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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
(not listed) Bayou Twp Ozark 7-12-1884 Nathan E. Reynolds Mary D. Reynolds Price Detail
Kirkland, Walter N.? Ozark 7-28-1884 Zachariah Kirkland Mary Kirkland Bean Detail
Shrum, John Bayou Twp Ozark ?-?-1884 James M. Shrum Nancy R Shrum Rich Detail
(not listed) Bayou Twp Ozark ?-?-1884 James H.? Bushong N.E.J. Bushong Harris Detail
(not listed) Bridges Twp Ozark 6-26-1884 James M. Sanders Viola J. Sanders? Thompson (name switched?) Detail
(not listed) Ozark 6-27-1884 John L. Lunna Martha A. Lunna Burchell Detail
Davis?, John William? Bayou Twp Ozark 7-13-1884 LaFrancis Davis Ida Jane Davis King Detail
Grisham, Burtha A. Ozark 7-28-1884 Martin V.? Grisham Mary E. Grisham Eaton Detail
Pumphrey, Nellie Bayou Twp Ozark 8-27-1884 George W. Pumphrey Florence Pumphrey Colston Detail
(not listed) Ozark Co. Ozark 8-20-1884 Samuel Sanders Matilda Sanders Russell Detail
Maginnis, Litha? Valentine? Ozark Co. Ozark 5-28-1884 Henry Maginnis Emmily Maginnis Russell Detail
North, Marshe Elizabeth Ozark Co. Ozark 7-28-1884 Henry North Sarah North Smith Detail
Kemp?, Rosa Jane Ozark 2-7-1884 Henry M.? Kemp Mary E. Kemp Detail
Bell, Charles W. Ozark 5-20?-1884 J.W. Bell Harriet? Bell Detail
Brown, Henry Sherman Ozark 5-31-1884 Isaac Brown Matilda Brown Caps Detail
McCool, Manuel Bayou Twp Ozark 8-14-1884 Unknown Julia A. McCool McCool Detail
Thompson, ? Ozark Co. Ozark 9-28-1884 Robert Thompson Elizabeth A. Thompson Harless? Detail
(not listed) Bridges Twp Ozark 9-?-1884 Christopher Turner Mary A. Turner Rose Detail
Blackshier, Lilla? Bridges Twp Ozark 9-14-1884 Lafayette Blackburn Mary Blackshier Blackshier Detail
Blackshier, William Bridges Twp Ozark 10-6-1884 William R.? Blackshier Malinda R.? Blackshier Miller Detail
White, Benjamin Bayou Twp Ozark 10-8-1884 John White Sarah A. White Johnson Detail
Wadley, Marsha A Bayou Twp Ozark 10-5-1884 Wess? E.? Wadley Julia A. Wadley Arnold Detail
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