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Record 101 thru 150 of 6880

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary L Deau Perry Co Mo Perry Oct 7 1883 Joseph Valentine Deau Mary C Deau Mary C Deau Detail
William L Fauning? Lithirune? Springs Perry Oct 15 1883 Homer Jefferson Fauning Laura E Fauning Laura E Braus Detail
Friederich Herman Christian Aprus Brazeau township Perry Oct 13 1883 Frederick Christian Aprus Clara Catherine Aprus Berferind? Detail
Sarah Jane Eddleman Cinque Homme townp Perry Oct 21 1883 William Henry Eddleman (N)arcena Ann Eddleman (N)arcena Ann Welker Detail
Joseph Rosetta Brewer Central township Perry Oct 23 1883 Jos F Brewer Mary M Brewer Mary M Moore Detail
Not Provided Saline townp Perry Oct 20 1883 William Pordrey Trecie Pordrey Trecie Egg(oes) Detail
Martha Margan(itu) Lohmann Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Aug 3 1883 Joachin Lohman Gieshe Lohmann Soelib? Detail
Anna Emilie Sophie Albricht Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 30 1883 George Henrich Albricht Christine Albricht Kloechler Detail
Maria Mangel Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Aug 5 1883 Johann Mangels Engel Mangels Engel Maliuke Detail
Joachin Johann Heinrich Lohmann Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Aug 15 1883 Peter Lohman Margantha Lohman Vessermann Detail
Katharina Margantha Bruckner Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 26 1883 Johann Bruckner Katherina Bruckner Katherina Hesse Detail
Lawrue Odine Brewer Central township Perry November 14 1883 Vincent Joseph Brewer Mary Celia Brewer Mary Celia Nash Detail
James William Bishop Saline townp Perry Nov 15 1883 William George Bishop Mary Lucretia Bishop Hagan Detail
Laura Mary Mattingly C H Townp Perry Oct 19 1883 Robert Henry Mattingly Louisa Catherina Mattingly Louisa C Tamillon Detail
Flora Blanche Killian Perryville Mo Perry Nov 19 1883 Jacob F Killian Julia Killian Julia Lotsch Detail
Not Provided Perry Co Mo Perry Oct 11 1883 Robt A Barker Emma Barker Emma Cowan Detail
Joseph Bertler? Tucker Saline townp Perry Nov 19 1883 Nerius Tucker Mary Teresa Tucker Detail
John Schuerer Cinque Homme townp Perry November 9 1883 Fountz Schuerer Belinda Samantha Schuerer Belinda Samantha Leonard Detail
Emma Ellen Groff Saline townp Perry Oct 16 1883 Chas S Groff Laura R Groff Rankin Detail
Lucie Christine Miller Brazeau township Perry Nov 10 1883 Martin Godlob Miller Amelia Lina Miller Newman Detail
Vincent John Deuizet Perryville Mo Perry Oct 26 1883 Julius Deuizet Clarise Deuizet Clarise Rousseau Detail
Not Provided C H T Perry Co Mo Perry Oct 28 1883 Josiah McCauley Jane Francis McCauley Jane Francis Layton Detail
Mary Theresa Burger 3 mi S of Perryville Cinque Homme townp Perry Nov 20 1883 Thomas Burger Mary Antonia Burger Mary Antonia Prost Detail
Mary Evelina Layton Central township Perry Nov 6 1883 John Vincent Layton Emily Livina Layton Detail
Henry William Lohman Cinque Homme townp Perry Oct 30 1883 Theodore Lohman Annie Lohman Annie Sauer Detail
Not Provided Central township Perry Nov 10 1883 Peter Hoffman Mary A Hoffman Guber Detail
Charles Theodore Burroughs Brazeau township Perry Nov 27 1883 Thomas Frank Burroughs Maria Ernstine Burroughs Schmidt Detail
Ernst Friederick Gottfried Weinbolt Frohna Mo Perry Nov 28 1883 Heinrich Martin Weinbolt Johanna Magdalena Weinbolt Koerning? Detail
Not Provided Perry Co Mo Perry Dec 3 1883 Milton P Anderson Margaret Anderson Kirth Detail
John Henry Yount Yount's Store Mo Perry Nov 3 1883 Henry Yount Jr Mary Jane Yount C(???)s Detail
Frederick Joseph Cissell Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Dec 10 1883 Emmanuel Cissell Emily Ellen Cissell Brewer Detail
E(???)l Coustant Miget Central township Perry Dec 12 1883 Constance? F Miget Mary Jane Miget Hager Detail
Joseph George Weinbolt Frohna Mo Perry Nov 30 1883 Johannes Gotthielf? Weinbolt Bertha Weinbolt Bertha Thomas Detail
John Frank Ponder Union township Perry Nov 23 1883 Anthony Ponder Mary Ponder Mary Hae(n)aman Detail
Not Provided Cinque Homme townp Perry Dec 10 1883 William Rilet Whittaker Margaretta Minerva Whittaker Sadler Detail
Claus Wilhelm Bre(???) Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Dec 4 1883 Jacob Frederich B(????) Martha B(????) Martha Soebl Detail
Johann Herman Mangel Saline townp Perry Nov 20 1883 Herman Mangel Kathanina Maria Mangel Katt Detail
Robert R Pratte Saline townp Perry Nov 1 1883 Peter R Pratte Margaret A Pratte Holmes Detail
Henry Wm Adams Saline townp Perry Nov 2 1883 Sam E Adams Sarah L Adams Tucker Detail
Edith Jospehine Elder Bois Brule townp Perry Dec 3 1883 George Guy Elder Mary Margaret Elder Hall Detail
John H Dailey Bois Brule townp Perry Dec 18 1883 Chas Dailey Ida Belle Dailey Rogsdale Detail
Antonine Unt(????)er Union townp Perry Oct 26 1883 Paul Un(????)er Ceclia Un(?????)er Weber Detail
Emma Wist Saline townp Perry Dec 18 1883 John Henry Wirth Felicita Wirth Theimith Detail
Joseph Felix Cartlaney Perry County Perry November 13 1883 Napolean Cartlaney Liza Cartlaney Liza Muehlfeld Detail
Georgia May Anderson St Mary's townp Perry Dec 21 1883 Logan Mc Anderson Nancy Mildred Anderson Hudson Detail
Laura Willie Mueller Altenberg Perry Dec 3 1883 Fredinand Mueller Auralie Mueller Theimith Detail
Emma Susanna Jacob Altenberg Perry Dec 18 1883 Heinrich Jacobs Johanna Jacobs Wuhelmann Detail
Wilhelm Johannes Prueser Altenberg Perry Dec 22 1883 Frederick August Pruesser? Paulina Fredericke Pruesser? Paulina Fredericke Wi(n)ter Detail
Emannual Vineyard Cashion Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Dec 25 1883 William Franklin Cashion Mary Elizabeth Cashion Clifton Detail
John Benjamin Martin Union townp Perry Co Perry Dec 30 1883 William Marion Martin Mary Josephine Martin Weiss Detail
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