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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Victor Vincent Vessells Saline townp Perry June 3 1885 Levi Celestian Vessells Emily Ann Vessells Emily Ann Taylor Detail
William Alvin Schamil Cinque Homme townp Perry June 2 1885 Michael Schamil Martha Schamil Martha Dickson Detail
Joseph Patrick Benedict Monaghan Central township Perry June 10 1885 Patrick John Thomas Monaghan Bridget Monaghan Bridget Ryan Detail
Carl William Birner Wittenberg Mo Perry May 27 1885 Henry Ludwig Birner Susanna Birner Susanna Sehner Detail
Mary Sunetta Brown Central townp Perry June 20 1885 John Francis Brewer Mary Cecelia Brewer Mary Cecelia Brewer Detail
Sylvenus Avitus Tucker St Mary's township 4 miles South of Silver Lake Pe Perry July 24 1883 James Timan Tucker Mary Catherine Tucker Mary Catherine Phillips Detail
Not Provided Saline township Perry August 18 1883 Vincent Tucker Sarah Tucker Sarah Layton Detail
Not Provided Cinque Homme township Perry August 10 1883 Henry I Moore Elizabeth Moore Elizabeth Hart Detail
Not Provided Cinque Homme township Perry August 16 1883 Columbus C Reuss Mary J Reuss Mary J Layton Detail
Carl David Haurnagel Wittenberg Mo Perry August 23 1883 Gotthol(d) Harnagel Rosalia Haurnagel Rosalia P(o)lish Detail
Carl Joseph Geimenhard Wittenberg Mo Perry August 5 1883 Fritz Gemienhard Selma Gemienhard Selma Nennert Detail
Carl August Kunze Altenburg Mo Perry August 9 1883 Johann Carl Fredrick Wilhelm Kunze Susanna Kunze Susanna Grosse Detail
Hermann Leo Sothes Altenburg Mo Perry August 21 1883 Gabriel Sothes Maria Sothes Maria Ludwig Detail
Joseph Elias Moranville Central township Perry August 27 1883 John B Moranville Elizabeth Ann Moranville Elizabeth Ann Drury Detail
Maudie May Bass Bois Brule township Perry August 29 1883 Franklin David Bass Louise Bass Louise Cagle Detail
Rudolf Theobald Brazeau township Perry August 12 1883 William Jacob Dru(???) Mary Susanna Dru(???) Mary Susanna Mueller Detail
??? Elizabeth Gagnepain Central township Perry August 26 1883 Joseph Vincent Gagnepain Mary Elizabeth Gagnepain Mary Elizabeth Brewer Detail
Emily Isabella & Helina Annabell Moore Central township Perry August 26 1883 Romanus Ignatius Moore Mary Ellen Moore Mary Ellen Dean Detail
Virginia Schindler Perryville Mo Perry August 24 1883 Joseph N Schindler Mary Octavia Schindler Mary Octavia Cissell Detail
Mary Clempitt Ste Genevieve Co Perry August 10 1883 John Cleurpitt Millie Ann Cleurpitt Kleates Detail
Not Provided Perryville Mo Perry Sept 2 1883 Thomas N Nash Matilda J Nash Matilda J Reddick Detail
Joseph Lawnna Rolf Perryville Mo Perry Sept ??? 1883 Henry Rolf Elinor Agnes Rolf Elinor A Brewer Detail
Henry Suvis Renand father's residence Cinque Homme T Perry Sept 8 1883 Wi(???) Harley Farrar Nancy Jane Farrar Nancy Jane White Detail
Not Provided father's residence C H T Perry September 12 1883 ???? Phillip Renand Mary Teresa Renand Mary T Shihaus Detail
Not Provided Perryville Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 8 1883 Rev Benjamin F Thomas Martha Francis Thomas Martha Francis West Detail
Flora Josephina Fruitzel Uniontown Perry August 24 1883 Victor S Frutzel Paulina Frutzel Paulina Telle Detail
Not Provided St Mary's township Perry Co Perry Sept 16 1883 Henry Diuruet? Mary Diuruet? Mary Dawley Detail
Albun Authur Aurich Union township Perry Co Mo Perry Aug 14 1883 Gustave Adolph Aunch Josephine Aunch Josephine Audomir Detail
Amelie Susan Poppitz Brazeau township Perry Sept 7 1883 Martin Emmanuel Poppitz Emma Clara Poppitz Weinhol(f) Detail
Not Provided Union township Perry Sept 10 1883 Albert Newman Huff Ellen Virginia Huff Ellen Virginia Abernathy Detail
Not Provided Cinque Homme township Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 19 1883 Joseph Boos Louisa Boos Haensmann? Detail
Geo Joseph Elder Perry County Perry Sept 21 1883 Augustus G Elder Mary Johanna Elder Miles Detail
Not Provided Union townp Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 22 1883 James Madison Knox Willie Agnes Knox Nance Detail
Ludwig Herniy? Longtown Mo Perry Co Perry August 25 1883 Edward Herniy? Sarah Herniy? Sarah Hoehn Detail
Mary J(???) Burford Holschein? Landing Perry Sept 19 1883 Anderson Burford Louisa Jane Burford Detail
Adolph The(u)rline? Rishter near Wittenberg Perry Sept 19 1883 Frederich Albin Rishter Martha Amalie Rishter Martha Amalie Mueller Detail
Gertrude Josephine Wittenberg Mo Perry Sept 2 1883 Joseph Samuel Martha Matilda Brunger Detail
Mary Tersa Hoffman 4 miles NE of Perryville Mo Perry Sept 21 1883 Andrew Hoffman Barbara Hoffman Barbara Huber Detail
Henry Hagar Perry Co Poor Farm Perry Sept 16 1883 Archbald Hager Martina Matilda Hager Brewer Detail
Not Provided Cinques Hommes township Perry Co Mo Perry Oct 4 1883 Robt C Little Sarah Willie Little Abernathy Detail
Not Provided C H Townp Perry Oct 5 1883 Marvin Abernathy Ettie Abernathy Layton Detail
Hubert Carl Crow C H Townp Perry Sept 26 1883 George Washington Crow Elvira Jane Crow Sharicks? Detail
Francis Catharine Hoffman Central township Perry Oct 8 1883 John Hoffman Ellen Hoffman Huber Detail
Florid May Dennis Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 14 1883 John F Dennis Marseilles I Dennis Yount Detail
Miny Roberta Moore Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Aug 4 1883 Thomas Francis Moore Mary Elizabeth Moore Reddick Detail
Not Provided Union towp Perry County Mo Perry Oct 14 1883 William Franklin Clifton Mary Francis Clifton Murray Detail
Authur Martin Lohman Altenburg Mo Perry Oct 14 1883 Peter Lohman Catharina Wilhilmin Lohman C W Muller Detail
Bernhardt Ludwig Wilhelm Abraham Altenburg Mo Perry Oct 14 1883 Albert Heinrich Julius Abraham A(???) Maria L Abraham A M L Murenbring? Detail
Birdie Feltz Perryville Mo Perry Oct 5 1883 Alfonse Feltz Matilda Feltz Matilda Dulins? Detail
Mary Powers Perryville Mo Perry Oct 26 1883 Thomas Cleary Powers Mary Theresa Powers Schindler Detail
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