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Record 1751 thru 1800 of 2262

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
William Ed. Nickles Jefferson Township Osage 08/?8 Abraham Nickles Hety Elvira Nickles Hety Elvira Cos Detail
Henry Risse Jackson Twp., Osage Co, Mo Osage 07/29/1886 Joseph Risse Maggie Risse Brem[ier] Detail
Wilson, Osage County, Mo Osage 8/31 George Gregory Wilson Mary Wilson Mary Williams Detail
David Sillinder Clark Osage Co, Mo Osage 8/24 E.W. Clack Lizzabeth B. Clack Lizzabeth B. Keneday Detail
John Boillot Near Linn, Mo Osage 04/24/1886 Virgil Boillot Philomena Boillot P. Durant Detail
Deppe, Crofford Township Osage 8/29 Henry Deppy Mary Deppy Beckmann Detail
Mary Christen Mantle Osage County, Missouri Osage 08/26/1886 James F. Mantle Mary Mantle Mary Kempel Detail
Matilda Stratentter Westphalia Osage 9/17 Henry Stratentter Annie Mary Stratentter Annie Bockwinkel Detail
George Conrad Redel Westphalia Osage 7/28 Frank Redel Elizibeth Redel Elizibeth Luebbert Detail
John Conrad Redel Westphalia Osage 8/28 Frank Redel Elizibeth Redel Elizibeth Luebbert Detail
Schl[ueter], Westphalia Osage 8/20 Henry Sch[lueter] Christina Schl[ueter] Christina Eichen Detail
Wilhelm Heinrich Haslay Heinrich Haslay residence Osage 08/31/1886 Johan Haslag Anna Haslag Anna Berns[koetter] Detail
Niney Leoly Giles Osage Co, Mo Osage 9/14 Leander Giles Mary Giles Mary Bryant Detail
Walter Spa[ete] On the farm OsageCo. Osage 8/25 Gusta[r] Louise Spaele Fitzinger Detail
Barnhart, Jackson Twp., Osage Co, Mo Osage 09/24/1886 Geo. Pink Barnhart Jo Barnhart Burris Detail
Robert Mahon Chamois, Mo Osage 09/20/1886 William T. Mahon Georgia Mahon Georgia Bryan Detail
Ferguson, Medora, Mo Osage 09/14/1886 John W. Ferguson Annie Ferguson Annie Clary Detail
Giesing, Chamois, Mo Osage 09/10/1886 John J. Giesing Cathine Giesing Cath. Gosen Detail
Johan Henry Jannick Jefferson Township Osage 09/28/1886 Henry Jannick Barbara Jannick Barbara Dittman Detail
Anna S. Brandt Linn, Osage Co, Mo Osage 09/01/1886 Joseph M.H. Brandt Mary E. Brandt Mary Posey Detail
Bonnot, Mint Hill Osage 9/25 John Bonnot Cintha Bonnot Vaughan Detail
Matthews, Cofford T.P. Osage 9/14 William Matthews Mollie Matthews Alexander Detail
Matthews, Mint Hill Osage 08/04/1886 Gree[n] G. Matthews Mary W. Matthews Morton Detail
Stephanous Wilde Westphalia Osage 9/26 Bernhard Wilde Francis Wilde Francis Fork Detail
Paralee Holston Crawford Twp. Osage 09/15/1886 Dike Holston Holston Detail
Hattie Pointer Crawford Twp. Osage 9/14 Frank Pointer Mary Pointer Owens Detail
James Wayn. Roark Jefferson Twp. Osage 09/21/1886 Charley Roark Frances D. Roark Frances D. jett Detail
Joyce, Baileys Creek Osage 10/19 Wm. Joyce Adelina Joyce Holland Detail
Estella Is. Young Jefferson Township Osage 9/8 Nicholas Young Mahala E. Young Mahala E. Carter Detail
Samuel Louis Schockley Jefferson Twp. Osage 9/1 Isaiah Shockley Minerva Jane Schockley Minerva J. Carter Detail
Maria Christina Billia Osage 9/15 G[uss.] Billia Anna Billia Schaefer Detail
Henry Weier Osage Co, Mo Osage 9/7 Fritz Weier Martha WWeiser Martha Ehlers Detail
[Rune] Heinemann Osage Co, Mo Osage 9/7 Martha Heinemann Martha Heimann Detail
Stock, Crawford Twp. Osage 10/14 Simon Stock Lotta Stock Meyerotta Detail
Kuesler, Crawford Township Osage 9/22 Joseph Kesler Hermena Kesler Hermena Klick Detail
Hallie May Willis Crawford Twp. Osage 10/19/1886 James Willis Martha Willis Nix Detail
Charles Butler Crawford Twp. Osage 10/18 Wm. Butler Jane Butler Jett Detail
Maria Josepha Leiweke Linn, Osage Co, Mo Osage 10/07/1886 Anton Leiweke Antonia Anna Leiweke Antonia Anna Bartmann Detail
Friedrick P.B. Arensmeyer Useful Osage 08/01/1886 Philip ? Arensmeier Louisa Arensmeier Louisa Kix[mne]ller Detail
Rich'd Franklin Wilson Crawford Township Osage Deliver the first Benjamin F. Wilson Mary Josephine Wilson Mary Josephine Orme Detail
Elsie Florence Miles Osage Co, Mo Osage 11/01/1886 James Fremont Miles Asa Clay Miles Newmann Detail
Annie Davies Linn, Mo Osage 11/09/1886 Charles E. Davies Augusta J. Davies Evans Detail
Kluth, Linn Township Osage 09/30/1886 Heinrich Kluth Maria Elisabeth Smith Detail
Wilhelm Johann Voss Crawford Twp., Osage Co, Mo Osage 10/15/1886 Louis Voss Johanna Voss Johanna Lakerbrink Detail
Augusta Buscher Section 25, Crawford Township Osage 10/30/1886 William Buscher Augusta Buscher Augusta ? Detail
John Bluford Miller Osage Co, Mo Osage 11/12 Thos. R. Miller Nettie Miller Nettie Kidd Detail
Gertha Ousley Osage Co, Mo Osage 11/1 Jimba Ousley Sarah Ousley Sarah Sterling Detail
Wm. F. Elsner Osage County, Mo Osage 11/9 Wm. F. Elsner May Elsner May Crowe Detail
Sopha Jane Mattheews Osage 11/10 Sarah Matthews Farmer Detail
Johannes Adolph. Scheuler Luystown, Mo Osage 11/09/1886 Peter Scheuler Anna Bornhoeffer Bornhoeffer Detail
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