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Record 1901 thru 1950 of 6880

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Charles Martin Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Dec 2, 1888 William M. Martin Mary J. Martin Mary J. Weis Detail
Mary Alpha Mattingly Saline Twp. Perry Oct 2, 1888 Robert Mattingly Emily Ann Mattingly Emily Ann Duvall Detail
Lettie Ada Wilkinson Perry Co., Mo. Perry Nov 22, 1888 W. S. Wilkinson Caroline Wilkinson Caroline McPike Detail
Louise Josephine Groh Altenburg Perry July 27, 1888 Carl Aug. Groh Louise Catherine Groh Louise Catherine Rank Detail
Anna Susanna Poppitz Altenburg Perry Aug 8, 1888 Aug. Ehrig Poppitz Ch. Johanna Poppitz Ch. Johanna Mueller Detail
Clara Theresia Perry Co., Mo. Perry Oct 30, 1888 Frank A. Pingel Wilhelmina Pingel Wilhelmina Lappe Detail
Bernard Joseph Perry Co., Mo. Perry Aug 9, 1887 Frank A. Pingel Wilhelmina Pingel Wilhelmina Lappe Detail
Anna Martha 1 Mile E of Appleton Perry Dec 5, 1888 Anton Joseph Schumacher Lena Schumacher Lena Oxen Detail
Benjamin Harrison & Levi Perry Morton Feltz Bois Brule Twp. Perry Dec 25, 1888 Anthony Feltz Ann Nancy Feltz Ann Nancy Preston Detail
Siras E. Coarse Salem Twp. Perry Dec 31, 1888 Marion Coarse Pilie Coarse Pilie Rhyne Detail
Alfous Barney Mary Cornelia Bois Brule Twp. Perry Jan 6, 1889 Leonard Cornelius Steffena Cornelius Steffena DeWeendt Detail
Theodore Vest Elder Lithium, Mo. Perry Jan 12, 1889 Thomas Elder Henryetta A. Elder Henryetta A. Riney Detail
Not Provided Lithium, Mo. Perry Jan 20, 1889 John Henry Fungate Sarah Jane Fungate Sarah Jane Williams Detail
Martha Magdalena Sauer Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Jan 11, 1889 Joseph Sauer Jr. Mollie P. Sauer Mollie P. Maherer Detail
Joseph Arthur Clifton Perry Co., Mo. Perry Jan 31, 1889 Eli Clifton Harriet A. Clifton Harriet A. Clifton Detail
Malissa Sales Prew Lithium, Mo. Perry Jan 31, 1889 Louis Grass Annie L. Prew Detail
Gorman, Central Twp. Perry Jan 9, 1889 Andrew Gorman Mary Anastatia Gorman Mary Anastatias Cissell Detail
Francis Lu Cissell Bois Brule Twp. Perry Jan 16, 1889 Lewis Clarke Cissell Ann Olivia Cissell Ann Olivia Vessells Detail
Not Provided Lithium, Mo. Perry Feb 3, 1889 Joseph James Mary Jane James Mary Jane Senith Detail
Albertise Behile Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Jan 7, 1889 Federick Behile Annie Behile Annie Klemp Detail
Thomas Jefferson Luckefahr Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Feb 2, 1889 Wm. John Luckefahr Priscilla Luckefahr Priscilla Shaw Detail
Walter Joseph Shelby Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Feb 5, 1889 Joseph F. Shelby Victoria Shelby Victoria Cissell Detail
Lucritta Fredericka Bergman Central Twp. Perry Jan 4, 1889 Michael Bergman Mary Bergman Mary Bergman Detail
Ernst Alfred Oehler Altenburg Perry Jan 13, 1889 Heinrich Oehler Elizabeth Oehler Elizabeth Burns Detail
Pauline Johanne Gerler Altenburg Perry Dec 25, 1888 E. Louis Gerler Ema Gerler Emma Thunn Detail
Noel Claud Holmes Brazeau Twp. Perry Jan 23, 1889 Richard Price Noell Rosa Holmes Rosa Noell Detail
William, Perry Jan 26, 1889 James Cashion Amanda Catherine Cashion Amanda Catherine Eddlemon Detail
Evret & Edker Farrar Salem Twp. Perry Jan 22, 1889 James O. Farrar Missouri K. Farrar Missouri K. Voutee Detail
Moranville, Central Twp. Perry Feb 19, 1889 William Dennis Moranville Mary Teresa Moranville Mary Teresa Layton Detail
Moranville, Central Twp. Perry Feb 19, 1889 James Francis Moranville Mary Rosella Moranville Mary Rosella Dean Detail
Hoffman, Central Twp. Perry Feb 11, 1889 Leonard Hoffman Mary Hoffman Mary Hunt Detail
Richard Jos. Killian Central Twp. Perry Feb 7, 1889 George Leonard Killian Mary Victoria Killian Mary Victoria Burns Detail
John Wm. Layton Saline Twp. Perry Jan 24, 1889 John Ig. Layton Henrietta Luvina Layton Henrietta Luvina Hagan Detail
Not Provided Bois Brule Twp. Perry Feb 8, 1889 Geo. Washington Covington Covington Farrar Detail
Martin Gottlieb Schaufert Central Twp. Perry Jan 21, 1889 Michael Schaufert Christina Schaufert Christina Bergman Detail
Edward Roy Blaylock Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Jan 24, 1889 James Mathias Blaylock Susan C. Blaylock Susan C. Myers Detail
Perry Enos Hinkle Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Feb 1, 1889 John F. Hinkle Belzora Hinkle Belzora Walker Detail
Mary Jane Hagan Saline Twp. Perry Mar 4, 1889 P. R.Hagan C. C. Hagan C. C. Miles Detail
Not Provided Central Twp. Perry Mar 5, 189 Francis Valleroy S. E. Valleroy S. E. Preston Detail
Not Provided St. Marys Twp. Perry Mar 3, 1889 Louis Vonrot Mary Vonrot Mary Blanc Detail
Ludwig George Vogel Perry Co., Mo. Perry Feb 16, 1889 Louis Vogel Dorothea Vogel Dorothea Pundman Detail
Frank Knox Fenwick Brazeau, Mo. Perry Nov 5, 1888 Joseph F. Fenwick Willia A. Fenwick Willia A., Knox Detail
Mary Edith Montgomery Central Twp. Perry Mar 16, 1889 Vincent Adolph Montgomery Gussy Ann Montgomery Gussy Ann Nanney Detail
Patrick Welker Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Mar 17, 1889 Willis Orville Welker Clara Ann Welker Clara Ann Moore Detail
Charles Edward Liebler Perryville, Mo. Perry Mar 7, 1889 Lawrence Liebler Mary Victoria Liebler Mary Victoria Moore Detail
Wm. Edward Prost Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Feb 13, 1889 Francis Prost Louise Prost Louise Shot Detail
Josephine Amberger Bois Brule Twp. Perry Mar 15, 1889 Joseph Amberger Mary Ann Amberger Mary Ann Kintrell Detail
John Richardet St. Marys Twp. Perry Mar 15, 1889 Casimin Richardet Catherine Richardet Catherine Wasler nee Tucker Detail
Bernard Schremp Central Twp. Perry Nov 27, 1888 Bernard Schremp Mary Schremp Mary Kim Detail
McBride, Central Twp. Perry Mar 14, 1889 John McBride Dorothy Ann McBride Dorothy Ann Tucker Detail
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