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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Corse, Alvin Herbert Rolla, MO Phelps 08/10/1884 Arthur Corse Estella L. Lesuer Detail
Anderson, Rolla MO Phelps 1 19 1884 Aurthur Anderson Eva N Anderson Eva N Nichols Detail
Aldrich, Eunice Near Dillon, Phelps Co Phelps 3 6 1884 Lyman Aldrich Susan Ellen Aldrich Susan E Spaulding Detail
Adams, Peter Elk Prairie Phelps 6 24 1884 Frank Adams Sarah Adams Sara Gahr Detail
Asher, Cynthia A Spring Creek Phelps 6 17 1884 Thomas Marion Asher Lizzie Asher Lizzie Clark Detail
Ames, Miller Twp Phelps 8 31 1884 Charles Ames Lucinda Ames Lucinda Ray Detail
Allison, Lula Ma Phelps Co MO Phelps 10 13 1884 Thomas Allison Amelia Ann Allison Grider Detail
Askins, James William Phelps Co MO Phelps 10 12 1884 John W Askins Sarah C Askins Jackson Detail
August, Anna L Dillon Twp Phelps 10 21 1884 Fred W August Louisa August Schmidt Detail
Anderson, Magie St James MO Phelps 12 6 1884 Mau? Anderson Mary Biggs Mary Biggs Detail
Asher, Phelps Co MO Phelps 3 17 1885 J M Asher Sarah E Asher Frick Detail
Asher, Phelps Co MO Phelps 3 1 1885 Harrison Asher Mary E Asher Bell Detail
Akley, Logan W Phelps Co MO Phelps 7 31 1885 Robert A Akley Mary N Akley Moor Detail
Adams, Mary J Phelps Co MO Phelps 9 19 1885 Jas Aaron ? Aaron Gaddy Detail
Adams, John Maramer Twp, Phelps Co Phelps 10 14 1883 Newton Hall Adams Mary Jane Adams Mary Jane Rettenburg Detail
Asher, Jasper Lee Spring Creek Twp Phelps 12 14 1883 Geo Washington Asher Lorri Ann Asher Lorri Ann Black Detail
Adams, Phelps Co MO Phelps 12 27 1883 Hamilton Adams Laura Adams Laura Dean Detail
Adams, Frank Cold Spring Twp Phelps 10 16 1886 Frank Adams Sarah Adams Sarah Gahr Detail
Andres, Arlington Twp Phelps 12 31 1886 Perry Andres Mary Jane Andres Mary J Wilson Detail
Abbott, Alpha Marian Mill Creek Twp Phelps 8 5 1887 Aaron P Abott Mary J Abott Lee Detail
Abbott, Berty Lee Mill Creek Twp Phelps 8 5 1887 Aaron P Abott Mary J Abott Lee Detail
Aaron, Phelps Co MO Phelps 6 22 1887 Joe Aaron Linda Aaron Gaddy Detail
Ames, Phelps Co MO Phelps 9 29 1885 Charles Ames Lucinda Ames Ray Detail
Aldrich, Phelps Co MO Phelps 12 4 1885 Lyman Aldrich Susan E Aldrich Spaulding Detail
Alters, St James MO Phelps 9 22 1885 T J Alters Nancy J Alters Turnbleson Detail
Adams, Geo A Phelps Co MO Phelps 3 16 1886 Wm M Adams Rachel Adams Shumate Detail
Adams, John Cold Spring Twp Phelps 4 4 1886 John Adams Paulina Adams Paulina Franz Detail
Adams, Winnie I Maramer Twp, Phelps 3 30 1888 Henry W Adams Rosana G Adams Presley Detail
Adams, Elk Prairie MO Phelps 2 27 1889 Frank Adams Sarah Adams Gahr Detail
Barnes, Phelps Co MO Phelps 8 6 1883 Moses G Barnes Sarah J Barnes Sarah J Mahan Detail
Black, Phelps 7 25 1883 William Black Anna Lee Black Anna L Johnson Detail
Baty, Dawson Twp, Phelps Co MO Phelps 8 9 1883 Carl Baty Matilda Ann Baty Matilda A Hughes Detail
Bland, Lorri Rolla MO Phelps 9 14 1883 Chas C Bland Harriet Bland Harriet Keene Detail
Badders, Rolla Twp, Phelps Co MO Phelps 9 26 1883 Geo M Badders Hannah Badders Hannah Benson Detail
Brown, Nora E Dawson Twp, Phelps Co MO Phelps 9 07 1883 J H N Brown Sarah Elizabeth Brown Sarah E Foss Detail
Black, Cora A Dillon Twp, Phelps Co MO Phelps 9 09 1883 Henry J Black Emiline P Black Emiline P Grisham Detail
Brooks, Jesse William Arlington, Phelps Co, MO Phelps 11 25 1883 Elijah D Brooks Martha Jane Brooks Martha J Taylor Detail
Beckham, Geo Azso Dawson Twp Phelps 11 17 1883 Thos L Beckham Clementine Beckham Clementine Sewell Detail
Baker, Dawson Twp Phelps 11 7 1883 Samuel Marion Baker Margaret Jane Hutchison Margaret J?oonster Detail
Bradshaw, Mary Josephine Miller Twp Phelps 12 12 1883 John William Bradshaw Martha L E Crutis? Marth L E Poor Detail
Beezeley, John Frost Miller Twp Phelps 12 29 1883 John Anderson Beezeley Lucy Ellen Beezely Lucy Ellen Hayes Detail
Baker, Rolla, MO Phelps 12 18 1883 Mason Baker Caroline Baker Caroline Chambers Detail
Baumgartner, James Anthony St James MO Phelps 01 26 1884 Peter Baumgartner Baumgartner, Virginia Ann Virginia A Brown Detail
Borden, Samuel Dillon Twp, Phelps Co MO Phelps 02 18 1884 Sam? C Borden Borden, Clara Clara Fink Detail
Bunch, Daisy Ellen Piney Valley, Phelps, Co Phelps 02 06 1884 Martin Bunch Polly Antiuri Bunch Polly A Light Detail
Barr, James B Merramec Twp, Phelps Co Phelps 03 14 1884 John F Barr Mary Jane Barr Mary J Melone Detail
Briot, Vincent Dillon Twp, MO Phelps 03 13 1884 Constant Briot Furline Briot Furline Froncat Detail
Beets, Delia Edmonda Spring Creek, MO Phelps 03 29 1884 John Elbert Beets Martha Isabell Beets Martha Lamar Detail
Boggs, John St James MO Phelps 03 06 1884 James Boggs Margaret Boggs Margaret Coppedge Detail
Brown, Myrtle Elnora St James MO Phelps 04 30 1884 Theodore Ir??? Brown Mary Ann Brown Mary A Johnson Detail
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