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Record 2251 thru 2262 of 2262

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Washington Twp. Osage 03/19/1884 Sebastian Rudroff Barbara Rudroff Detail
Germany Osage 2/10 C.H. Grannemann Minnie Grannemann Detail
Near Bland, Mo Osage 9/14 F.[B]. Craider Rebecca Craider Detail
Boegers Store, Osage Co, Mo Osage 05/11/1890 Theodore F. Blanke Ricka Blanke Detail
Chamois Osage 04/16/1892 Wm. Burchard Anna E. Burchard Detail
Linn, Osage Co, Mo Osage 03/19/1884 Hermann Gove Maggie Gove Detail
Jefferson Twp. Osage 04/16/1885 Henry Jannick Rebecca Jannick Detail
Washington Twp. Osage 05/08/1884 George Dill Johanna Dill Detail
Two miles E. of Chamois Osage 07/14/1885 Charles Shobe Lillie Shobe Detail
Osage 08/29/1885 Joseph Banks Harriet Banks Detail
On the farm, Osage Co. Osage 9/17 Heinrich Helle Henrietta Helle Detail
Jefferson Township Osage 09/25/1885 William Sutton Dorcas M. Sutton Detail
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