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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Paul Theodore Frohna Perry April 29 1885 Carl Theodore Mueller Emma Thomas Detail
Carl, Frohna Perry May 3 1885 George R Milster Ann Swan Detail
Johan August Katt Perry April 21 1885 Barthold Katt Anna Maria Sticht Detail
Charles Reubin Taylor Bois Brule townp Perry April 13 1885 Pius Taylor Ida Louise Taylor Ida Louise Moore Detail
Leonard John Theiret Bois Brule townp Perry May 4 1885 John Peter Theiret Theresa Theiret Theresa Sutterer Detail
Louisa Albertia Maddock Perry Co Mo Perry April 19 1885 Charles Edward Maddock Mary Maddock Mary Maddock Detail
Not Provided Central townp Perry May 12 1885 Charles Jerome Picont Philomine Picont Philomine Renand Detail
Not Provided Central township Perry April 27 1885 John W Dunlap Dovie Dunlap Dovie Winfield Detail
Bertha Rosa Huber Bois Brule tp Perry April 17 1885 Henry Huber Frances Huber Frances Huber Detail
Theodore Lappe C H Township Perry April 18 1885 Henry Lappe Mary Anna Lappe Mary Anna Renand Detail
Joseph Eli Meredith Bois Brule tp Perry May 9 1885 William Douglas Meredith Duvy? Ann Meredith Duvy Ann Farrar Detail
Bessie Lee Quick Union township Perry May 6 1885 Julius Marion Quick Mary Laura Quick Mary Laura Martin Detail
Louis Henry Behrle Cinque Homme Perry April 13 1885 Louis Berhle Catharine Berhle Catharine Hyberger Detail
Mary Francis Reis Cinque Homme townp Perry May 10 1885 John Payne Reis Matilda Reis Matilda Robinson Detail
Herbert Franklin Perry county Mo Perry May 3 1885 Benjamin O Franklin Clarissa E Franklin Clarissa E Bowman Detail
Not Provided Bois Brule township Perry May 2 1885 Francis Preston Christina Preston Christina Thirsett? Detail
Rosa Christine Vessells Saline townp Perry Feby 10 1885 Valentine Vessells Barbara Vessells Barbara Biehle Detail
Edward Neels (Nuls?) Bois Brule tp Perry May 24 1885 John Neels (Nuls?) Sophia Neels (Nuls?) Sophia Fa(lris) Detail
Cyrus Conway Martin Central townp Perry May 19 1885 Robert Ross Martin Milly Ann Martin Milly Ann Brown Detail
Charles Henry Macker Cinque Homme townp Perry April 27 1885 Jacob Macker Caroline Macker Caroline Weinrich Detail
Mary Anna Doll Saline township Perry May 16 1885 Marc Doll Victoria Doll Victoria Grillion Detail
Not Provided Saline townp Perry May 25 1885 Vincent Hagen Sr Cyntha Ann Hagan Cyntha Ann Vessells Detail
Not Provided Saline T Perry Co Perry May 10 1885 D(e)nis Hagen Mary E Hagen Mary E Maddock Detail
Mary L Richardet C H Township Perry May 28 1885 Julius Richardet Mary E Richardet Mary E Walker Detail
Birtha May Sawyer Perryville Mo Perry May 29 1885 Calvin Sawyer Maggie Catherine Sawyer Maggie Catharine Empfield Detail
Melissa Anna Belle Moore Central township Perry May 9 1885 Romanus I Moore Mary E Moore Mary E Deau Detail
Anna Maria Ragaliky Altenburg Mo Perry May 6 1885 Frederick Ragaliky Julia Anna Ragaliky Julia Anna K(???)man Detail
Heinrich Edward Loesch Brazeau townp Perry May 5 1885 Fr Edward Loesch M L Loesch M L Lamparter Detail
(S)ira maria Schraeder Saline townp Perry April 15 1885 Frederick Christian Schraeder Maria Schraeder Maria Lu(e)demary Detail
Lydia Ernstine Kaufman Altenburg Mo Perry April 24 1885 Joseph Gotthilf Kaufman Emma Theresia Kaufman Emma Theresia Boehme Detail
Anna Sarah Doen(ing) Brazeau township Perry April 6 1885 Heinrich Doen(ing) Emilie Doen(ing) Emilie Petzold Detail
Ernst Charlie Federick Buenger Altenburg Mo Perry June 1 1885 J Fritz Buenger Paulina Juliana Buenger Paulina Juliana Mueller Detail
Melissa Anna Belle Moore Central townp Perry May 9 1885 Romanus Ignatius Moore Mary Ellen Moore Mary Ellen Deau Detail
Mary Bernadette Hagan Central townp Perry May 17 1885 Henry Timon Hagan Mary Rosa(??) Cecelia Hagan Mary Rosa(??) Cecelia Knott Detail
Not Provided Perryville Mo Perry May 21 1885 William Vincent Brewer Matilda Jane Brewer Matilda Jane Thomas Detail
Mary Julia Anne Ferguson Perryville Mo Perry May 6 1885 Fr(???)les Ferguson Mary Elizabeth Ferguson Mary Elizabeth ???? Detail
Not Provided Central townp Perry May 25 1885 John Deivein Lena Deivein Lena Hooss Detail
Francis Henry Mattingly Saline townp Perry May 13 1885 John Mattingly Filleyce Mattingly Filleyce Munier Detail
Abernathy, Cinque Homme tp Perry April 29 1885 Marion Gordon Abernathy Mary Lenira Abernathy Mary Lenira Dickson Detail
Elmar Oscar Clifton Union township Perry Mch 25 1885 James Lewis Clifton Dixie Clifton Dixie Clifton Detail
Oliver May Garner Cinque H tp Perry May 4 1885 Edward Marion Garnier Victoria Catharine Garnier Victoria Catharine Hoffman Detail
Rutledge, Cinque Homme tp Perry Apr 10 1885 Francis Marion Rutledge Emily Rutledge Emily Bloom Detail
Not Provided Longtown Mo Perry Mch 2 1885 Edward Herning Sarah Herning Sarah Hoehu Detail
Mary Effie Anderson Perryville Mo Perry May 19 1885 James Ogden Anderson Nancy Mariah Anderson Nancy Mariah White Detail
Lawrence Leo Miles Saline tp Perry May 18 1885 George T Miles Annie Louisa Miles Annie Louisa Tucker Detail
John Simeon Miles Central township Perry June 15 1885 Johh F Miles Emily Miles Emily Moore Detail
Vincent Rosetta Kline Saline township Perry June 14 1885 James P Kline Matilda Emeline Kline Matilda Emeline Drury Detail
twins 1 female / 1 male Saline townp Perry May 10 1885 Micajah Sanson Elizabeth Sanson Elizabeth Warren Detail
Effie Eveline Perry county Mo Perry May 17 1885 John Henry Kennon Artamis Jane Kennon Artamis Jane Elders Detail
John Manning Bois Brule tp Perry May 20 1885 Mark Theophilus Manning Mary Rosella Manning Mary Rosella Miles Detail
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