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Record 1901 thru 1950 of 6880

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
John Richard Palisch Frohna Perry Mar 3, 1891 Theodore Ernst Palisch Thresia Josephine Palisch Thresia Josephine Brul Detail
Bertha Dihela Lorenz Wittenburg Perry Jan 27, 1891 Gottfried J. Lorenz Juliane E. Lorenz Juliane E. Mueller Detail
Sarah Johanna Darmstedt Selitz near Wittenberg Perry Jan 28, 1891 Gottfried J. Darmstetd Amalia Rosine Darnstetd Amalia Rosine Schlimfert Detail
Martin Theodor Poppitz Selitz near Wittenberg Perry Jan 7, 1891 Ferdinand C. Poppitz Ernstine M. Poppitz Ernstine M. Ochlert Detail
Ernst Rudolf Kunze Altenburg Perry Jan 21, 1891 Wilhelm Kunze Susanna Kunze Detail
Madilthe Magdalena Lorenz Altenburg Perry Jan 14, 1891 John A. Lorenz Karoline M. Lorenz Karoline M. Mueller Detail
Martien F. Harnagel Wittenberg Perry Feb 23, 1891 Gotthold Chr. Harnagel Rosalie M. Harnagel Rosalie M. Palisch Detail
Addor E. G. Fassel Wittenberg Perry Feb 27, 1891 Edward Fassell Josephine M. Fassel Josephine M. Lueders Detail
Carl Wm. Richter Near Wittenbert Perry Mar 3, 1891 Alevien F. Richter Amalia M. Richter Amalia M. Mueller Detail
Barbara Agnes Barks St. Home Twp. Perry Feb 1, 1891 William B. Barks Sarah Barks Sarah Masters Detail
Smith, Saline Twp. Perry Jan 15, 1891 Wm. L. Smith Josephine C. Smith Josephine C. Lukefahr Detail
Kenrick Joseph Layton Brewer, Mo. Perry Jan 13, 1891 John I., Layton Henretia Layton Henretia Haygon Detail
McDowell, Perry Co., Mo. Perry Feb 6, 1891 James W. McDowell Mary Lena McDowell Mary Lena Layton Detail
Louis Weber Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Mar 7, 1891 Louis A. Weber Frances Weber Frances Renand Detail
Joseph Maria Cauntoor Bois Brule Twp. Perry Aug 12, 1890 Victor Cauntoor Louise M. Cauntoor Louise M. Fuytinck Detail
William Herman Modde Bois Brule, Mo. Perry Feb 27, 1891 Edward Modde Catharine Modde Catharine Bawens Detail
Louis Christoph Ochs Perryville, Mo. Perry Apr 13, 1891 Peter Ochs Eliza Ochs Eliza Gausman Detail
Joseph Ferdinand Ignatius Collier Salem Twp. Perry Mar 3, 1891 Joseph E. Collier Matilda J. Collier Matilda J. Swan Detail
Gray Abernathy Central Twp. Perry June 2, 1891 Thomas B. Abernathy Luvina E. Abernathy Luvina E. Farrar Detail
Bertha Katie Sommers Perryville, Mo. Perry June 20, 1891 Henry C. Sommers Kate S. Sommers Kate S. Klinger Detail
Cora May Henderson St. Marys Twp. Perry June 15, 1889 Sam. J. Henderson Matilda Henderson Matilda Dame Detail
George Ally St. Marys Twp. Perry June 4, 1889 F. J. Henderson Sophronia C. Henderson Sophronia C. Hart Detail
Jules Valleroy Central Twp. Perry June 29, 1889 Jules Valleroy Mary Margaret Valleroy Mary Margaret Burtslow Detail
Emma Rosa Mary Schunck Perryville Perry June 8, 1889 John Schunck Anna B. M. Schunck Anna Fassold Detail
Kline, Saline Twp. Perry June 5, 1889 James P. Kline Matilda E. Kline Matilda E. Drury Detail
