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Record 2301 thru 2350 of 2380

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Walters, Minnie Matilda St. James Mo Phelps 05/02/1885 Henry S. Walters Matilda Walters Polkwilts Detail
Will, Andrew Jackson Phelps Co Mo Phelps 04/10/1885 Robert I. H. Will Mary Lucinda Wills Smith Detail
Wolfe, Phelps Co Mo Phelps 07/25/1885 John Wolfe Sarah Ann Wolfe O'Neal Detail
Wilson, [blank] Phelps 01/07/1886 Samuel Wilson Caroline Wilson Caroline Baly Detail
Woolsey, Edward O. Cold Spring Twp Phelps 04/02/1886 James P. Woolsey Mary Eliza Woolsey Turner Detail
Ward, Ollie Rolla Phelps 04/07/1886 Duke Ward Cara Ward Cara Carp Detail
Willi, John A. Dillon Twp Phelps 06/21/1886 John Willi Helwig W. Willi Willhelmine Detail
Weckerly, Anna G. Newburg Mo Phelps 03/20/1886 John Weckerly Fannie E. Weckerly Gorg Detail
Ward, Rolla Mo Phelps 04/27/1886 John Ward Mary Ward Kingston Detail
Wilson, Cold Spring Twp Phelps 08/09/1886 John H. Wilson Nett Wilson Ivens Detail
Widner, William Franklin Spring Creek Precinct Phelps 12/10/1886 Benjamin Franklin Widner Polly Ann Widner Polly Ann Lamar Detail
Walker, Ednie Lorind Miller Twp Phelps blank/10/blank [12/10/1886[ R. A. Walker Eliza Francis Walker Eliz A Balance Detail
Williams, Cold Spring Twp Phelps 10/29/blank [10/29/1886 James David Williams Mary Isabell Williams Mary Isabell Delislee Detail
Illegmetit Born Dillon Twp Phelps 12/14/blank [12/14/1886 Franklin C. Willard Mary Williams Mary Williams Detail
Willard, Arlington Twp Phelps 12/31/1886 Franklin C. Willard Caroline G. Willard C. G. Groover Detail
Woolsey, Cold Spring Township Mo Phelps 09/27/1887 Charley Woolsey Belinda Ellen Woolsey Burras Detail
Wesley, Fanny Etta Dillon Township Phelps 05/04/1887 Wm Wesley Mary Jane Wesley Davis Detail
Williams, Dillon Twp Phelps 03/29/1887 Harrison Williams Mary M. Williams Harrison Detail
Weise, George L. Rolla Township Phelps 01/26/1887 Henry F. Weise Mary Minnie C. Weise Burmaster Detail
Willeford, Martha A. Maramec Twp Phelps 04/17/1888 Edward C. Willeford Annie B. Willeford Bottorff Detail
Whitley, Lillie Rolla Mo Phelps 06/21/1888 R. S. Whitley Phoebe Jane Whittley Mayberry Detail
Wiley, Marion F. Dillon Twp Phelps 09/06/1888 James M. Wiley Marie Wiley Frimy Detail
Walker, Perry M. Rolla Mo Phelps 11/27/1888 Wm. Robert Walker Eliza Francis Walker Ballance Detail
Wycoff, Maramec Twp Phelps 07/16/1888 [blank] Sarah Ann Wycoff Unmarried Detail
Welch, Rolla Mo Phelps 10/23/1888 James Welch Mary Welch Hawkins Detail
Wallace, Lucretia E. Maramec Twp Phelps 03/20/1889 Jonathan P. Wallace Lucretia F. Wallace Wolfe Detail
Woolsey, Cold Spring Twp Phelps 02/02/1889 Charley Woolsey Delila E. Woolsey Burras Detail
Wagner, George Elk Prairie Mo Phelps 01/14/1890 Fritz Wagner Mary Wagner Dewing Detail
Willeford, Lucy Annie Meramec Phelps 12/27/1889 Edward C. Willeford Annie Bell Willeford Bottorff Detail
Woolsey, Eva Cold Spring Twp Mo Phelps 01/31/1890 Charley Woolsey Delila Woolsey Burrass Detail
Willard, Phelps Co Mo Phelps 07/18/1883 Frank Willard Caroline Willard Caroline Grover Detail
Wood, Mattie Phelps Co Mo Phelps 07/08/1883 Henry Wood Roenna Wood Roenna Beckham Detail
Wicker, John Claude St. James Twp Phelps Co Mo Phelps 08/07/1883 C. M. Wicker Thiza E. Wicker Thiza E. Johnson Detail
Wayman, Matie Rolla Mo Phelps 08/08/1883 Pleasant David Wayman Mary Ann Wayman Mary A. Mathews Detail
Woolsey, Wm. Isaac Cold Spring Twp Phelps Co Phelps 10/03/1883 James Preston Woolsey Mary Elizabeth Woolsey Mary E. Turner Detail
White, Phelps Co Mo Phelps 10/19/1883 James A. White Mary White Mary Bell Detail
Williams, Rolla Mo Phelps 11/04/1883 Danl. Williams Bell Williams Bell Hodgy Detail
Wolfe, Chas. A. Marramec Township Phelps 11/06/1883 John H. Wolfe Elizabeth F. Wolfe Elizabeth F. Windle Detail
Wolverton, Geo. Sidney Pulaski Co Mo Phelps 10/26/1883 Geo. Wolverton Lizzie Woverton Lizzie Smith Detail
Westmann, John Wm Piney Ford Phelps Co Mo Phelps 12/05/1883 Wm Westman Mary E. Westman Mary E. Blake Detail
Weber, Sefrone Jane Dawson Township Phelps 12/15/1883 Geo. Fred Weber Nancy Jane Weber Nancy Jane Sewell Detail
Wilson, Jeremiah Knotwell Mo Phelps 12/03/1883 Berry Wilson Louisa J. Wilson Louisa J. Hedrick Detail
Watt, Mort. Wickersham St. James Mo Phelps 12/21/1883 William Watt Ella Wickersham Watt Ella Wickersham Detail
Yates, Spring Creek Township Phelps Co Phelps 10/06/1883 Cain York Amanda Yates Amanday Heaven Detail
Yates, Newburg Mo Phelps 07/04/1884 Alex Yates Nancy Yates Nancy McMasters Detail
Young, Mary Tupena Dillon Twp Phelps 08/10/1884 Wm. F. Young Margaret Elvina C. Young M. E. C. Boone Detail
York, Missouri Phelps Co Mo Phelps 11/07/1885 El--- York [Elvina?] Amanda C. York Havens Detail
Yowell, Liberty Twp Phelps 01/05/1886 Napolian Yowell Rosetta Yowell Rosetta Roberts Detail
Yowell, Rachel Mill Creek Phelps blank/blank/1887 Henson Yowell Margret Yowell Howard Detail
Yowell, Dillon Twp Phelps 02/13/1887 L. L. Yowell Josephine Yowell Snelson Detail
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