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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Fabius Twp Mar Co Marion March 14 1884 Rufus Lovelace Margaret Lovelace Detail
Fab. Twp Marion April 13th 1885 Ashmore Richard W. Ashmore Cordeli- A Detail
Benbow Marion March 22 1884 Joseph Bohon Louisa Marie Bohon Detail
West Ely Marion May 2nd 1885 Don't Know Hardin Sarah Detail
Miller Twp Marion Co Marion Mch 19th 1884 Andrew Kirby Emily Kirby Detail
Marion April 19th 18[85] Jones Thomas Jones Margaret Detail
Marion Co Mo Marion May 4th 1884 Byron Kirkham Mary, C, Kirkham Detail
Palmyra Marion June 15th 1884 A. T. Carter Lizzie. V. Carter Detail
Palmyra Marion Co Marion June 11th 1884 George Bennett Annie Bennett Detail
Marion, Co. Mo. Marion Oct 7th 1884 Chas Leachn-- Mary Leachn-- Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Sept 22, 1883 James W. Stephesan Allicie Stephesan Detail
Princeton, Mo Marion Dec 28, 1883 Ben F. Fisher Manda Fisher Detail
Princeton Marion Jan 1884 J. A. Thompson Dot Thompson Detail
Cleopatra Marion Wm. Robinson Ann R. Robinson Detail
Harrison Twp Marion May 15, 1884 single Eliza A. Smathers Detail
Ravanna Twp Marion Jan 8, 1884 Robt. A. Field Martha E. Field Detail
Princeton Marion May 25, 1884 Silas Roland Nancy Roland Detail
Medicine Twp Marion Abner Michael Ella Michael Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Nov 2, 1883 William Lewis Hallie Lewis Detail
Mercer Co, MO Marion May 23, 1885 Geo. A. Lamb Nancy J. Lamb Detail
Mercer Co, MO Marion Aug 21, 1883 unknown Alice Mullins Detail
Ravanna Marion May 23, 1885 Albert Rushton Rachel A. Rushton Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Oct 23, 1883 Joseph Leitheho Hanna Leitheho Detail
Marion Twp Marion Aug 10, 1885 Fred Ghoshen Mary Gloshen Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Oct 8, 1883 Geo. W. Woodward Mitalda E. Woodward Detail
Myers Twp Marion Richard Meyers Elizabeth A Meyers Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Dec 3, 1883 Charles F. Cousins Ellen Cousins Detail
Grundy Co, MO Marion Sept 23, 1885 Barkley Humphreys Susan Humphreys Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Dec 3, 1883 Geo. Evans Emma Evans Detail
Princeton, MO Marion Oct 17, 1885 Frederick Burget? Polly Ann Burget Detail
Medicine Twp Marion Dec 21 1884 Henry D. Southworth Jemie Southworth Detail
Sumerset Tp Marion Oct 28, 1885 C. O. Reed Anniline Reed Detail
Lindley Twp Marion Jan 4, 1884 robt. W. Hagan Sarah M. Hagan Detail
Sumerset Tp Marion Oct 11, 1885 Lee Kelly Nancy Jane Kelley Detail
Warren Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion Oct. 15th 1883 Kizer, Thomas Kizer, Annie Detail
Hannibal Mo. Marion Feby 26th 1884 Woods, Peter Woods, Carrie Detail
Fabius Township Mo. Marion Dec. 24th 1884 Gash, John R. Gash, Margaret Detail
Missouri Marion Jany 2nd 1886 Boyer, William Edward Boyer, Annie Detail
Hannibal Mo. Marion Jany 29th 1887 Drescher, Warren F. Drescher, Lizzie M. Detail
Benbow Marion Sept 9th 1884 Keck, Daniel Keck, Sarah Detail
Warren Twp. Mar. Co. Mo. Marion Nov. 1st 1884 Rogers, John Rogers, Mary Detail
Mason Twp. Marion Co. Mo. Marion Nov. 18th 1884 McFarland, Thomas McFarland, Rachel C. Detail
Emerson Marion Co. Mo. Marion Sept 19th 1883 Boldridge, Joseph Boldridge, Sarah Detail
Marion Co. Mo. Marion March 15th 1884 Carson, Robert W. Carson, Emily J. Detail
Fabius Twp. Marion March 19 1885 Grawa, John Grawa, Sophia Detail
South River Twp. Marion April 14th 1886 Julius, Alfred Julius, Mary Detail
Hannibal Mo. Marion Oct. 4th 1887 Hubner, Milton M. Hubner, Rosa V. Detail
Fabius Twp. Marion March 14th 1884 Lovelace, Rufus Lovelace, Margaret Detail
Fabius Twp. Marion April 13th 1885 Ashmore, Richard W. Ashmore, Cordelia A. Detail
Benbow Marion March 22nd 1884 Bohon, Joseph Bohon, Louisa Detail
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