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Record 6101 thru 6110 of 6110

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Green Twp Nodaway May. 19, 1884 Criles, James S Crites, Lou Ella Detail
Hughes Twp Nodaway May. 27, 1884 Dane, Lena Detail
Green Twp Nodaway May. 29, 1884 Hicks, John Hicks, Anna M. Detail
Maryville, Mo Nodaway Jun. 21, 1884 Frost, William Frost, Mrs Detail
Hopkins, Mo Nodaway Aug. 26, 1884 Daley, Cornelius Daley, Matilda Detail
White Cloud Twp Nodaway Aug. 16, 1884 Harmon, Andrew J. Harmon, Amanda M Detail
Maryville, Mo Nodaway Sept. 21, 1884 Buck, George M Buck, Alice E. Detail
Maryville, Mo Nodaway Oct. 10, 1884 W.U. Ramsay Ramsay, Madora Detail
Grant Twp Nodaway Nov. 13, 1884 Walts, Z. Taylor Walts, E. Adaline Detail
Nodaway Co, Mo Nodaway Nov. 28, 1884 Anderson, D.H. Anderson, Mary E. Detail
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