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Record 2351 thru 2380 of 2380

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Yowell, Dillon Twp Mo Phelps 02/23/1889 L. L. Yowell Josephine Yowell Snelson Detail
Young, Jno Herman Meramec Phelps 12/29/1889 Wm. F. Young Margaret E. Young Boone Detail
Yates, Alice May 5 miles SW of Rolla Mo Phelps Co Phelps 08/07/1883 Thomas Yates Maggie Yates Maggie Mathews Detail
Zimmerman, Phelps Co Mo Phelps 05/12/1887 Pleasant Zimmerman Margaret C. Zimmerman Furray Detail
Phelps 20 Aug 1883 Fulsom, John Detail
Phelps 22 Sep 1883 Lamar, Andnn Mattie Ellen Lamar Detail
Phelps 10 Aug 1883 Hoss, Hugh Anna Hoss Detail
Phelps 18 Oct 1883 Been, R.A. Ella Been Detail
Phelps 08 Oct 1883 Payne, John T. Ella M. Payne Detail
Phelps 21 Nov 1883 Burton, Charles L.M.A.M. Burton Detail
Phelps 14 Dec 1883 Asher, George W. Love Ann Asher Detail
Phelps 24 Nov 1883 Lloyd, J.H. Nancy Lloyd Detail
Phelps 24 Feb 1884 Hance, Crow Eliza Hance Detail
Phelps 28 Nov 1886 Hance, Mary Hance Detail
Phelps 01 Nov 1887 Dyer, James L. Annie S. Perkins Detail
Phelps 05 Feb 1888 Carver, Mary Carver Detail
Phelps 10 Jan 1884 Gorman, William M. Minerva E. Gorman Detail
Phelps 24 Feb 1884 Hance, Eliza Hance Detail
Phelps 23 Feb 1884 Strack, William Caroline Stack Detail
Phelps 05 Mar 1884 Felker, John H. Eliza Jane Felker Detail
Phelps 04 Mar 1884 Young, Frank Detail
Phelps 11 Mar 1884 Nan, William Mollie Nan Detail
Phelps 14 May 1884 Fuller, Edgar E. Ella M. Fuller Detail
Phelps 28 May 1884 Gottelman, Jacob Elizabeth Gottelman Detail
Phelps 08 May 1884 Miller, George R. Mary E. Miller Detail
Phelps 18 Jun 1884 Frazier, Morris Mary A. Frazier Detail
Phelps 26 Nov 1884 Buckner, A.H. Susan M. Buckner Detail
Phelps 10 Mar 1885 Thomas, John D. Lavenia T. Thomas Detail
Phelps 07 Mar 1885 Hawkins, W.A. Nancy V. Hawkins Detail
Phelps 19 May 1885 Gilloz, Alfred Josephine Gilloz Detail
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