary Draper Detail
Boyer, Cora Ethel Benbow Marion Co. Mo. Marion Feb. 6th 1884 Albert Brur Boyer Sarah Ann Boyer Sarah Ann Allen Detail
Bumgardner, Hannibal Marion Jan 30th 1884 Jos Bumgardner Jane Bumgardner Dont Know Detail
Burt, 222 South 3rd St. South Hannibal Marion Jany 17th 1884 Joseph Burt Mary Frances Burt Mary Frances McGee Detail
Bennett, Fabius Twp Marion Co. Mo. Marion March 10th 1884 Stephen O. Bennett Mary E. Bennett Mary E. Ward Detail
Blanch, Eva Round Grove Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion January 19th 1884 E. T. Bowles Mary E. Bowles Mary E. Wiseman Detail
Benedict, Marion Feb 14th 1884 Charles Benedict Mary E. Benedict Mary E. Sanders Detail
Bowman, George Arthur Marion March 29th 1884 Geo Harrison Bowman Margaret Elizabeth Bowman Margaret Elizabeth Smith Detail
Brown, Benbow Marion April 26th 1884 Wm. Smith Brown Mary Nancy Brown Mary Nancy Lake Detail
Baxter, Jacob William 2 miles North of Palmyra Marion Co Mo Marion Jan 14th 1884 Jos Henry Baxter Anna Louise Baxter Anna Louise Bower Detail
Bogai, Fabius Twp. Marion July 1st 1884 Frederick Bogai Annie Bogai Annie Walters Detail
Brower, Warren Twp. Marion Aug 4th 1884 Jas Brower Almanda Brower Almanda Allen Detail
B{uclkner), Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept 24th 1884 Heram Buckner Nanie Buckner Nanie Williams Detail
Brown, Eva Fabius Township Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept 23rd 1884 Henry Clay Brown Elizabeth D. Brown Elizabeth D. Scott Detail
Bohn, Emerson Mo. Marion Oct 1st 1884 Jas Poke Bohon Roy, Detail
Beckett, Fabius Twp. Marion Oct 27th 1884 Warren Beckett Narcissa Beckett Narcissa Bowles Detail
Byrd, Mary E. Marion Co. Mo. Marion Aug 30th 1884 John A. Byrd Mary E. Byrd Mary E. Kincain Detail
Brower, Ada Union Twp. Marion Dec 1st 1884 Marion Chancellor Brown Ann Virginia Bower Ann Virginia Webb Detail
Carson, Missouri Marion December 27 1883 Elisha J. Carson Catharina R. Carson Catharina R. Kern Detail
Coons, Fabius Twp. Marion Dec 26th 1883 Robt Harvey Coons Jennie Coons Jennie Gordon Detail
Chipman, Ada Benbow Marion Dec 2?th 1883 Thomas M. Chipman Ada Chipman Ada Jarman Detail
Caulman, Marion Co. Mo. Marion Dec 19th 1883 Coolman, Coolman, Rhodes, Detail
Campbell, Hannibal Mo. Marion Oct 21st 1883 Hasbrook Campbell Louise Campbell Detail
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