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Record 2201 thru 2250 of 2262

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Cora Bunch Osage Co, Mo Osage 08/31/1892 Frank Bunch Lizzie Bunch Lizzie Morrow Detail
Nensie Elizabeth Smith Near Bland, Mo Osage 02/03/1892 Ballie E. Smith Mary Ellen Nellie Smith Mary Ellen Nellie Sterling Detail
Henrietta Porting Vanburan, Osage Co, Mo Osage 4/13 J. Peter Porting Mary Porting Mary Kremer Detail
Katie Haring Jefferson Township Osage 4/20 John Haring Lo[usia] Haring Lo??ia Schl??ng Detail
William Fredrick Witrock Jefferson Township Osage 12/07/1892 John Witrock Louise Witrock Louise Bentlage Detail
Olga Kugler Cooper Hill Osage 9/8 Theodore kugler Maria Lydia Kugler Maria Lydia G[raden] Detail
Ida Maria Kempel Osage County, Mo Osage 09/29/1893 Conrad Kempel Maria Kempel Maria Mantle Detail
Nora Louisa Bentlage Bland Osage 01/15/1894 Frank H. Bentlage Lizzee Bentlage Lizzie Pfeffer Detail
Victor So[u?ies] Linn Osage 03/04/1895 Louis V. Sounier Lucy V. Sounier Lucy Lash Detail
Sophia Mouds Swegler Boeger Store Osage 03/09/1895 Joseph Swegler Sophia B. Swegler Nolting Detail
Geo. Ray. Mantle Osage Co, Mo Osage 08/21/1895 David W. Mantle Annie Mantle Annie Lash Detail
Not Provided Osage Co, Mo Osage 09/08/1895 Chas. Ed Boyles Fa[ncey] Boyles Fa[ncey] Figg[ens] Detail
Cora Ellen Decker Jefferson Twp. Osage 12/31/1895 Stephan Decker Julia Decker Julia [H]eyer Detail
Evelyn Constance Vaughan Linn, Mo Osage 08/20/1898 Lafayette Vaughan Ida Mae Ida Mae Campbell Detail
Linn, Osage Co, Mo Osage 11/29/1883 John ?ete? Hobert Brandt Mary Elizabeth Brandt Detail
Jefferson Township Osage 08/24/1884 Ernest F[uelling] Louise F[uelling] Detail
Washington Twp. Osage 10/27/1885 John Raab Bernadina Raab Detail
Jackson Twp. Osage 12/18 Joseph Lu[e]cke Elisabeth Lu[e]ke Detail
Crawford Township Osage 01/02/1886 Preston Benton Branson Mary Evalina Branson Detail
Linn, Crawford Twp. Osage 01/11/1886 John Peter Hobart Brandt Mary Elisabeth Brandt Detail
Dauphine, Mo Osage 01/10/1886 Edw. J.M. Pasg[nier] Mary H. Pasg[nier] Detail
3 miles E of Chamois Osage 3/12 William Shelley May Ann Shelley Detail
Crawford Township Osage 04/08/1886 Sampson P. Bradford Mary Ellen Bradford Detail
Jackson Twp. Osage 04/28/1886 John Waterhouse Mary Katerhouse Detail
[T]ackets Creek, Osage Co Osage 09/11/1886 Fritz [P]loeger Johanna [P]loeger Detail
Jackson Twp., Osage Co. Osage 10/26/1886 Joseph Burnham Martha Ann Burnham Detail
Westphalia Osage 11/24/1883 Philip Luecke Theresia Lucke Detail
Home Osage 07/31/1884 August Gaume Mary Gaume Detail
Contrary Creek, Osage Co. Osage 11/14/1886 Gotlieb Hibrink Emelia Hibrink Detail
Crawford Township, Osage Co. Osage 10/24/186 William Fletcher Burdette Margaret Ellen Burdette Detail
On the farm, Benton Twp. Osage 11/2 Heinrich Taake Louise Taake Detail
Calaway County, Mo Osage 10/03/1886 Moses Powell Mary F. Powell Detail
Medora, Mo Osage 12/30/1886 J.E. Adams Mary Adams Detail
Near Koeltztown Osage 02/12` John Massmann Anna Massmann Detail
Osage Co, Mo Osage 03/06/1887 Herman Griechen Amelia Griechen Detail
Chamois, Mo Osage 05/24/1887 J.J. Richards Emma Richards Detail
Osage County Osage 05/28/1887 William Roark Francis Sigle Roark Detail
Tackets Creek Osage 8/20 Fritz [P]loeger Johanna [P]loeger Detail
Westphalia Osage 10/30 Joseph Buthe Gertrude Buthe Detail
Jefferson Township Osage 09/12/1884 Isaac Keeney Salina Keeney Detail
Chamois Osage 09/03/1887 John Gens Annie Gens Detail
Osage Co, Mo Osage Osage Co, Mo Fried. Kixmoeller Anne Kixmoeller Detail
Benton Township Osage 3/22 Henry Hermann Taake Anna Mary L. Taake Detail
Chamois Osage 3/23 Price Callicot Charli Callicott Detail
Osage Co, Mo Osage 12/7 Isabell Cooper Detail
Chamois Osage 11/29/1888 Julius Witthaus Lotty Witthaus Detail
Chamois Osage 12/28/1888 Zack McKnight Juda L. McKnight Detail
Chamois Osage 01/16/1889 Albert Jag[enow] Minnie Jag[now] Detail
Chamois Osage 03/09/1889 Wm. Shelley Mary Shelley Detail
Chamois Osage 04/22/1889 Hy. F. Vonbeheirn Addie Vonbeheirn Detail
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