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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Jesse George Lewis Highland Twp. Mo. Oregon Apr 19, 1885 Ishau? Lewis Martha Lewis Martha Gipson Detail
William Cairel? Henry Highland Twp Mo Oregon May 1885 Wm ? Huddleston Letta Huddleston Huddleston Detail
Eugene Pen? Goodwin Highland Oregon May 28, 1885 John M. Goodwin Mary Elizabeth Goodwin Huddleston Detail
Joseph Roy Willard Highland Mo. Oregon June 18, 188f5 John Willard Mary Frances Willard King Detail
Dora B. Huddleston Highland Mo. Oregon June 28, 1885 Nimrod Huddleston Harriet B. Huddleston House Detail
Not Provided Moore Township Oregon March 16, 1885 Henry Nolbrook Tabitha Holbrook MeConel Detail
Mar? McLelland Young Alton, Mo. Oregon Oct 28, 1885 Robert Payton Young L. E. Young L. E. Moore Detail
Not Provided Alton, Mo. Oregon Nov 30, 1885 Geo Washington Lock Mima Lock Mima Oliver Detail
Not Provided Oregon Co. Mo. Oregon Dec 25, 1885 James T?. Acre? Nancy Elizabeth Acre? Nancy Elizabeth Paschut? Detail
A, Alton, Mo. Oregon Ja?y 8, 1886 Henry Thompson Elizabeth Ann Thompson Boyd Detail
Not Provided Oregon Co., Mo. Oregon Oct. 8, 1885 John Helt E. A . Hilt Brown Detail
Brown, Garfield Mo Oregon Nov 4, 1885 James A. M. Brown Janie? Brown not known Detail
Not Provided Myrtle Mo Oregon Feby 14, 1886 John L. Mc Ewing Mary E MeEwing Mary E. Hall Detail
Ima? Belle Brown Jobe Oregon Co. Mo Oregon Nov 1881885 |Thomas Brewer Sarah Brewer Detail
Not Provided Fredrick Mo Oregon Jan. 26'1886 Leonard Colwell Elizabeth Colwell Detail
Mary Jame Warrott? Oregon Co Mo Oregon March 2 1886 Benjamin Harrison ??? Lakie ? Warrott? Snider Detail
Not Provided Garfield Mo Oregon Feb 131886 Thomas Cockinan? Missouri Brittana Cockinan? Missouri Brirrana Smith Detail
Mancy Ann Taylor Jobe Mo Oregon Feby 27 1886 George W Taylor Mary Jane Taylor Mary Jane Timmons Detail
Berthie Bell Paulson Piney Township Oregon March 21886 George Poulson Rebecca Mariah Poulson Sarah Humble Detail
Eveline, Jobe Township Mo. Oregon May 28 1886 Thomas R. Buckley Mary E. J. Cucckley Mary E.J. Brown Detail
Clary? Cathaline Myrtle Mo Oregon June 7, S. Price Rogers Margaret T.? Rogers Smith Detail
Not Provided Myrtle, Oregon Aug. 15 Oscar Stork? Persila Elizabeth Stork Mel?? Detail
Not Provided Myrtle Mo Oregon 27-Aug Thomas Levi Taylor Rebecca C. Taylor Brewer Detail
Anderson Napolean? Loony Jobe Mo Oregon September 20 1886 Ishan Jones Loony Rebecca C??? Looney Rachel C Detail
Mo??try Edith Howell Black Pond Mo. Oregon Nov. 23, 1886 Wm L? Howell Rachel Howell Rachel Huddleston Detail
Not Provided Lynn Township Oregon Dec 16 1886 Slandersberty Kill? Detail
Not Provided Lynn Township Oregon Dec 22 1886 Ja??? Todd Sarah J Todd Detail
Not Provided Oregon Detail
Ivey Ida Rose Oregon Jan Samuel Ross Nancy Margret Ross De??ard Detail
Grover Arnold Hollis Myrtle Missouri Oregon March 21st 1887 John Jackson Hollis Lucinca Kester Hollis Lucinda Kester? Detail
Mary E, Hurst Oregon County Missouri Oregon February 17, 1887 William A. Hurst July Hurst McSpadan Detail
Not Provided Myrtle Missouri Oregon March 5 1887 Alven? Crass Malvine Crass Malvina Smith Detail
B. Mette Myrtle Missouri Oregon April 22ed 1887 George Sau?? Rebecca J Sause? Bennett Detail
Micheal Jarome Woods Mary Sorgs Missouri Oregon June 30, 1887 Chas T. Woods Mary Bilroy Detail
Sarah M. Birchett Myrtle Missouri Oregon July 31 1887 Japser Birchett Elizabeth Birchett Campbell Detail
Jessie May Bird Myrtle Mo Oregon August 2, 1887 Jack M. Byrd Anti??tia Byrd Hallsted Detail
Lula Justice Myrtle Mo. Oregon Aug 8, 1887 Mathew George Justice Margarett Justice Margerett Borrells Detail
Dochia Clemmentine Myrtle Mo. Oregon Sept 6, 1887 E??den J. S. Betts Sarah ? Betts Campbell Detail
Not Provided Myrtle Mo Oregon Sept 9 1887 Court? Davis Martha Jane Davis Sorrell Detail
Je?? Matlida McEwing Jobe Oregon Co Mo Oregon Sept 20 1887 John L McEwing Mary Ellen McEwing Mary Ellen Hall Detail
Laure Bell Myrtle Oregon Oct 26, 1887 Willis P Williams Mary J Williams Mary J Betts Detail
Not Provided Myrtle Oregon Oct 9 1887 Leander Killet? Rebecca J Kellet? Rebecca J. Justice Detail
Ava Janie Wilkerson Jove Oregon Co Mo Oregon Oct 14 1887 William A Wilkerson Nancy C Wilkerson Nancy C Campbell Detail
Newton McCammon? Myrtle Mo Oregon Nov 12 1887 Henry Booth? McCammon Nancy Ann McGammon? Nancy Ann Sorrels Detail
Levi Hall Myrtle Mo Oregon Dec 7' 1887 Thomas Hall Ester Ann Hall Ester Ann Pulse? Detail
Elmira Ethel Underwood Myrtle Mo Oregon Dec 19 1887 George Washington Underwood Delia Underwood (scribbles) Detail
James A Uzzle Woodside Tp Oregon Sept 8' 1887 William Uzle Elizabeth Uzzle Elizbeth Simmons? Detail
Hugh G? Smith Alton Mo Oregon Co Oregon Feb 8, 1888 Hugh Ellsworth Smith Charilla Rosetta Smith Oqwn Detail
Merle Iola Greyson At residence of Parents Oregon Set? 18 1889 Samuel L Grayson Emma J Grayson Emma J Juninall? Detail
Orpha Baulah Alton Oregon County Mo Oregon Jan 1 1890 Thomas B No??? Matilda A. Norman? Patterson Detail
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