Wm. August Prevallet Central Twp. Perry June 1, 1889 August C. Prevallet Mary Marcelline Prevallet Mary Marcelline Manche Detail
John Peter Hansen Bois Brule Twp. Perry Apr 26, 1889 Lars Peter Hansen Sophia Barbara Hansen Sophia Barbara Poehner Detail
Mary Birdella Knott Central Twp. Perry June 2, 1889 Pius Constantine Knott Mary Margaret Knott Mary Margaret Hayden Detail
Catherine Rosine Villhardt Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry Mar 11, 1889 Adam Villhardt Elizabeth T. Villhardt Elizabeth T. Sittner Detail
Willma L. Martin Perryville, Mo. Perry June 20, 1889 John W. Martin Eva L. Martin Eva L. Bergman Detail
Frediline S. Schindler Perryville Perry June 20, 1889 Amand Schindler Julia Schindler Julia Streiler Detail
Pourney, Bois Brule Twp. Perry June 10, 1889 Felix Pourney S. Abby Pourney S. Abby Robertson Detail
Sadia Ann Perry July 8, 1889 Hosea Cox Eliza Cox Eliza Behymer Detail
Lydia Rosa Mathews Perryville, Mo. Perry July 1, 1889 Rev. William Mathews Ella Mathews Ella Schwartz Detail
Daly Klemp St. Marys Twp. Perry Aug 19, 1888 Charles Klemp Mina Klemp Mina Welland Detail
Mary Bertha Tucker Saline Twp. Perry July 8, 1889 Henry T. Tucker Mary Ambrosia Tucker Mary Ambrosia Mattingly Detail
Malissa Ann Cashion Salem Twp. Perry July 9, 1889 Rbt. Jeff Cashion Mary Emma Cashion Mary Emma Endres Detail
Jesse Andrew Klobe Salem Twp. Perry July 2, 1889 John Geo. Klobe Nancy Christene Klobe Nancy Christine Voteau Detail
Mary Julia Valroy Bois Brule Twp. Perry July 3, 1889 Ferdinand Vallroy Theresa Zena Vallroy Theresa Zena Frioux Detail
Mary Annie Schindler Central Twp. Perry July 17, 1889 John Schindler Philomine M. Schindler Philomine M. Gagnepain Detail
Flora Maria Tucker Bois Brule Twp. Perry July 2, 1889 Eli Tucker Mary Margaret Tucker Mary Margaret McBride Detail
Lawrence Vincent Robinson St. Marys Twp. Perry June 30, 1889 Thos Jeff Robinson Ellen Monica Robinson Ellen Monica Moore Detail
Alfonso Moore Bois Brule Twp. Perry July 23, 1889 Basil Moore Emily Moore Emily Burger Detail
Joseph William VanVoreu Bois Brule Twp. Perry June 4, 1889 Barney VanVoren Sophia VanVoren Sophia Stegnes Detail
Emil Bohnert Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry July 5, 1889 Moritz Bohnert Elizabeth Bohnert Elizabeth Dozenbach Detail
Theodosius Conrad Bock Union Twp. Perry July 18, 1889 Benjamin Bock Salemite Delvine Salemite Kopper Detail
Weinrich, Central Twp. Perry Aug 4, 1889 Ferdinand Weinrich Sophia Weinrich Sophia Bergman Detail
Joseph Clarence Elder Bois Brule Twp. Perry July 9, 1889 Augustine G. Elder Mary Johanne Elder Mary Johanne Miles Detail
Nora Ellen Reiss Cinque Hommue Twp. Perry July 7, 1889 Peter L. Reiss Mary Eugenia Reiss Mary Eugenia Panier Detail
Cora Margaret Brewer Perry Co., Mo. Perry Aug 8, 1889 James L. Brewer Anna B. Brewer Anna B. Fassold Detail
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