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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Livingston Alvin Wesly Miller County Miller May ,e 29 Peter Preston Livingston Martha Livingston Martha A. Grover Detail
Lawson, Myrtle W. Aurora Springs, MO Miller Aug 7, 1887 Thornton Smith Lawson Alice Morton Lawson Simmons Detail
Not Provided Eldon, Mo Miller 26-Sep James Lieurance Mary Lieurance Nee Thompson Detail
Not Provided Spring Garden, MO Miller Sept 17, 1887 E. M. Lumpkin Mary A. Lumpkin Coggburn Detail
Lupaulus, Minnie Myrtle Miller Co., Mo Miller February 13, 1888 P. B. Lupardus Joanne Lupardus Cove Detail
Rosella Naona Laub Miller Co., MO Miller May 30, 1888 Henry Laub Mauda Isabel Laub Maude Isabell Wilson Detail
Not Provided Spring Garden, MO Miller July 27, 1888 Jno S. Lumpkin Avella F. Lumpkin Hodge Detail
Lynn, Saline Twp Miller 9/22/1888 W. A. Lynn Nancy Lynn Forin Detail
Mengers, Spring Garden, MO Miller May 2, 1889 J. J. Mengers Bertie Mengers Hoff Detail
Leslie, Moreau Twp Miller March 17, 1890 A. E. Leslie Leona Leslie Stevens Detail
Lowall, Jim Henry Twp Miller April 5, 1890 S. F. Lowall Catherine Lowall Winter Detail
Montgomery, Eva May Eldon, Miller Co. Mo Miller Oct 1, 1883 Joseph Montgomery Clarinda Emily Montgomery Thompson Detail
Miller, Bessie Aurora Springs, Mo Miller Feby 27, 1884 W. A. Miller Mary Miller Mary Keltner Detail
Martin, Claude A. Brumley Miller Feby 16, 1884 J. C. Martin Francis A. Martin Thompson Detail
Miller, John Spring Garden, MO Miller May 25, 1884 Joseph Miles Angeline Miles Sappenfield Detail
Meadows, Frank Clark Twp Cole Co. Miller May 23, 1884 James E. Melton Sarah Elizabeth Meadows Henderson Detail
Melton, Burton Elmer Miller Co., Mo Miller Jul 4, 1884 Jerimiah Meadows Mary E. Melton Mary E. Owens Detail
Miller, Saline Twp Miller Co. Miller Jun 15, 1884 James Perry Miller Emma E. Miller Curty Detail
Martin, John William Osage Twp Miller Co., Mo Miller Jun 25/84 William P. Martin Sarah Martin Bilyeu Detail
Messersmith Charles Milton Saline Twp. Miller Miller 9, July 1884 Allen Messersmith Jane Messersmith Harrison Detail
Murchinson, Willie Wyatt Miller Co., Mo Miller May 27, 1884 John Silas Murchinson Elizabeth Murchinson Boas Detail
Miller, Walter B. Miller Co., Mo Miller Aug 13, 1884 Boyd S. Miller Margaret J. Miller Detail
Morrison, Ethel Aurora Springs, Mo Miller Sept 2, 1884 Rev. Robt. Morrison Flora B. Morrison Bomberger Detail
Murphy, Saline Twp Miller Sept 21, 1884 John M. Murphy Mary Murphy Bathe Detail
Mathias, Saline Twp. Miller Miller Oct 30, 1884 Valentine Mathias Catharine Mathias Hoffman Detail
Musick, Margaret Livenia Osage Twp., Miller Aug 19, 1884 John A. Musick Martha O. Musack Brumley Detail
Mitchell, Chester, Miller Co., Mo Miller Dec 1, 1884 Charles N. Mitchell Lucinda Ann Mitchell Spalding Detail
Miller, Saline Twp Miller Dec 25, 1884 Thomas H. B. Miller Emily J. Miller Emily J. Tindle Detail
Madden, Richwoods Twp. Miller Jan 4, 1885 James M. Madden Francis Alice Madden Francis Alice Pickring Detail
?? Artie Washington Aurora Springs, Miller Dec 21, 1884 Ben Moreland Eliza E. Kelly Eliza E. Kelly Detail
Musick, Margaret Livenia Spring Garden, MO Miller Jany 26, 1885 Albert L. Musick Alice L. Musick Simpson Detail
Metz, Miller Co, Mo Miller April 22, 1885 Samuel E. Metz Mary A. Metz Epperson Detail
Matney, Minnie Belle near Tuscumbia Miller May 27, 1885 Richard Matney Malinda J. Matney Grigsby Detail
Miller, Bulah Saline Twp Miller July 27, 1885 Elijah G. Miller Mary E. Miller Atkinson Detail
Matthews, Miller Co,. Mo Miller July 10, 1885 E. J. Matthews Malinda E. Matthews Davenport Detail
Maples, Aurora Springs Miller July 24, 1885 Manel Maples Cynthis Maples Riggs Detail
Martin, John Edwin Miller Co., Mo Miller July 2, 1885 Thurman Siegel Martin Lettie Cunci Martin Vaughan Detail
Matthews, Aurora Springs Miller Jul 2, 1885 E. A. Matthews Malinda E. Matthews Davenport Detail
Morrison, Durham Aurora Springs Miller Jul 27, 1885 James L. Morrison Mary A. Morrison Durham Detail
Murcersmith, Saline Twp Miller Aug 18, 1885 Montgomery Murcersmith Leona Murcersmith Blanton Detail
Murchison, John Arthur Glaize Twp Miller Nov 1885 John S. Murchison Annie E. Murchison Woolsey Detail
Musick, Margaret Livenia Saline Twp Miller Co. Miller Dec 8, 1885 James Adams Musick Melbina Musick Miller Detail
Moler, Myrtle Aurora Springs, Mo Miller Feb 6, 1886 Herbert L. Moles Olive Moles Robinson Detail
Meredith, Cora Vernettie Miller Co., Mo Miller April 6, 1886 Zachariah Meredith Susan Eleuro Meredith Susan Elmira Wilson Detail
Mooney, Arthur Willington Miller Co., Mo Miller Jany 26, 1886 Thomas A. Mooney Martha C. Mooney Schuberts Detail
Mendenhal, Eldon, Mo Miller March 2, 1886 James B. Mendenhall Margaret Mendenhall Margaret Davis Detail
Mitchell, Spring Garden, MO Miller June 12, 1886 C. A. Mitchell Malinda A. Mitchell Musick Detail
Musick, Richwoods Twp. Miller Jun 18, 1886 John A. Musick Martha C. Musick Martha C. Brumley Detail
Moore, Saline Twp Miller Aug 21, 1886 Wm. C. Moore Rachel Moore Plummer Detail
Mace, Elsie Jane Near Iberia, Mo Miller Aug 31, 1886 Albert J. Mace Mahala Elizabeth Mace Slavens Detail
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